Student Awards

Thomas Beebe Organic Chemistry Award
Awarded to the top two students in Organic Chemistry II, (CHM 222, regardless of major) as judged by their class standing and performance on the ACS Standardized Examination in Organic Chemistry. The award is a copy of the MERCK INDEX or CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics.

  • 2020 – Yeong Ha Oh, Jharna Katwal
  • 2019 – Clara Reasoner, Kamila Nurmakova
  • 2018 – Luis Gonzalez-Anguiar
  • 2017 – Christopher James, Isaac Mendoza, and Robin Hauschner
  • 2016 – Seth Reasoner, Kyaw Hpone Myint, Michael James, Aubree Zimmer
  • 2015 – Kidist Ashami, Jonah Rector
  • 2014 – Pyae Phyo, Kaitlyn Reasoner
  • 2013 – Mikiyas Kurabachew Assefa, Garrett Cairo
  • 2012 – Hannah Clampitt, Eli Whitaker
  • 2011 – Dallas Cook, Sarah Elrod
  • 2010 – Chido Hambira, Kelly Njine Muoapi
  • 2009 – Theint Theint
  • 2008 – Oliver Munyaradzi
  • 2007 – Jennifer Mills, Stephen Larrimore
  • 2006 – Hlaing Min, Velma Henry

J. Stanton King Science Award
Awarded annually to the junior or senior majoring in biology, chemistry, or physics demonstrating academic excellence in his or her major and personal life.

  • 2020 – Clara Reasoner (Chemistry)
  • 2019 – Issac Domenech (Chemistry)
  • 2018 – Michael James (Chemistry), Beau Schweitzer (Chemistry)
  • 2017 – Seth Reasoner (Chemistry), Vincent Tembo (Physics)
  • 2016 – Andrew Norris (Chemistry), Hannah Abe (Biology)
  • 2015 – Brandon Schurter (Physics), Mikiyas Kurabachew Assefa (Chemistry/Physics), William Assan (Biology)
  • 2014 – Pyae Phyo (Chemistry), Franceska Mehmeti (Chemistry/Biology)
  • 2013 – Ericka Berg (Biology), Aung Soe Lin (Chemistry/Biology), Elijah Whitaker (Chemistry)
  • 2012 – Chido Hambira (Chemistry), Ivan Titaley (Chemistry)
  • 2011 – Alisha Holmberg (Biology), Jennifer White (Biology)
  • 2010 – Theint Theint (Chemistry/Physics), William Dean Norris (Physics)
  • 2009 – Clarin Ellard (Chemistry)
  • 2008 – Jordan Harrison (Physics), Mohammed Yusef (Physics), Anthony Reynolds (Chemistry)
  • 2007 – Kannatassen Appavoo (Physics)
  • 2006 – Ni Ji (Physics & Biology), Tara Evatt (Chemistry)
  • 2005 – Matthew Yaeger (Biology), Melissa Bradley (Chemistry)
  • 2004 – Anisa Lefta (Biology & Chemistry), Samuel McClure (Physics)
  • 2003 – Kathryn McHenry (Biology)
  • 2002 – Lydia Grace Longstreth (Physics), Felicia Victoria Swinney (Biology)

Lilli Brann Scholarship in Physical Sciences
Awarded annually to a student in the physical sciences who has demonstrated superior scholarship in his or her chosen field.

  • 2020 – Kamila Nurmakova (Chemistry)
  • 2019 – Kateryna Nabukhotna (Chemistry)
  • 2018 – Seth Reasoner (Chemistry)
  • 2017 – Kyaw Hpone Myint (Chemistry/Physics)
  • 2016 – Vincent Tembo (Physics), Kaamilah Wilson (Chemistry)
  • 2015 – Kyle Godbey (Physics), Pyae Phyo (Chemistry)
  • 2014 – Danielle Schaper (Physics), Michelle Bloom (Chemistry)
  • 2013 – Rohan Isaac (Physics), Ivan Titaley (Chemistry)
  • 2012 – Imelda Hot (Chemistry/Physics), Premila Samuel (Chemistry)
  • 2011 – Emily Worinkeng (Physics), Theint Theint (Chemistry/Physics)
  • 2010 – Kabindra Kafle (Chemistry/Biology), Ramesh Adhikari (Physics)
  • 2009 – Bradley Steele (Physics)
  • 2008 – Matthew Bailey (Physics), Thabiso Musapelo (Chemistry)
  • 2007 – Ni Ji (Physics/Biology)
  • 2006 – Michaela Conley, Jason Lambert (Mathematics/Physics)
  • 2005 – Justin Poag (Chemistry)
  • 2004 – Eusebia Mwasaru, Thaminda Ramanayake (Biology)
  • 2003 – Lydia Grace Longstreth (Physics)
  • 2002 – Rebecca Joy Heid (Independent)

Class of 1958 Academic Achievement Award
To be awarded annually to the graduating (May or subsequent December) senior who has reached the highest level of academic achievement measured by GPA and other factors who is majoring in Chemistry.

  • 2020 – Areli Medina Hernandez, Nyasha Gombami, and Imaru Agholor
  • 2019 – Luis Gonzalez-Anguiar, Mario Chavarria, Beau Schweitzer
  • 2018 – Marco Santos, Aubree Zimmer, Sara Garner
  • 2017 – Samuel Effoe, Rhea Sharma, and Boubacar Cherif
  • 2016 – Anthony Boateng, Phyo Phyo Zin
  • 2015 – Garrett Cairo, Travis Clay
  • 2014 – Daniel Pardue, Dipendra Sharma Chapagain
  • 2013 – Ivan Titaley, Elijah Whitaker
  • 2012 – Kelly Njine Mouapi
  • 2011 – Theint Theint
  • 2010 – Donia Arthur
  • 2009 – Anthony Reynolds
  • 2008 – Katie Clark, Say-Lee Teh
  • 2007 – Jessica Fagan
  • 2006 – Liza Shrestha
  • 2005 – Rosemary Ndolo

Class of 1958 Research Award
To be offered as warranted to a student majoring in Chemistry who has made outstanding contributions to undergraduate research at Berea College.

  • 2020 – Austin Weber, Jacob Downs
  • 2019 – Daisy Sullivan, Chris James, Abigail Whitaker
  • 2018 – Kateryna Nabukhotna, Mario Chavarria, Issac Domenech
  • 2017 – Jonah Rector, Tyller Culver, and  Maria Selena Ledesma
  • 2016 – Samuel Effoe, Tatiana Mikhailova, Jonah Rector
  • 2015 – Anthony Boateng, Andrew Norris
  • 2014 – Garrett Cairo, Michael McCann
  • 2013 – Chelsey Lloyd, Grace Par, Trena Payton
  • 2012 – Dallas Cook
  • 2011 – Kelly Njine Mouapi, Imelda Hot, Chido Hambira
  • 2010 – Lauren Lane Schlagel, Amanda Rood McCumber
  • 2009 – Oliver Munyzradzi, Donia Arthur
  • 2008 – Laxman Gurung, Kayla Meadows
  • 2007 – Virginia Senkomago
  • 2006 – Melissa Bradley, Wendy Brotherton
  • 2005 – KC Ravi

Kentucky Academy of Science Undergraduate Research Awards – Oral Presentations

  • 2020 – Mallorie Gayhart: 1st place (Health Science), Lawren Brinley: 2nd place (Microbiology)
  • 2019 – Spencer Langford: 1st place (Agricultural Science), Clara Reasoner, 1st place (Cellular and Molecular Biology), Joseph Mecham, 2nd place (Ecology), Stefan Reyes, 1st place (Health Science), Valeria Rocha, 1st place (Physics), Eli Prater, 3rd place (Physics), Amber Earlywine, 2nd place (Physiology & Biochemistry), Jenifer Fidelia, 1st place (Social Science), Melanie Andrews, 1st place (Zoology), Hannah Jackson, 3rd place (Zoology)
  • 2018 – Makara Chann Han: 2nd place (Cellular & Molecular Biology), Yasmine Choutri: 1st place (Chemistry: Analytical/Physical), Michael James: 3rd place (Chemistry: Organic/Inorganic), Emma Reasoner: 3rd place (Ecology), Yeongha Oh: 2rd place (Health Sciences), Isaac Domenech: 1st place (Physiology and Biochemistry)
  • 2017 – Hannah Elliot: 2nd place (Ecology & Environmental Sciences), Bhavesh Ramkorun: 3rd place (Engineering), Daniela Olivera Velarde:  3rd place (Physics & Astronomy), Aaron Clark: 1st place (Psychology), Chi Peng: 1st place (Zoology)
  • 2016 – Sean Nilan: 3rd place (Botany), Seth Reasoner: 1st place (Cellular & Molecular Biology), Kyaw Hpone Myint: 1st place (Chemistry: Analytical/Physical), Tatiana Mikhailova: 2nd place (Physiology & Biochemistry), Tiffany M. Estep: 1st place (Psychology), Valerie Zehr: 3rd place (Psychology), Casey Tetidrick: 2nd place (Science Education), Jillian Kendall: 2nd place (Zoology)
  • 2015 – Moondil Jahan – 3rd place (Botany), Hsuan Peng: 1st place (Cellular & Molecular Biology), Seth Reasoner: 2nd place (Cellular & Molecular Biology), Kyaw Hpone Myint: 1st place (Chemistry: Analytical/Physical), Shelby Cansler: 1st place (Psychology), Michael James: 2nd place (Science Education)
  • 2014 – Alyssa Hubbard: 3rd Place (Cellular and Molecular Biology), Pyae Phyo: 1st Place (Chemistry: Analytical/Physical), Michael McCann: 2nd Place (Chemistry: Organic/Inorganic), Michon Martin: 1st Place (Ecology and Environmental Science), Michael Oxendine: 2nd Place (Ecology and Environmental Science), Chi Peng: 2nd Place (Physiology and Biochemistry), Chioma Amaechi: 1st Place (Science Education), Yungpeng Xia: 2nd Place (Science Education), Lauren Ballou: 2nd Place (Zoology)
  • 2013 – Taylor Rutherford: 1st prize (Cellular and Molecular Biology), Franceska Mehmeti: 2nd prize (Cellular and Molecular Biology), Shanequa Roscoe: 3rd prize (Cellular and Molecular Biology),  Pyae Phyo: 2nd prize (Physical/Analytical Chemistry), Michaeld McCann: 2nd prize (Organic/Inorganic Chemistry), Lief Van Laar: 1st prize (Ecology and Environmental Science), Danielle Schaper: 1st prize (Physics/Astronomy), Kyle Godbey: 2nd prize (Physics/Astronomy), Priyanka Shrestha: 1st prize (Psychology)
  • 2012 – Franceska Mehmeti: 2nd prize (Cellular and Molecular Biology), Ivan Titaley: 2nd prize (Chemistry), Nadia Karkenny: 1st prize (Ecology and Environmental Science), Helena Pett: 1st prize (Health Sciences), Horton Li: 3rd prize (Health Sciences), Dipendra Sharma Chapagain: 1st prize (Microbiology), Rowan Issac: 1st prize (Physics/Astronomy), Marissa Brown: 2nd prize (Physics/Astronomy), Tommy O. Boykin: 2nd prize (Physiology and Biochemistry), Sara Dean: 3rd prize (Psychology)
  • 2011 – Premila Samuel: 1st prize (Cellular and Molecular Biology), Rohan Isaac: 2nd prize (Physics/Astronomy), Hodari-Sadiki James: 2nd prize (Engineering)
  • 2010 – Kayla Kinker: 2nd prize (Cellular and Molecular Biology), Adam Chambers: 3rd prize (Cellular and Molecular Biology), Ramesh Adhikari: 1st prize (Physics/Astronomy)
  • 2009 – Kayla Kinker: 1st prize (Cellular and Molecular Biology), Dikshya Bastakoty: 2nd prize (Cellular and Molecular Biology), Jimmy Rop: 2nd prize (Physics/Astronomy), Humed Yusef: 3rd prize (Physics/Astronomy)
  • 2006 – Kristina Keck: 3rd prize (Chemistry), Emilie Throop: 1st prize (Ecology and Environmental Science), Samuel Adediran: 1st prize (Health Sciences), Kannatassen Appavoo: 1st prize (Physics & Astronomy)

Kentucky Academy of Science Undergraduate Research Awards – Poster Presentations

  • 2020 – Virtual meeting so all presentations in same online format
  • 2019 – Sarah Whitaker, Esther Olabisi Adeniyi & Celine Skrivanek, 1st place (Agricultural Science), Zackary Boothe, 1st place (Analytical/Physical Chemistry), Pedro Herrera, 2nd place (Organic/Inorganic Chemistry), Austin Weber, 1st place (Geology), Alyoce Riziki, 1st place (Health Science), Austin Applegate, 3rd place (Microbiology)
  • 2018 – Kateryna Nabukhotna: 2nd place (Cellular & Molecular Biology), Nyasha Gombami: 1st place (Physiology & Biochemistry), Allison Harper: 2rd place (Physiology & Biochemistry), Yabsira Ayele: 2nd place (Psychology)
  • 2017 – Tomas Flores: 3rd place (Poster in Chemistry: Analytical/Physical), Chance Davis: 3rd place (Poster in Engineering), Caitlin Taulbee:  1st place (Poster in Psychology), Alicia Bedolla:  3rd place (Poster in Psychology), Miguel Valdes:  1st place (Poster in Science Education), Lucas Collett: 2nd place (Poster in Science Education)
  • 2016 – Helina Asrat: 1st place (Poster in Agricultural Sciences), Kassandra H. Carter: 2nd place (Poster in Agricultural Sciences), Kyree Hobson & Simeon Huff: 1st place (Poster in Anthropology & Sociology), Hsuan Peng: 1st place (Poster in Cellular & Molecular Biology), Meghan Kramer: 3rd place (Poster in Cellular & Molecular Biology), Job K. Limo: 1st place (Poster in Chemistry: Analytical/Physical), Michael James & Kateryna O. Nabukhotna: 2nd place (Poster in Chemistry), Olivia Slater & Nina Meneses: 2nd place (Poster in Ecology & Environmental Science), Bhavesh Ramkorun: 1st place (Poster in Mathematics), Tanner Thompson: 1st place (Poster in Physics & Astronomy), Dustin Watts: 2nd place (Poster in Physics & Astronomy), Marcos Santos: 1st place (Poster in Physiology & Biochemistry), James McCarthey: 2nd place (Poster in Physiology & Biochemistry), Alicia Bedolla, Evelne Rivera, Morgan Ketchersid, Tenzin Desel & Katherine Snyder: 1st place (Poster in Psychology), Aubrey Melton: 1st place (Poster in Science Education), Robin Hauschner & Favour Akabogu: 2nd place (Poster in Zoology)
  • 2015 – Boubacar Cherif: 3rd place (Poster in Chemistry: Analytical/Physical), Samuel Effoe: 3rd place (Poster in Chemistry: Organic/Inorganic), Denzell Barnett: 1st place (Poster in Engineering), Kidist Ashami: 2nd place (Poster in Health Sciences), Yhenew Kassie: 3rd place (Poster in Physics & Astronomy), Nathanael Bodine: (Poster in Physics & Astronomy), Mackenzie Ridley: 1st place (Poster in Science Education), Morgan Stacy: 2nd place (Poster in Zoology)
  • 2014 – Leah Peng: 1st Place (Poster in Agricultural Sciences), Kyaw Hpone Myint: 3rd Place (Poster in Chemistry: Analytical/Physical), Andrew Norris: 1st Place (Poster in Chemistry: Organic/Inorganic), Anthony Boateng: 2nd Place (Poster in Chemistry: Organic/Inorganic), Sheniqua Austin: 3rd Place (Poster in Health Sciences), Sophia Al-Maamary: 1st Place (Poster in Psychology), Kaitlyn Reasoner: 1st Place (Poster in Science Education), Willie Gosnell: 2nd Place (Poster in Science Education), Hanna Abe & Kidist Ashami: 2nd Place (Poster in Zoology)
  • 2013 – William Assan: 1st prize (Poster in Cellular and Molecular Biology), Amber Boothe: 3rd prize (Poster in Health Sciences), Denzell Barnett: 1st prize (Poster in Engineering), Preston Tucker: 2nd prize (Poster in Physics/Astronomy), Rachelle Johnson: 3rd prize (Poster in Psychology), Josh Wedding & Melanie Keil: 1st prize (Poster in Science Education)
  • 2012 – Mackenzie Endres: 2nd prize (Poster in Physics/Astronomy), Brittany Schroeder: 3rd prize (Poster in Ecology and Environmental Science), Marienette Ngambou: 3rd prize (Poster in Chemistry), Alyssa Quiray: 2nd prize (Poster in Cellular and Molecular Biology), Aung Soe Lin: 1st prize (Poster in Cellular and Molecular Biology), Sabrina Barnes: 3rd prize (Poster in Agricultural Sciences), Amanda Benitez, Makala Settlage: 2nd prize (Poster in Agricultural Sciences), Dallas Cook, Jennifer Rominger: 1st prize (Poster in Agricultural Sciences), Katherine Webb: 1st prize (Poster in Health Sciences), David Scrivener: 2nd prize (Poster in Science Education)
  • 2011 – Eli Whitaker, Diego Moya, Melanie Burt: 3rd prize (Poster in Chemistry), Juliana Dolan, Franceska Mehmeti, Katie Massana: 1st prize (Poster in Health Sciences), Marissa Brown, Mackenzie Endres: 1st prize (Poster in Physics), Ericka Berg, Bailey King, Michon Martin: 1st prize (Poster in Zoology)
  • 2010 – Charli Bobbitt: 2nd prize (Poster in Cellular and Molecular Biology), Dean Norris: 3rd prize (Poster in Physics/Astronomy), Abigail Wier: 1st prize (Poster in Zoology)
  • 2009 – Alisha Holmberg: 3rd prize (Poster in Cellular and Molecular Biology), Carmen Dibaya: 3rd prize (Poster in Chemistry), Emmanuel Davis: 2nd prize (Poster in Microbiology)
  • 2006 – Kathleen Clark: 1st prize (Poster presentation in Health Sciences)

Undergraduate Research in Chemistry Regional Poster Competition

  • 2015 – Pyae Phyo: 2nd prize (Chemistry)