Center for International Education

BIST Ghana 2014

Traveling to Ghana: African Music and Literature

This course will explore primarily West African music and literature. We will explore issues including the enslavement of Africans, the colonization of Africa, focusing on the West African context, and the experiences of decolonized African peoples. We will participate in seminars which focus on the political, economic, and social realities of the peoples of the African Diaspora primarily through a musical and literary lens, but we will also read and discuss works about African politics, religion, and philosophy.

This course will include travel to various cultural centers and rural areas in the country of Ghana, including the Slave Castles, the point of no return for tens of thousands of Africans as they began their hellish journey into the “New World.” While Dr. Bullock and Dr. Leek will be the primary instructors, we will also have local instructors who will teach seminars in drumming, African culture, philosophy, religion, and dance, to name a few.

Financial Support

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