Education Abroad Peer Advisors

Thinking about studying abroad? Start the process by meeting with an Education Abroad Peer Advisor. Our amazing CIE Peer Advisor team is available Monday-Thursday 6-8 in Woods-Penn 207!

What is a Peer Advisor?

A Peer Advisor (PA) is a student who has previously studied abroad and who wishes to encourage other students to do the same. PAs offer an engaging student’s perspective on the whole process. A PA should be the first person that prospective Education Abroad participants meet with (the Education Abroad Advisor can help with more specific details later on). PAs offer advice on selecting a program and information about funding. They also conduct classroom visits and presentations at labor meetings in other departments.

Who are the Peer Advisors?

Stephanie D. Gonzales-Perez

Hi everyone, my name is Stephanie and I am a senior Biology major. Whoop Whoop Class of May 2017!! I studied abroad in spring 2016 in three countries- Guatemala, Costa Rica and Nicaragua. I fell in love with Guatemala (I’m a bit bias because my family is from there). However, I’m super excited to be a peer advisor this year and definitely want to encourage you all to take advantage of the opportunity! So if you have any question or concerns about going abroad either during your time here in Berea or Post Grad drop by and I’ll be glad to help!

Madi Hutchinson

Hello! I’m Madi Hutchinson. I am a Junior studying Psychology with a special interest in the various other sciences. I studied abroad in Perth, Australia through AIFS! I was an eye opening experience that has caused me to redesign all my future plans! Next on my bucket list is Africa or South America! You can contact me any time to talk about my experience or yours!

Tiara Washington

Hi! My name is Tiara Washington. I’m currently an Asian Studies junior and I studied abroad Summer 2015 in Kiyasato, Japan through the KEEP internship and Fall 2015  in Daegu, South Korea through one of our amazing exchange programs! I’ve wanted to go to Japan and South Korea for a really long time now, so my dreams finally came true! This really helped solidify my future goals in life because I loved my time there. I’m glad to have the opportunity to be a Peer Advisor and I hope to be able to help you with any and all questions you might have. Let me help you soothe your wanderlust, or even ignite it!

Kayla Santos

こんにちわみんなさん!Hello everyone! My name is Kayla Santos, and I am a junior Asian Studies major. I studied abroad in the summer of 2016 in Japan through the KIIS program! I had dreamed of one day getting to go to Japan but didn’t realize how easy it was to make it a reality through our wonderful Center for International Education! Everyone here is well equipped to assist with any and all questions you may have regarding study abroad. Please stop by with your questions and concerns so we can help you try to study somewhere amazing!

Cinnamon Callins

My name is Cinnamon Callins and I am a Senior Technology and Applied Design major with an Artisan Concentration. I have studied in China, France, Spain, Japan, and enjoyed every moment of my travels. The next country I am going to is Morocco to study the architecture.  I decided to become a peer advisor because I have a great love for travelling the world, I want to help you to find your adventures across the seas too!

When can I meet with a Peer Advisor?

Our amazing CIE Peer Advisor team is available Monday-Thursday 6-8 in Woods-Penn 207!

How can I become a Peer Advisor?

If you have studied abroad and are passionate about helping others to do the same, we encourage you to consider becoming a PA. For more information, contact the Education Abroad Team (email below).


Contact the Education Abroad Team at or (859) 985-3453, or drop by Woods-Penniman 205.