BIST Holocaust 2018

Former concentration and extermination camp, Auschwitz

Legacies of the Holocaust: History, Memory, Law, and Justice (GST)

Instructors: Steve Gowler & Dan Huck
Date: May 14- June 10, 2018
Estimated Costs: $4,765
This trip is NOT eligible for the Gilman scholarship.

The systematic murder of six million Jews and five million others by the Nazis during World War II is one of the defining events of the twentieth century. Drawing on perspectives from a number of disciplines—including history, religion, sociology, and psychology—we will attempt to move toward a deeper understanding of the causes, course, and consequences of this world-shattering event. We will focus especially on the legacies of the Holocaust: how it has been, and continues to be, remembered and memorialized in Europe, as well as on the development of international instruments designed to reduce the likelihood of genocide and to bring the perpetrator of mass atrocities to justice.

The course will include 5 days of intensive on-campus instruction. During the on-campus part of the course, the class will meet 4 hours each day. In addition, several films will be screened outside of class time. Following our on-campus study, the class will travel to Holocaust sites and memorials in Germany and Poland for two weeks then spend the final week of the class in the Netherlands visiting, studying, and reflecting on the work of the International Criminal Court (ICC), the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY), and the International Court of Justice (ICJ).

The trip will include 7 days in Germany, 8 days in Poland, and 6 days in the Netherlands. During the spring semester prior to the trip there will be significant email exchange among members of the class, and the class will meet three times to prepare for the travel portion of the course. The course will include extensive travel to sites that will challenge the participants intellectually and emotionally. However, there will also be ample time to enjoy the rich sights and sounds of Berlin, Weimar, Nuremberg, Krakow, Leiden, and Amsterdam.

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