Gilman Scholarship Deadlines

Spring deadlines for the Gilman Scholarship are fast approaching. With so much to do on campus, it can be easy to forget what all you have to do. However, if you intend to apply for the Gilman, please keep yourself aware of what is due, and when. Good luck!

Mid-August 2017               Online application opens for Spring 2018 study abroad programs and

October 3, 2017                              Student Deadline for submission of online application, including
transcript(s). Must submit application by 11:59pm CDT.

October 10, 2017                            Advisor Deadline for submission of online Study Abroad Advisor and
Financial Aid Advisor section.

October/November 2017          Complete Applications are processed and distributed to selection
panels for review.

Late-November 2017                 All Applicants are notified of the status of their application via
email. Study Abroad and Financial Aid Advisors will be notified of
scholarship recipients via email. A list of the recipients will be
available on the Gilman website.

December 2017                            Scholarship recipients must accept/decline their award and submit
required documentation.

Below are a few Berea College students who have studied abroad. You can become one of them!


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