Summer Abroad

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, International Sloane Shelton Applications, BISTs, internships, and volunteer opportunities, will not be possible for Berea students in summer 2021.

We are limiting study abroad program choices to the following programs: KIIS and 6 other programs. See Summer Abroad page for details.

KIIS Summer 2021: Apply by February 18, 2021 (both to KIIS and to Berea).

Any and all Non-KIIS, non-Internship Summer 2021 opportunities: Apply to Berea by March 8, 2021 and to each program according to the individual program deadlines, which vary broadly–from February 11 to May.

Berea Term Abroad

Fall Semester 2021: Apply by March 8, 2021

Spring Semester 2022: Apply by September 15, 2021

Graduating Seniors and Recent Graduates

Postgraduate Fellowships: Apply by September 15, 2021, for the 2022-23 years abroad. You will see that each program has a later national deadline. Do not let that confuse you. We need you to apply by the earlier campus deadline.

Winter Abroad

KIIS Winter: KIIS Winter programs will resume in 2021-2022. Apply by September 15, 2021, for those.