Chemistry Program

Faculty and Staff

Current Faculty

Dr. Matt Saderholm, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, and Nursing Division Chair; Associate Professor of Biochemistry

Jay Baltisberger, Nathaniel Southgate Shaler Memorial Chair in Geology and Chemistry; Professor of Physical Chemistry; Department Chairperson 2005-2011

Anes Kovacevic, Departmental Program Chairperson; Associate Professor of Inorganic Chemistry

Dr. Paul Smithson, Associate Professor of Environmental Chemistry

Dr. Mary Robert Garrett, Associate Professor of Chemistry

Dr. Nicholas Marshall, Visiting Professor of Organic Chemistry. Will begin a tenure track position at the University of South Carolina at Aiken in the chemistry department starting in the fall of 2016.

Lloyd Mataka Ph.D., NSF Research Associate


Previous Permanent Faculty

Dr. Mark Cunningham Assistant Professor of Organic Chemistry 2005-2007, currently working as Vice President For Institutional Effectiveness at Atlanta Metropolitan State College

Dr. Larry Blair Professor of Organic Chemistry 1971-2006, Dean of the Faculty 1996-1998, Seabury Award for Excellence in Teaching, 1983

Dr. Lee Roecker, Professor of Inorganic Chemistry 1989-2005, Chairman 1998-2005, currently teaching at Northern Michigan University

Dr. Thomas Beebe, Professor of Organic Chemistry 1961-1998, Chairman 1987-1998

Dr. Elizabeth Kleppinger, Assistant Professor of Physical Chemistry 1987-1993

Dr. Gerrit Levey, 1949-1987, Chairman and Professor of Physical Chemistry 1958-1987

Dr. Julian Capps, Professor of Organic Chemistry


Previous Visiting Faculty and Staff

Dr. Lisa Senetar, Lecturer of Chemistry, Fall 2014 – Fall 2015

Dr. James F. Patton, Visiting Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Fall 2012 – Spring 2013

Dr. Kathleen Kuhler Visiting Assistant Professor of Physical Chemistry 2011-2012

Dr. Frank Yepez Teaching Post-Doctoral Fellow in Organic Chemistry 2011-2012, currently teaching at Misericordia University

Miranda Beam, Visiting Professor of Organic Chemistry, Fall 2008 through Fall 2009, currently teaching at Pfeiffer University

Dr. Samuel Li Visiting Professor of Analytical Chemistry Spring 2009, on sabbatical from the National University of Singapore

Dr. Tanea Reed Adjunct Assistant Professor of Chemistry Spring 2008, currently teaching at Eastern Kentucky University

Dr. Samuel David, Visiting Assistant Professor of Biochemistry 2006-2007, currently teaching at the University of Wisconsin at Oshkosh

Dr. Jamie Horn, leave replacement 2002-2003

Dr. Matthew Marmorino, leave replacement 2001-2002

Ashley Elizabeth Bray, adjunct professor 1998

Dr. Michael Wempe, leave replacement 1996-1998

Dr. Celestia Pryor, leave replacement 1994-1995

Ms. Debbie Kersman, leave replacement 1988-1989

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