The chemistry facilities at Berea College include:

  • Thermal-Nicolet Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometer (model 380, 2007),
  • a Shimadzu RF5301pc Luminescence Spectrometer,
  • Ocean Optics USB4000 UV/Vis Spectrometer with Quantum Northwest TC125 temperature controller,
  • Finnigan LCQ Deca XP Max Electrospray Mass Spectrometer with Finnigan Surveyor Autosampler/HPLC interface,
  • an HP 5890 GC with a 5972 Mass Spectrometer Detector, an HP 5890 GC with TCD detector,
  • a Waters 1525/2487 HPLC with column heater and dual-wavelength detector,
  • a Buck Accusys 211 Flame Atomic Absorption Spectrometer,
  • two undergraduate research facilities (MAC 460 and 248),
  • one smaller laboratory with 8 hood stations for advanced lab and lectures with seating for 16 (MAC470),
  • one large laboratory with 10 hood stations for organic and analytical chemistry with seating for 32 (MAC457),
  • one large laboratory with 20 snorkel stations for general and allied health chemistry with seating for 32+ (MAC257).

We currently own a 500 MHz JEOL ECZR Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrometer which is equipped with a z-field gradient amplifier, a gradient probe, multinuclear capability, a 3.6mm MAS probe, and a variety of other accessories. We use this instrument in research as well as for various laboratory experiments in our undergraduate curriculum.