Berea Watson Winners 1988 – Present

Berea is a Watson School. We are one of 41 colleges nationwide who can nominate students to win the Thomas J. Watson Fellowship of $36,000 for a year of independent exploration abroad after graduation.


Sophia Winkowitsch 2020

Goats in Sustainable Agriculture around the World

Trinidad and Tobago, Hungary, Norway, South Africa, India, Australia, New Zealand, Peru


Stephen Nwaloziri 2020

A Breathtaking Adventure with Trash

Brazil, France, England, China


Aloyce (Hans) Riziki 2020

Understanding Yoga’s Origin and Evolution

India, Thailand, UK, France, South Africa, Kenya


Sunaina Sherchan 2018: Exploring Identity through Folktales

Countries: Japan, New Zealand, Finland


Zakiyya Ashe 2017: Hidden Minorities: Connection through Animation and Graphic Novels

Countries: Australia, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, and France

Moondil Jahan 2016: Journey through Rhythmaculture: Grieving and rejoicing through indigenous drumming and dancing

Countries: Ghana, Germany, Morocco, Peru, Spain, Suriname, and the Netherlands


Tuvshinzaya Amarzaya 2015: Evolution of Cultural and Individual Identity through Martial Arts

Countries: China, Japan, Brazil, and France


Dylan Hunziker 2014: Tip of the Tongue: Language Balancing Among the Chinese Diaspora

Countries: Taiwan, Peru, Kyrgyzstan, and Italy


Loreal Bell 2013: Prisoner of Words: A Look into Feminist Euro Hip Hop Artists

Countries: United Kingdom, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Spain, Italy


Nathan Hall 2010: Inspiring Vision for a New World: Rural Economies as Sustainable Pioneers

Countries: Argentina, India, Austria, Hungary, Bosnia


Salome Kiwara 2009: Embracing the past: Identity and Cultural Heritage

Countries: South Africa, Tanzania, Mali, Niger, Egypt, Ethiopia, Cambodia


Alexander Gibson 2008: They Call Us Dust Children: An Exploration of Biracial Identity

Countries: Japan, South Africa, Vietnam, Venezuela, India, Singapore


Fred Rweru 2007: Leather, Willow and Empire: Cricket’s “Mutation” if former British Colonies

Countries: United Kingdom, Barbados, Australia, India


Isaac Bingham 2006: Savants of the Sea: Indigenous Boatbuilding on Two Sides of the Pacific

Countries: Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Tokelau, Peru, Ecuador


Jason Fults 2006: Perceptions of Science and Nature Beyond the West

Countries: India, Malaysia, and China


Matthew Friddle 2005: Performance Arts in Small Communities

Countries: Ireland, Scotland, Australia, Canada


Kelly Cutchin 2004: Traditional Buildings and Their Application to Modern Ecological Design

Countries: Turkey, Italy, Tunisia, South Africa, Swaziland, Lesotho, Japan


Anthony Honeycutt 2003: The Art and Science of Guitar Crafting in Mexico and South America

Countries: Mexico, Argentina, Venezuela, Brazil


Catherine Morgan 2002: Traditional and Contemporary Quilting Techniques

Countries: Canada and Europe


Marissa Hutchinson 2002: Capturing the Vanishing Vernacular: Traditional Architecture

Countries: Mongolia, China, Laos, Serbia


Derek Law 2001: Monastic Gardens and the Contemplative Practice of Labor

Countries: England, Belgium, France, India, Japan, Italy


Micah Johnson 2000: The Evolution of Contemporary Socialism

Countries: Germany


Chris Fleming 1999: Ethnobotany and Dependence on Plants

Countries: Ecuador, Bolivia, Peru, Belize, Guatemala, Honduras


John Cox 1999: Exploring and Traditional Irish Woodwinds

Countries: United Kingdom, Ireland


Jackie Smith 1998: Sustainable Dairy Practices

Countries: England, Scotland, Ireland


Amanda Maerz 1998: Pagan Gods & Christian Saints: An Irish Love Story?

Countries: Ireland


Rudy Gelis 1997: A Study of Bird Diversity

Countries: Costa Rica, Ecuador, Mexico


Thomas Price 1996: The Dying Craft of Building Gondolas in Venice

Countries: Italy


James King 1995: Challenges of Refugee Education

Countries: Kenya, Uganda, Jordan


J. Abbott 1994: Botanical Investigations and Explorations in South & Central America

Countries: Ecuador, Panama, Bolivia, Costa Rica


Della Justice 1993: Appalachian Heritage

Countries: Ireland, Scotland, England


Douglas Boals 1993: A Study of Medieval, Gothic, and Early Renaissance Art and Architecture and its Relation to Spiritual Life and Community Values

Countries: Spain, France, and Italy


Matthew Saderholm 1992: A Study of the Environmental Problems Faced by Unified Germany

Countries: Germany


Kimberly Parker 1991: Traditions and Historical Values

Countries: Eastern Europe


Melody Crawford 1991: Management and Economic Aspects of the Dairy Industry

Countries: New Zealand, Australia, Switzerland


Andrew Scott 1990: Education and Ideology

Countries: Nicaragua, Mexico, Costa Rica


Anna Miller 1990: Economic Integration of Eastern and Western Europe

Countries: Eastern and Western Europe


C. Marrie 1990: Jamaican Woven Artists

Countries: Jamaica


Jonathan King 1989: Desert Water Retrieval Systems

Countries: Saudi Arabia, Israel, Mali, Burkina Faso


Ruth Phelps 1988: Women and the Pre-Raphaelite Movement

Countries: England