Active Learning Experience

All education abroad experiences may fulfill the Active Learning Experience (ALE) but will not automatically be counted as such. For each specific type of education abroad program, certain procedures must be followed to ensure that the ALE requirements are met, specifically that sustained reflection and synthesis of the international learning experience are demonstrated.

General Guidelines

Students participating in most education abroad programs—including Berea Term Abroad, KIIS summer programs, or other non-Berea summer programs—may fulfill the ALE requirement as follows:

    1. Prior to departure, request permission from the Education Abroad Advisor.
    2. While abroad, maintain a daily reflection journal.
    3. At the end of the program, write an elaborate and thorough final entry (of at least 1200 words) that synthesizes the daily reflections.
    4. Upon returning to campus, submit the journal and sustained reflection to the Education Abroad Adviser by the appropriate deadline:
      • 30 August for Spring Term or Summer
      • 30 January for Fall Term

The Director of International Education will then check the journal and serve as the teacher of record for the ALE portion of the education abroad program. If the journal seems sufficient, the Director will notify the Office of the Registrar that the student’s ALE requirement has been fulfilled.


An internship, by definition, is an active learning experience, so all internships completed abroad will fulfill the ALE requirement.


Go here for more information on a Berea’s ALE requirement.

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