Education Abroad Peer Advisors

Thinking about studying abroad? Start the process by meeting with an Education Abroad Peer Advisor. Our amazing CIE Peer Advisor team is available Monday-Thursday 6-8 in Woods-Penn 207!

What is a Peer Advisor?

A Peer Advisor (PA) is a student who has previously studied abroad and who wishes to encourage other students to do the same. PAs offer an engaging student’s perspective on the whole process. A PA should be the first person that prospective Education Abroad participants meet with (the Education Abroad Advisor can help with more specific details later on). PAs offer advice on selecting a program and information about funding. They also conduct classroom visits and presentations at labor meetings in other departments.

Who are the Peer Advisors?

Samantha Blankenship

Hello hello! My name Samantha Blankenship, and I’m a Senior Asian Studies/History double major! I studied abroad in Italy through Winter KIIS, and in Japan through the KEEP internship. I had amazing, life-changing experiences abroad, and am eager to help other students make this possible. My dreams for the future have shifted to an international scale. Perhaps yours will too? Please stop by Peer Advising, so you can start your journey soon! As the song goes, “Come fill to me the parting glass,
good night and joy be with you all!”

Olivia Slater

My name is Olivia Slater and I am a Senior Biology Major!  I studied abroad in Australia during the spring semester of 2017 at James Cook University in Townsville, Queensland. While I was there I was able to travel around Australia, as well as parts of Bali and New Zealand!! I absolutely loved my study abroad and would love to help other students receive the same opportunities as I did! I believe that a major part of college is trying to find yourself and there is no better way to do that then traveling!

Renesha Todd

Senior, Psychology major
Ghana Summer 2016
(270) 223-7637
The Central International Education department does a great service for the students in Berea College. Every student should take advantage of the study abroad program offered. I am very appreciative of the study abroad opportunity I gained in Ghana during summer 2016. It truly felt like home and the people were very welcoming. I cannot wait to return one day to visit my Ghanaian family. To be a part of the study abroad process as a peer advisor will be very rewarding to witness Berea College students experience an outside classroom, invaluable education.

Andrea Dowlen

My name is Andrea and I am a senior Political Science major with a double minor in Peace and Social Justice and German. I studied abroad for a semester in Germany. While there, I got to travel to the countries around Germany as well. Not only did my German language skills significantly improve, but I also learned of new perspectives to universal social justice issues. I want to be a Peer Advisor because I had wonderful time abroad.  I made great friends and ate great food! I would love to share my experience with future study abroad students in hopes that they take the opportunity themselves.


When can I meet with a Peer Advisor?

Our amazing CIE Peer Advisor team is available Monday-Thursday 6-8 in Woods-Penn 207!

How can I become a Peer Advisor?

If you have studied abroad and are passionate about helping others to do the same, we encourage you to consider becoming a PA. For more information, contact the Education Abroad Team (email below).


Contact the Education Abroad Team at or 859-985-3453, or drop by Woods-Penniman 205.