CIE Staff

Dr. Richard Cahill, Director of International Education

Malakye Anderson, International Student and Scholar Advisor

Vacant,  Education Abroad Advisor

Jenna Zimmerman, Administrative Assistant


Spring 2021 Student Staff

Education Abroad:

Grayson M. Collier — Education Abroad Associate

Bertrina Iransi — Education Abroad Associate

Kyleah Parr and Bertrina Iransi– Peer Advisors

International Student & Scholar Services:

Jocelyn B. Lee — International Student and Scholar Senior Assistant

Katherin E. Socias — International Student and Scholar Assistant

Eric Cruz-Mendez — International Student and Scholar Assistant

Office Affairs:

Tallis A. Matus — Office Assistant

Lihuen Olivia Rousseaux– Office Aide

International Programming:

Levi M. Loveless — Campus Programming Assistant

LaDarious S. Lawson — Campus Programming Assistant

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