Berea Gilman Winners

Congratulations to Berea’s 11 Benjamin T. Gilman Scholarship winners!

Berea College’s Gilman Scholars this cycle include Bertrina Iransi, junior computer science major from Jefferson County, Ky.; Cora Allison, junior peace and social justice major from Washington County, Tenn.; Hannah Rapien, junior communications and Asian studies major from Blount County, Tenn.; Isabella Ray, junior communications major from Carroll County, Ky.; Kshitiz Dhungyel, sophomore business administration major from Jefferson County, Ky.; Lona Cobb, senior history and anthropological archaeology major from Bell County, Ky.; Maria Martinez, junior biology and child and family studies major from Whitfield County, Ga.; Megan McEahern, junior art history major from Roane County, Tenn.; Victoria Jackson, junior communications major from Pulaski County, Ky.; Yennifer Coca Izquierdo, junior political science major from Jefferson County, Ky.; and Zoe Medeiros, junior English major from Sumner County, Tenn.

Berea’s Gilman recipients will study abroad in Spain, Italy, France, Greece, Japan, the United Kingdom and Tanzania this fall, winter or next spring—enhancing their college degree. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, nearly 50 percent of Berea’s students engaged in an education-abroad activity before graduating.

The Congressionally funded Gilman program broadens the U.S. student population studying and interning abroad by providing scholarships to outstanding undergraduate Pell Grant recipients who, due to financial constraints, might not otherwise study abroad. Since the program’s establishment in 2001, more than 1,300 U.S. institutions have sent more than 33,000 Gilman scholars who represent the rich diversity of the United States to 145 countries around the globe.

Want to apply yourself? Check it out! You might get up to $5,000 for a term abroad.

Berea has a long tradition of winning. Here’s a list of 142 previous winners that doesn’t even include the recent awardees above.

Atkinson, Kayla Spain Spring 2020
Sheaffer, Clay New Zealand Spring 2020
Soukup, Peter Spain Spring 2020
Avery, Moriah Ireland Summer 2019
Collett, Lucas Argentina Summer 2019
Dewitt, Brianna Ireland Summer 2019
Dye, Ethan France Summer 2019
Guess, Morgan Argentina Summer 2019
Harvell, R’mon Thailand Fall/ Academic Year 2019
Hatch, Samuel Ireland Fall/ Academic Year 2019
Irankunda, Furaha Tanzania Summer 2019
Liggins, Kerron Ecuador Summer 2019
Murphy, Kashaunda Thailand Spring 2019
Murphy, Katherine Rwanda Fall/ Academic Year 2019
Owens, Elizabeth Tanzania Summer 2019
Philippe, Christella France Fall/ Academic Year 2019
Roberts, Caitlyn Ecuador Summer 2019
Sloan, Day’sha’ron China Summer 2019
Vankirk, Justin Australia Summer 2019
Walker, Alonna Tanzania Summer 2019
Allison, Makayla Spain | United Kingdom | Italy Spring 2018
Buckley, Jacob Mexico Spring 2018
Cepeda, Alberto Cyprus Spring 2018
Clayton, Niki Austria Summer 2018
Davis, Deshontanae Thailand Fall/ Academic Year 2018
Domenech, Issac Italy Summer 2018
Gluck, Anthony Japan Spring 2018
Goins, Tyler Chile Fall/ Academic Year 2018
Hall, Benjamin Japan Spring 2018
Hincapie Vidal, Manuela Malaysia Fall/ Academic Year 2018
Huff, Simeon Spain Fall/ Academic Year 2018
Itumba, Nicole Morocco Summer 2018
Leis, Joy Ireland Fall/ Academic Year 2018
Mitchell, Brandon Japan Summer 2018
Moorer, Tiana Costa Rica Summer 2018
O’connor, Rebecca Japan Summer 2018
Palo, Magenta United Kingdom | France | South Africa Spring 2018
Robinson, Samantha Jamaica Summer 2018
Runyan, Chad Japan Summer 2018
Thomas, Gerald Ghana Summer 2018
Thompson, Katheryn China Spring 2018
Winkowitsch, Sophia Australia Fall/ Academic Year 2018
Anderson, Kristina Bhutan Fall/ Academic Year 2017
Bannister, Caleb Czech Republic Fall/ Academic Year 2017
Dowlen, Andrea Germany Spring 2017
Farley, Kelley Peru Spring 2017
Follin, Amber Germany Spring 2017
Fouch, Nick Australia Spring 2017
Hammett, Timothy Cyprus Fall/ Academic Year 2017
Hobson, Kyree India | South Africa | Brazil Fall/ Academic Year 2017
Jenkins, Dominique Japan Fall/ Academic Year 2017
King, Ruth Peru Fall/ Academic Year 2017
Lewis, Seth Germany Summer 2017
Morales, Marissa Ghana Summer 2017
Mosley, Amber Cyprus Spring 2017
Newton, Emily France Fall/ Academic Year 2017
Pollock, Brandon China Fall/ Academic Year 2017
Robinson, Tania Argentina Summer 2017
Russell, Tania South Africa Summer 2017
Sinkhorn, Layne India Fall/ Academic Year 2017
Smith, Emily Bolivia | Peru Spring 2017
Turner, Sierra Peru Summer 2017
Yearout, Brandon Japan Summer 2017
Arana, Nieva Ghana Summer 2016
Barkley, Elaine Japan Fall/ Academic Year 2016
Blume, Jennifer Costa Rica Summer 2016
Bozeman, Kierra Cyprus Spring 2016
Bugge, Gabriella Guatemala | Costa Rica | Nicaragua Fall/ Academic Year 2016
Cundiff, Olivia Japan Fall/ Academic Year 2016
Ellis, Deanna Ghana Summer 2016
Escamilla, Jazmin Greece Summer 2016
Gonzales-Perez, Stephanie Nicaragua | Guatemala | Costa Rica Spring 2016
Gosnell, Willie Tanzania Summer 2016
Izerimana, Amos Switzerland Summer 2016
Jent, Julie Russia Fall/ Academic Year 2016
Leis, Joseph South Korea Fall/ Academic Year 2016
Mason, Kamryn Greece Fall/ Academic Year 2016
Moorer, Michael Italy Summer 2016
Mundelius, Lilia Japan Fall/ Academic Year 2016
Oliver, Nicholas Japan Summer 2016
Omolola, Esther Argentina Summer 2016
Reich, Anna Gambia Summer 2016
Sullivan, Daryl Ghana Summer 2016
Wallace, Justice Gambia Summer 2016
Alvey, Ashley Spain Fall/ Academic Year 2015
Ashe, Zakiyya Japan Spring 2015
Barry, Faye Australia Spring 2015
Cansler, Shelby Italy Spring 2015
Dangerfield, Annette Netherlands Fall/ Academic Year 2015
Dillman, Holden Brazil | South Africa | India Fall/ Academic Year 2015
Gates, Jessica Cyprus Summer 2015
George, Haleigh South Korea Spring 2015
Johnson, Cheyanna Ecuador Summer 2015
King, Candice Bolivia Summer 2015
Nance, Joseph United Kingdom Spring 2015
Vetters, Camille Romania Summer 2015
Washington, Tiara South Korea Fall/ Academic Year 2015
Zheng, Mi Spain Spring 2015
Bnefsi, Sayid France Spring 2014
Burlett, Katharine Netherlands Fall/ Academic Year 2014
Carr, Sarah Costa Rica Summer 2014
Darling, Mason Spain Summer 2014
Gaston, Alexandria Ghana Summer 2014
Harrod, Anna Ireland Summer 2014
Johnson, Malcolm China Summer 2014
Kirk, Mahlon Madagascar Spring 2014
Luney, Leanna Ghana Summer 2014
Mauro, Rachel United Kingdom Spring 2014
Mecham, Brooke Tanzania Spring 2014
Mollett, Courtney Tanzania Summer 2014
Rector, Jonah Thailand Spring 2014
Reed, Candace Ghana Summer 2014
Roe, Lindsay Ghana Summer 2014
Thomas, Zachary Japan Summer 2014
Vann, Terrin Ghana Summer 2014
Webster, Tevin Costa Rica Summer 2014
Wheeler, Victoria Japan Summer 2014
Aguilar, Carlos Brazil Summer 2013
Anderson, Joseph France Fall/ Academic Year 2013
Bailey, Brea Chile Summer 2013
Bliss, Wendell Australia Spring 2013
Borsman, Steven Ethiopia Summer 2013
Bridgewater, Cheyenne United Kingdom Fall/ Academic Year 2013
Dazo, Suzanne Japan Summer 2013
Gambill, Lesa Czech Republic Spring 2013
Hawkins, Paul Austria Summer 2013
Hunziker, Dylan Malaysia Spring 2013
Leibeck, Jacob Japan Fall/ Academic Year 2013
Reynolds, Karen Morocco Spring 2013
Risk, Thomas Ghana Summer 2013
Towne, Jasmine Panama Summer 2013
Barton-King, Fatima Japan Fall/ Academic Year 2012
Beyer, Celeste Ecuador Fall/ Academic Year 2012
Callow, Erin Costa Rica Fall/ Academic Year 2012
Gaines, Jessica Ghana Summer 2012
Hunter, Jalissa Thailand Fall/ Academic Year 2012
Jones, Karly Ghana Summer 2012
Mcdonald, Waylon Ghana Summer 2012
Scott, Erica United Kingdom Fall/ Academic Year 2012
Spears, Katherine Spain Spring 2012
Walters, Cassie Kyrgyzstan Fall/ Academic Year 2012
Witherspoon, Terence Ghana Summer 2012