BIST Ghana 2022

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Traveling to Ghana: West African Spirituality and Afrofuturism (AFR)

Instructors: Dr. LeSette Wright, Dr. Jasmine Jones & Mr. Keith Bullock
Date: May Term (Summer I)
Estimated Cost: $5,020*

This course will be an exploration of African (particularly Ghanaian) Spirituality and Afrofuturism. We will engage with topics such as: the enslavement of Africans, Colonization/Decolonization, West African Spirituality, particularly Christianity, and Afrofuturism.  We will participate in seminars that focus on the political, economic, and social realities of the people of the African Diaspora principally through a spiritual and afro-futurist lens. This course will include travel to various cultural centers and rural areas in surrounding regions of the country. While Dr. Jones and Dr. Wright will be the primary instructors, we will also have local instructors who will teach seminars on African culture and philosophy, religion, drumming, dance, and other cultural components​

Financial Support

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*This is an estimate. Note that Berea BIST budgets are all-inclusive: program, airfare, housing, meals, immunizations, insurance, spending money—the works!


For specific questions about this course, contact Mr. Keith Bullock, Dr. Jasmine Jones, or Dr. LeSette Wright.

For general questions about the BIST application process or scholarships, contact the Education Abroad Team at or 859-985-3453, or drop by 205 Woods-Penniman.

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