Baltisberger Research Group

Research Description
My research group at Berea College has worked on a number of solid state (and a few liquid state) nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) challenges over the year. Many of these have been very collaborative with my friends at various universities and laboratories such as Philip Grandinetti, Lyndon Emsley, Joseph Zwanziger, Pierre Florian, Michaël Deschamps, Dimitri Sakellario, Franck Fayon, Dominique Massiot, Steven Brown, Anne Lesage, Sabine Hediger, Joeseph Sachleben, Jonathan Stebbins, jaypippyfinal4and others. I welcome the chance to work with anyone who might share research goals. A lot of this work has focused on studying amorphous materials using Dynamic-Angle Spinning (DAS, for high resolution half-integer spin quadrupolar systems), Magic-Angle Hopping/Turning (MAH/MAT), Magic-Angle Flipping (MAF, like DAS except applied to spin 1/2 nuclei), Multiple-Quantum Magic-Angle Spinning (MQMAS), and our most recent Phase Incremented Echo Train Acquisition (PIETA) for J-coupling measurements. I have also done some imaging work with the Emsley lab using a Stray Field Imaging (STRAI) approach that has been continued by Dimitri Sakellario in his lab in Paris. During the period from Fall 2005 until Fall 2011, I served as department chair and had limited opportunities to pursue research given the added responsibilities. Upon returning from my 2011-2012 sabbatical, my research has been reinvigorated and seems on a pace with which I am pleased.

It has also been my pleasure to work with graduate students in these fine labs including Brandon Wilson, Mark Bovee, Deepansh Srivastava, Jose Lorie Lopez, Brennan Walder, Derrick Kaseman, Kevin Sanders, Jason Ezzell, Eric Keeler, Ping Zhang at OSU as well as students and post-doctoral students at the ENS such as Sylvian Caders, Benedicte Elena, Gaël de Paëpe, Luminita Dumas, and CEMTHI such as Thomas Poumeyrol.

Previous Students (Berea College Undergraduates listed in italics) and Activities

  • Summer 2020 – Worked with ParadigmApps learning web programming since no research was allowed due to COVID-19.
  • Fall 2019  and Spring 2020 – Teaching full-time at Berea College but continuing research with Muntathar Alshimary (Berea Student) on sensitivity enhancement in solid-state NMR, this work cut short by COVID-19.
  • Summer 2019 – Continued work on sabbatical research with Philip Grandinetti at the OSU including working with Zackary Boothe (Berea Student) and Cletus Mbalida (Berea Student).
  • Spring 2019 – I will be on sabbatical for the spring working with Philip Grandinetti at the Ohio State University in Columbus on some of these projects as well as new topics to be discussed later.  Worked with graduate students Brandon Wilson and Mark Bovee along with post-doctoral fellows.
  • Summer 2018 – Moved into the new MAC building and worked on a proposal to the Starr Foundation to help fund the new NMR for the MAC building.
  • Academic Year 2017 – Sara Garner continued to work on NMR experiments and help with data processing. Worked on a proposal to the NSF MRI program to replace the existing 300 MHz NMR as we move to the new Margaret A Cargill Science Building in the Fall of 2018. This was not funded, but the Berea College administration has graciously agreed to fund this project (and the new 500 MHz JEOL ECZ should arrive in February 2019).  Sara presented our research at the spring 2018 undergraduate research conference at the University of Kentucky and won 2nd place.
  • Summer 2017 – Worked with Sara Garner (Berea student), Tomas Flores (Berea student), and Shay Steele (College of Wooster student) continuing glass synthesis and NMR experiments. We developed a new rotating drum quenching system to try to allow more challenging glasses to be made with higher glass transition temperatures. We also continued to work on the perfect-echo sequence as applied to PIETA as well as doing simulations of both <sup>31</sup>P and <sup>29</sup>Si glass Magic Angle Turning datasets using a Czjzek Model for the chemical shift anisotropy distributions. (URCPP Report 2017BURS_Poster2017 which won 3rd place in the physical/analytical chemistry poster competition.)
  • Summer 2016 – Worked with the Grandinetti group at The Ohio State University finishing up cesium silicate glass paper from the last few years. We also continued to do work on measuring J-coupling in solids including a systematic study of using the perfect-echo sequence in concert with the PIETA approach.  Started work on a collaboration with Isabelle Lagadic from Northern Kentucky University studying organic modified clay particles.
  • Summer 2015 – Kodey Blankenship working on synthesis and characterization (NMR & powder XRD) of crystalline pyrophosphate materials to be compared with amorphous materials previously studied with both MAT/PASS and PIETA J-resolved experiments. (URCPP Report 2015, BURS Poster 2015)
  • Summer 2014 – Pyae Phyo (EAS Poster Fall 2015), Solomon Tesfamichael (KAS Poster 2014), Kyaw Hpone Myint worked on PASS and PIETA experiments on more phosphate glasses including developing computer simulation program for PASS experiments. (URCPP Report 2014)pb66pieta
  • Summer 2013 – Pyae Phyo (ENC Poster Spring 2014), Anna Tribble (KAS Poster 2013), Mikiyas Kurabachew Assefa (KAS Poster 2013) as well as spending time at the CEMHTI working with Grandinetti, Florian, Fayon, and Deschamps. (URCPP Report 2013)
  • Summer 2012 – Pyae Phyo (KAS Poster 2012, work done at OSU with Philip Grandinetti)
  • Summer 2011 & Academic Year 2011-12 – Sabbatical research performed in Columbus OH at the Ohio State University with Philip Grandinetti group (SabbaticalReport2012)
  • Summer 2010 – Taught Global Warming Senior Capstone (GSTR410) with Steve Gowler as well as working on the Academic Restructuring project with Jason Cohen
  • Academic Year 2009-10 & Short Term 2010 – Kabindra Kafle working on a liquid state flow reservoir probe for high sensitivity slow relaxing liquid state measurements
  • Summer 2009 – Taught Scientific Knowledge and Inquiry (GSTR332) so limited research opportunities
  • Academic Year 2008-09 – Anthony Reynolds did work on FSLG/INADEQUATE experiments
  • Short Term 2008 – Faculty development trip funded by Berea College to visit the Galapagos Islands of Ecuador (Galapagos)
  • Short Term 2007 & Summer 2007 – Thabiso Musapelo, Laxman Gurung, Brian Sutton worked on FSLG/INADEQUATE pulse sequence development (KAS Poster 2007)
  • Summer 2006 – Taught Allied Health Chemistry (CHM113) and Scientific Knowledge and Inquiry (GSTR332) so limited research opportunities with students
  • Summer 2005 – Taught Scientific Knowledge and Inquiry (GSTR332)
  • Summer 2004 – Finished Fulbright funded research at the ENS Lyon with Lyndon Emsley group
  • Summer 2003 – Anjan Pandey (URCPP Report 2003)
  • Summer 2002 – Stem cell research at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center (SCCA) in Seattle WA. This was the summer my wife had cancer treatments so my research was mostly spent learning what I could do to help beat lymphoma.
  • Academic Year 2002-03 – Fulbright funded sabbatical research at the Ecole Normale Superior in Lyon France working with Lyndon Emsley group (Sabbatical Report2002)liquidcrystal2
  • Summer 2001 – Ramesh Sharma worked on glass structure studies with MAT/MAH as well as doing a study of acetone dissolved in a liquid crystalline matrix (see picture to the right).
  • Academic Year 2001-02 – Work on Chemistry Department web site without students (Tech Report)
  • Summer 2000 – Set up new JEOL 300 MHz NMR spectrometer at Berea College so did minimal research
  • Summer 1999 – E. Dinesh Pillai, Elizabeth Pearl Smith, Berhane Temelso, Andi Allen, Bernhard Kotey (URCPP 1999)
  • Short Term 1999 – Elizabeth Pearl Smith, Emilia Boglidiva, E. Dinesh Pillai, Cheng Guan Koay, Junior Carbajal, Janet Whitson
  • Summer 1998 – Charles Kaiza, Nicholas Ndiege, Tom Bentley (ACA Annual Report 1998)
  • Academic Year 1997-98 – Pornippa Vichchulada, Myron Vance, Hershel Jude
  • Summer 1997 – Myron Vance, Pornippa Vichchulada, Addis Alemayehu, Denis Aliker (ACA Annual Report 1997)
  • Academic Year 1996-97 – Steve Roberts, Alicia Lane
  • Short Term 1997 – Communication Across Campus (CAC Report97)
  • Summer 1996 – Khaled Sarker, Addis Alemayehu, Denis Aliker and taught Natural Science (GSTR332)
  • Short Term 1996 – Jun Xu, Jeff Ellington, Steve Roberts, Mike Clark, Denis Aliker, Angie Halsey, Amy Hansen, Tim Jones, Denny Marshall
  • Summer 1995 – Worked at Stanford University on DAS/MQMAS implementations in the Stebbins Lab in Palo Alto CA
  • Summer 1994 – Chris Langley, Liwen Liu