Chemistry Seminars

Normally these seminars are scheduled on Tuesday or Thursday mornings at 11 AM in MAC 455.

Mattanjah de VriesProfessor of ChemistryUniversity of California at Santa BarbaraZoom link2021-March-02physical
Matthew ShannonAssistant Professor of ChemistryStetson University"Characterization of the Structure, Dynamics, and Interactions of Proteins using NMR as an "Atomic Microscope""2020-January-14biological
Joseph StraleyProfessor of PhysicsUniversity of Kentucky"Can Renewable Energy Replace Fossil Fuells?"2020-January-16physics
Rashmi ShresthaAssistant Professor of ChemistryBerea College2020-January-28biological
Erome Daniel HankorePost-doctoral ResearcherUniversity of Kentucky, College of Pharmacy2020-January-30biological
Jay BaltisbergerProfessor of Physical ChemistryBerea College"New NMR Experiments on the JEOL ECZR 500"2019-September-12physical
Andrea KravatsAssistant Professor of ChemistryMiami University of Ohio, Oxford OH"Molecular chaperone interaction networks : Collaboration between Hsp90 and Hsp70 in protein activation"2019-September-17biochemistry
Constance BaileyAssistant Professor of ChemistryUniversity of Tennessee at Knoxville"Chemical Transformations with Type I Polyketide Synthases: Investigations at the Domain, Module, and Host Levels"2019-October-17physical
Jessie DotsonK2 Project ScientistJet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL)"NASA's First Exoplanet Finding mission - Kepler/K2"2019-October-18astronomy
Nancy WilliamsAssociate Professor of ChemistryClaremont McKenna College"The Hunt for the White Whale: A Decade-Long Pursuit of a Pyridonate Platinum Complex and a Chance to Repay the Gift"2019-November-26organic
Dr. Samuel AwuahAssistant ProfessorUniversity of Kentucky "Gold Complexes in Medicine"2019-January-24biological
Vicki WysockiProfessor of Chemistry, Ohio Eminent ScholarOhio State University"Electrospray MS and John Fenn"2019-March-30biophysical
Lyle Roelofs and othersProfessor of ChemistryBerea College and others "John Fenn Nobel Prize Dedication Symposium"2019-March-30physical
Geoff CoatesProfessor of ChemistryCornell University "In Pursuit of the Perfect Plastic"2019-April-5organic
Christine NattrassProfessor of PhysicsUniversity of Tennessee "Melting Nuclei"2018-September-6physics
Jason FryResearch AssociateUVA/ORNL "Exploring the femto-scale to cosmology with cold neutrons"2018-September-13physics
Erendra ManandharVisiting Assistant ProfessorBerea College2018-September-27organic
Kristen BarnardAssistant Professor of MathematicsBerea College "Do Stable Marriages Exist?"2018-October-11
Elizabeth CottrellGeologist - Curator-in-ChargeRock and Ore Collections, Smithsonian Institution "Breathing the Earth"2018-October-19geology
Jacqulyn Noronha-HostlerAssistant ProfesserRutgers University "The Quest for Nature’s First and Most Perfect Liquid"2018-October-19physics
Faramarz Ismail-BeigiProfessor of Medicine and BiochemistryCase Western Reserve University "Insulin, Its Discovery, and Uses in Treatment of Diabetes"2018-October-23biological
Larry GrattonAssociate Professor of MathBerea College "Complex Analysis"2018-October-25
Pat HeistResearch ChemistWilderness Trail Distillery "Opportunities for Innovation in Fuel and Beverage Alcohol Production"2018-October-30biological
Shane RedmondAssociate Professor of MathEastern Kentucky University "The Mathematics of Gerrymandering"2018-November-8
Thomas JarvisProfessor of PhysicsEastern Kentucky University "The Death of Cute Ideas"2018-November-15physics
Suzanne BirnerGraduate StudentStanford University "The Earth is Like a Box of Chocolates: Investigations into Our Planet’s Mysterious Filling"2018-January-23geology
Erkan ToramanVisiting Professor of GeologySt. Lawrence University "Constraining the Timing of Formation and Collapse of Mountains in North America"2018-January-25geology
Alison GraettingerAssistant Professor of GeologyUniversity of Missouri - Kansas City "When magma meets water: using experiments, fieldwork, and remote sensing to unravel explosive volcanic processes"2018-January-30geology
Malcolm ForbesProfessor of ChemistryBowling Green State University "Not So Free Radicals"2018-February-1organic
Katie SalmeronGraduate StudentUniversity of Kentucky "INVESTIGATIONS OF INTERLEUKIN-1 ALPHA AS A NOVEL STROKE THERAPY IN EXPERIMENTAL ISCHEMIC STROKE"2018-February-15biological
George M WhitesidesProfessor of ChemistryHarvard University "Roderick Seminar 2018 - Soft Robotics"2018-March-26organic
George WhitesidesProfessor of ChemistryHarvard University "Reengineering Chemistry"2018-March-26organic
Mary Robert GarrettAssociate Professor of ChemistryBerea College "The Synthesis of Tetracenes--A Possible Route to Renewable Energy"2017-September-14organic
Johnathan N. BrantleyAssistant Professor of ChemistryUniversity of Tennessee at Knoxville "Unmasking Latent Reactivity though Materials and Methods"2017-September-19organic
Thomas FerrellResearch ProfessorUniversity of Tennessee at Knoxville2017-September-26physics
Peter Kekenes-HuskeyAssistant Professor of ChemistryUniversity of Kentucky "Understanding the chemistry of calcium signaling through computation: The Calcium, Calmodulin, Calcineurin signaling ‘triad’"2017-October-12biological
Rocky TuanProfessor and the Executive Vice Chairman for Orthopaedic ResearchSchool of Medicine at the University of Pittsburgh "Biomedical Research"2017-October-20biological
Bronson MesserSenior Scientist in the Scientific Computing and Theoretical Physics GroupsOak Ridge National Laboratory "Simulating Stellar Death on Supercomputers: Phenomenology and Observables"2017-November-2physics
Jiangjiang (Chris) ZhuAssistant Professor of ChemistryMiami University of Ohio "Mass Spectrometry Based Metabolomics: Method Development and Application in Biomedical Research"2017-November-7analytical
Christine NattrassAssistant Professor of PhysicsUniversity of Tennessee at Knoxville "Melting Nuclei"2017-November-30physics
Ampofo DarkoAssistant ProfessorUniversity of Tennessee at Knoxville "Principles of Strain in Synthesis and Catalysis"2017-January-10organic
David ColeProfessor of GeologyThe Ohio State University "Energy-Relevant Rock-Fluid Interactions: Where Geology , Chemistry, and Physics Converge"2017-January-31geochemistry
Bob HowellProfessor of ChemistryCentral Michigan University "Nontoxic Phosphorus Flame Retardants from Renewable Biosources"2017-March-2organic
Tammy NicholsonProcess ChemistAlltech "Brewing and Distilling Applications"2017-March-16biological
Robert CrabtreeProfessor of ChemistryYale University "Roderick Seminar - Catalysts for Energy Applications"2017-March-24inorganic
Michael KovashProfessor of PhysicsUniversity of Kentucky "Quantum Weirdness"2016-September-15physics
Paul SmithsonAssociate Professor of ChemistryBerea College "Summer research"2016-September-27analytical
Julie RobinsonChief Scientist for ISSNASA, Johnson Space Center, Houston TX "From Astronaut Bones to High Z particles: Significant Discoveries from the International Space Station - Convocation in Phelps Stokes"2016-October-6astronomy
Tom TrolandProfessor of PhysicsUniversity of Kentucky "The Milky Way and the Andromeda Galaxy - A Tale of Two Galaxies"2016-November-3astronomy
Rick PageChair of Graduate RecruitingMiami University of Ohio "Dynamic Protein Quality Control by the CHIP/Hsp70 Complex"2016-November-15biological
Susan GardnerProfessor of PhysicsUniversity of Kentucky "Dark Matter & Energy"2016-November-17physics
Jason DeRoucheyAssistant ProfessorUniversity of Kentucky "Understanding kinetics of protein corona formation on nanoparticles"2016-January-28biological
Erin Thorne & Jamie HibbardForensic Lab ScientistsSoutheastern Forensic Laboratory - London KY "Forensic Science"2016-February-11forensic
Anes KovacevicAssociate ProfessorBerea College "Exciting developments in Inorganic Chemistry"2016-February-23inorganic
Karen DowneyAssistant ProfessorSUNY Cortland2016-February-25inorganic
Kelly MouapiGraduate StudentUniversity of Louisville "The Fantastic Four in Blood Coagulation: Fibrinogen and Factor XIII"2016-March-24biological
Douglas NeckersFounder of Spectra Group LimitedSpectra Group Limited "3D Printing Chemistry"2016-April-12analytical
Neil AyresAssociate ProfessorUniversity of Cincinnati "Heparin inspired polymers for blood-contacting biomaterials"2015-September-24organic
Bogdan DragneaProvost Professor of ChemistryIndiana University "Chemical Physics with Virus-like Nanoparticles and Sunflower Seeds"2015-September-29biological
Sharani RoyAssistant ProfessorUniversity of Tennessee2015-October-8physical
Gregory Dale SmithOtto N. Frenzel III Senior Conservation ScientistIndianapolis Museum of Art "Conservation Science in Art"2015-October-22forensic
Roy ZentProfessor and Vice Chair of ResearchVanderbilt Univsity "BURS Plenary talk"2015-October-23biological
Bill BegleySenior ResearcherProctor and Gamble "Application of Mass Spectrometry in Industry: A quarter Century of Using Technology to Meet Business Needs"2015-February-12biological
Joshua GoldbergerAssistant ProfessorThe Ohio State University ""Stimuli-Responsive Diagnostic and Therapeutic Self-assembling Peptide Vehicles"2015-February-26biological
David CunninghamAssistant ProfessorEastern Kentucky University "Interface between Academics and Industry"2015-March-12forensic
Isabelle LagadicAssociate ProfessorNorthern Kentucky University "Modified Clay Nanomaterials"2015-April-7inorganic
Nick MarshallVisiting Professor of ChemistryBerea College "Nature is Good at Sticky: Catechols for Surface Chemistry"2014-September-9organic
John AnthonyHubbard Professor of ChemistryUniversity of Kentucky "Materials Chemistry: We care about properties, not molecules"2014-September-30organic
Kathryn UhrichProfessor of ChemistryUniversity of California - Riverside "BURS Plenary Talk - PolyAspirin: Invention, Innovation, Inspiration and Inclusion"2014-October-17organic
Tessa R CalhounAssistant Professor of ChemistryUniversity of Tennessee at Knoxville "Advancing Optical Microscopy to Study the Interaction between Small Molecules and Cell Membranes"2014-October-30physical
Alvin PasleyChemistSherwin Williams Company "Process Chemistry at Sherwin Williams"2014-November-13physical
Tim ZwierM. G. Mellon Distinguished Professor of ChemistryPurdue University2014-January-23physical
Margaret NdinguriAssistant Professor of ChemistryEastern Kentucky University "Development of target specific drug delivery systems using bidentate and tridentate linkers - Inorganic Synthesis at 11AM in SC106"2014-March-11inorganic
Matthew NeeAssistant Professor of ChemistryWestern Kentucky University "A Molecular Butterfly Effect: How Tiny Changes in Molecular Structure can have Global Impacts - Physical Chemistry at 11 AM in SC106"2014-March-13physical
Clarissa E. TatumAdvanced Research ChemistEastman Chemical Company "Life as an Industrial Chemist"2014-April-15analytical
Matthew GentryProfessor of ChemistryUniversity of Kentucky IBS program "From Human Neurodegenerative Disease to Biofuels"2013-September-26biological
Paula K ShearProfessor of Psychologoy and PsychiatryUniversity of Cincinnati "BURS Plenary Talk - Neuropsychology of Epilepsy"2013-October-18
Thomas TrolandProfessor of PhysicsUniversity of Kentucky "Radio Astronomy and Star Formation"2013-November-3astronomy
Matthew SaderholmAssociate Professor of ChemistryBerea College "Peptide Research at Berea College"2013-November-21biological
Shawn CampagnaProfessor of ChemistryUniversity of Tennessee at Knoxville2013-December-3analytical
Nick MarshallVisiting Professor of ChemistryBerea College "Making Molecular Wires on Surfaces"2013-January-11organic
Michael SladePostdoctoral ScholarIowa State University "Current Efforts Toward the Asymmetric Synthesis of a 'Privileged Substructure' in Organic Chemistry"2013-January-18organic
David WattProfessor of ChemistryUniversity of Kentucky IBS program2013-February-21biological
Jay BaltisbergerProfessor of ChemistryBerea College "A new experiment for echo train acquisition - PIETA"2012-September-4physical
Rachel AllenbaughProfessor of ChemistryMurray State University "Temperature Dependent Color Change for Use in Thermosensors"2012-October-4analytical
Ziling XueProfessor of ChemistryUniversity of Tennessee at Knoxville "Analytical seminar"2012-November-6analytical
Jane JackmanProfessor of BiochemistryThe Ohio State University2012-November-12biological
Craig Vander KooiAssociate Professor of ChemistryUniversity of Kentucky IBS program "Biochemistry research"2012-January-26biological
Sanjeewa GoonesekeraPostdoctoral ScholarUniversity of Cincinnati "Biomolecular engineering"2012-January-27biological
Michael BestAssociate Professor of ChemistryUniversity of Tennessee at Knoxville "Organic Chemistry"2012-February-7organic
Darrin SmithProfessor of ChemistryEastern Kentucky University "Analytical chemistry"2012-March-20analytical
Mary Robert GarrettAssociate Professor of ChemistryBerea College "Investigations Towards the Enantioselective Synthesis of beta-Ketoesters"2012-April-12organic
Frank Yepez CastilloPostdoctoral ScholarBerea College "Organic synthesis"2011-September-6organic
Steve MeyersProfessor of Toxicology and PharmacologyUniversity of Louisville School of Medicine "Toxicology and Pharmacology seminar"2011-September-22biological
Dehua PeiProfessor of ChemistryThe Ohio State University2011-October-18biological
Rajesh Potineni and Scott KellerAdvanced Research ChemistGivaudan Flavors "Chemistry of Food"2011-November-17biological
Jon CamdenProfessor of ChemistryUniversity of Notre Dame "Plasmonic Nanostructures: From Sensing and Non-linear Optics to Energy Conversion"2011-January-28analytical
Jennifer OttesenAssociate Professor of ChemistryThe Ohio State University2011-February-4biological
Oliver ThibaultProfessor of ChemistryUniversity of Kentucky "Calcium: An ion of life and death"2011-February-15biological
Hairong GuanProfessor of ChemistryUniversity of Cincinnati "Nickel and Iron Complexes as Efficient and Selective Catalysts for Carbon Dioxide Reduction and Organic Synthesis"2011-February-22organic
Nathan TiceAssistant ProfessorEastern Kentucky University2010-September-17biological
Teresa Whei-Mei FanProfessorUniversity of Louisville2010-October-22biological
David NicewiczAssistant ProfessorUniversity of North Carolina2010-November-5organic
Kevin RevellAssistant ProfessorMurray State University2010-November-9organic
Dana BackmanScientistNASA Ames Research Center "SOFIA: NASA's New Airborne Observatory"2010-January-8astronomy
David TierneyAssistant ProfessorMiami University of Ohio "Integrated Paramagnetic Resonance of Biomimetic Co(II)"2010-March-23inorganic
Tanea ReedAssistant ProfessorEastern Kentucky University "Biochemistry opportunities at EKU"2010-April-8biological
Mary Robert GarrettAssistant ProfessorBerea College "Enantioselective Synthesis of beta-Ketoesters via a Ketene-Claisen Condensation"2010-April-9organic
Jessica Price EvansDoctoral StudentVirginia Tech "Highly Fluorinated Diels-Alder Polyphenylenes"2010-May-6organic
Frank ZamboriniAssistant ProfessorUniversity of Louisville "Electrochemical and Optical Properties of Metal Nanostructures as a Function of Size and Chemical Environment"2009-October-15analytical
Kimberly NixonAssistant Pharmacy ProfessorUniversity of Kentucky "plenary lecture for the Berea Undergraduate Research Symposium at 5 PM"2009-October-23biological
Bob ComptonZeigler Professor of Chemistry and Professor of PhysicsUniversity of Tennessee "The Earth's Vital Signs"2009-November-20physical
Erin CarlsonAssistant ProfessorIndiana University "Innovative Technologies for Natural Products Discovery at 3PM SC106"2009-December-3organic
Marc R KnechtAssistant ProfessorMiami University of Ohio "Bio-inspired Nanomaterials"2009-February-19biological
Craig A. GrapperhausAssociate Professor of ChemistryUniversity of Louisville "Redox Regulated Binding of Ethylene to a Metal Thiolate"2009-March-19inorganic
Gary E. DouberlyAssistant Professor of ChemistryUniversity of Georgia "Liquid Helium Droplet Nanoreactors: Chemistry Near Absolute Zero"2009-April-9physical
Sam LiProfessor of ChemistryNational University of Singapore "Nanoscale analytical techniques for environmental and biomedical applications"2009-May-7analytical
Mark D. WatsonAssociate Professor of ChemistryUniversity of Kentucky "Organic Electronic Materials Chemistry: Structure-property studies, synthesis, and devices" 2008-October-2organic
Mark LovellAssociate Professor of Chemistry Analytical and Biological ChemistryUniversity of Kentucky "Plenary Talk for the Annual Berea Research Symposium"2008-October-17analytical
Terry GullionProfessor of ChemistryWest Virginia University "Development and application of high-resolution solid-state NMR to biomolecules and polymers"2008-October-23physical
Michael DuncanProfessor of ChemistryUniversity of Georgia "Spectroscopy and Photochemistry of Metal-Containing Clusters"2008-November-20physical
Aaron AmickPost-doctoral fellowUniversity of California - Irvine "Methodology Development for Use in the Synthesis of Non-Natural and Natural Products"2008-December-2organic
Mary Robert GarrettAssistant Professor of ChemistryCentenary College "Organic synthesis"2008-December-4organic
Jonathan ScheererPost-doctoral fellowJohns Hopkins University "Organic synthesis in room"2008-December-9organic
Christopher KulpProfessor of PhysicsEastern Kentucky University "Using Information Theory to Identify Relationships between Physical Systems"2008-March-7physical
Venkat GopalanProfessor of BiochemistryThe Ohio State University2008-April-10biological
Hasan PalandokenAssistant Professor of ChemistryCalifornia Polytechnic State University at San Luis Obispo "Organic Molecular Drug Targets for Brain Cancer Research"2008-April-24organic
William KennerlyPost-doctoral fellowChemical Physics "Computational Chemical Physics"2008-April-25physical
Miranda BeamOrganic Chemistry CandidateUniversity of Kentucky "Pharmaceutical Sciences at UK"2008-May-15organic
Jens MeilerAssistant ProfessorVanderbilt University "Redesign Proteins into Novel Antibiotics"2007-September-20biological
Sheila DavidProfessorUniversity of California - Davis "Dare to Repair: From Chemistry to Cancer - Time TBA, part of Berea College Undergraduate Research Symposium"2007-October-19biological
Kenneth KolbEmeritus Professor of ChemistryBradley University (ACS National Tour Speaker) "Glass It's Many Facets "2007-October-25
Folami T. LadipoAssociate Professor of ChemistryUniversity of Kentucky "The design of catalysts for ethylene trimerization and olefin polymerization - 1:30 PM"2007-November-15organic
Christopher AubinPost-doctoral fellowColumbia University "How the Origin of Life Can Come From a Computer"2007-February-8physical
John HopkinsonPhysics candidateUniversity of Toronto "Magnetic Frustration"2007-February-15physical
D.W. EversonToxicologistKentucky Crime Lab "General Services of the Crime Lab and Toxicology Work2007-February-22
Martin VeilletteAssistant Professor of PhysicsBerea College "Bose-Einstein Condensate Research and Theory"2007-February-26physical
Phillip S. StevensProfessor of ChemistryIndiana University "Oh where oh where is OH? Measuring the elusive hydroxyl radical in the atmosphere"2007-April-19
Heather A. RypkemaProfessor of ChemistryUniversity of Louisville "Kasha Violations in Fluorescent Molecules: evaluating relaxation pathways from higher excited states"2007-May-3physical
David SmithrudProfessor of ChemistryUniversity of Cincinnati "Host-Rotaxanes as Cellular Delivery Agents"2006-September-21biological
Gang CaoProfessor of PhysicsUniversity of Kentucky "4d and 5d Transition Metal Oxides: A New Frontier of Materials Research"2006-September-29physical
Jurgen RohrProfessor of ChemistryUniversity of Kentucky "Combinatorial Biosynthesis and Studies on Biosynthetic Key Enzymes - Perspectives for Drug Discovery"2006-October-19biological
Timothy P. HanusaProfessor of ChemistryVanderbilt University "The Allyl Group Grows Up: Chemical Consequences of a Sterically Enhanced Ligand"2006-November-16inorganic
Anes KovacevicVisiting Assistant Professor of ChemistryCentre College "Abnormal Carbene Ligands"2006-January-18inorganic
Melissa GoldenDreyfus Postdoctoral Teaching/Research AssistantUniversity of North Carolina - Charlotte "Fabrication of a Chemically Modified Electrode using a Chiral Ruthenium Bis(oxazoline) Complex"2006-February-6inorganic
Douglas MulfordAssistant Professor of ChemistryPepperdine University "Fabrication of a Chemically Modified Electrode Using a Chiral Ruthenium Bis(oxazoline) Complex"2006-February-9inorganic
Stephen TestaAssistant Professor of ChemistryUniversity of Kentucky2006-February-16biological
Jacquelynne MilingoVisiting Assistant Professor of Physics and AstronomyFranklin & Marshall College "Planetary Nebulae: Swiss Army Knives of the Galaxy"2006-February-23physical
Tracy HodgeAssociate Professor of PhysicsSalem State College "Anatomy of a Starburst. Infrared Observations of the M33 HII Regions"2006-February-27
Matthew FleenorGraduate Student in AstrophysicsUniversity of North Carolina - Chapel Hill "The Landscape of Cosmological Structures: from Prism Light to Galaxy Superclusters"2006-March-2
Paul DeckAssociate Professor of ChemistryVirginia Institute of Technology "Organometallic Ligand Research"2005-October-6inorganic
P. Andrew EvanProfessor of ChemistryQueen's University - Kingston - Ontario CA "New Organometallic Cross-Coupling Reactions for Target Directed Synthesis"2005-October-27inorganic
Dr. Gang CaoAssistant Professor of PhysicsUniversity of Kentucky "Novel Electronic Oxides: Living on the Edge"2005-December-2physical
Jay BaltisbergerAssociate Professor of ChemistryBerea College "Improvements to the Solid State INADEQUATE Experiment"2005-December-8physical
M. Samy El-ShallProfessor of ChemistryVirginia Commonwealth University "Physical Chemistry of Clusters"2005-March-4physical
Adam SmithNational Research Council Research AssociateAir Force Research Lab - Wright-Patterson AFB OH "Synthesis of Optoelectronic Materials for Organic Solar Cells"2005-April-4organic
Mark CunninghamProfessor of ChemistryAtlanta Metropolitan College "Anti-HIV Furamidine Prodrugs"2005-April-7organic
John ThurstonVisiting Assistant ProfessorUniversity of Iowa - Iowa City "From Molecules to Materials: Towards Single-Source Molecular Precursors For Advanced Oxides"2005-April-11inorganic
Kelsey CookProfessor of ChemistryUniversity of Tennessee "Non-Covalent Interactions and Electrospray Mass Spectrometry: Alzheimer's Fibril Glue, and Caveats"2004-October-29analytical
Kenneth A. GoldsbyProfessor of Inorganic ChemistryFlorida State University "Inorganic Research and FSU"2004-November-4inorganic
Philip GrandinettiAssociate Professor of Analytical ChemistryThe Ohio State University "Advances in Solid State NMR"2004-November-16analytical
David CliffelAssistant Professor of ChemistryVanderbilt University "Analytical and Electrochemistry"2004-December-2analytical
Terry CollinsProfessor of Chemistry and Director of the Carnegie Mellon Institute for Green Oxidation ChemistryCarnegie Mellon University "Green Chemistry (Science Seminar)"2004-February-25
Terry CollinsProfessor of Chemistry and Director of the Carnegie Mellon Institute for Green Oxidation ChemistryCarnegie Mellon University "Green Chemistry"2004-February-26
David IgoStrategic Technologies Team ManagerChemical Development at GlaxoSmithKline "Crystal-Form Screening of Drug Substances"2004-March-18analytical
Darrin SmithAssistant Professor of ChemistryEastern Kentucky University "Surface Induced Dissociation: Surface Characterization and Peptide Sequencing"2004-April-8biological
John FennProfessor of Chemistry and 2002 Nobel LaureateVirginia Commonwealth University "Electrospray Mass Spectrometry" (general public lecture)2003-September-30analytical
John FennProfessor of Chemistry and 2002 Nobel LaureateVirginia Commonwealth University "Electrospray Mass Spectrometry for Scientists"2003-October-1analytical
Harry FinkleaProfessor and Chair of ChemistryWest Virginia University "Kinetics of Proton Coupled Electron Transfer at Monolayer-coated Electrodes"2003-October-15analytical
Mark LiptonAssociate Professor of ChemistryPurdue University "Solid Phase Synthesis of Marine Natural Products"2003-October-30organic
Anne-Frances MillerAssociate Professor of ChemistryUniversity of Kentucky "Biomolecular NMR Research at UK"2003-November-14biological
Stephen M. HolmesAssistant Professor of ChemistryUniversity of Kentucky "Inorganic coordination polymers"2003-February-18inorganic
Debra BautistaAssistant Professor of ChemistryEastern Kentucky University "Computational Organic Chemistry"2003-March-4organic
Lori WatsonGraduate Student in laboratory of Kenneth Caulton (IUB)Indiana University "What my hungry molecule ate for lunch: structure and reactivity of unsaturated Ru complexes"2002-October-18inorganic
Bruce S. AultProfessor of ChemistryUniversity of Cincinnati "Oxidation Reactions of high valent transition metal compounds: the interplay of experiment and theory"2002-October-30physical
Andre SommerDirector - Molecular Microspectroscopy Laboratory and Associate Professor of ChemistryMiami University of Ohio "Molecular Microspectroscopy for Industrial Forensics"2002-November-13physical
George R. LesterProfessorCenter for Catalysis and Surface Science and Northwestern University "Gasoline/Electric Hybrid Vehicles: Interim or Long-term Technology Solution?"2002-May-6physical
George R. LesterProfessorCenter for Catalysis and Surface Science and Northwestern University "Does Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Cause Greenhous e Warming? or Vice Versa?"2002-May-7
Ed GrantProfessor of Physical Chemistry and Chemical PhysicsPurdue University "State Resolved Photoionization Dynamics of HCO and DCO "2001-September-26physical
David WrightProfessor of ChemistryVanderbilt University "New Strategies for Fighting Malaria: Doing Good by Doing Well"2001-October-10organic
Bill HeinemanDistinguished Research ProfessorUniversity of Cincinnati "New Concepts for Chemical Sensors"2001-November-28analytical
Frank ShawProfessor of Inorganic ChemistryEastern Kentucky University "Organo-metallic Cluster Compounds"2001-March-1inorganic
Li Jing SunPostdoctoral FellowHarvard University "DNA/Protein Binding Interactions"2001-March-16biological
Richard ElderProfessor of Inorganic ChemistryUniversity of Cincinnati "Rhenium-Based Palliatives for the Treatment of Metastatic Cancer of the Bone"2000-September-20inorganic
James M. TankoProfessor of Analytical ChemistryVirginia Polytechnic Institute and State University "t-Butoxyl Radical as a Model for Hy drogen Abstraction in Biological Systems"2000-October-18organic
Dr. Paul BummerProfessor of Pharmaceutical SciencesUniversity of Kentucky "Introduction to Pharmaceutical Sciences"2000-November-7biological
James P. ReillyProfessor of Physical and Analytical ChemistryIndiana University "MALDI Mass Spectrometery of Single Cells"2000-November-15physical
Martin GruebeleProfessor of Chemistry, Physics, and BiophysicsUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-Champagne "Femptosecond Laser Spectrosco py of Biomolecules"2000-November-29physical
David A. AtwoodAssociate Professor of ChemistryUniversity of Kentucky "Fundamental and Applied Aspects of Group 13 Chelate Complexes"2000-March-10inorganic
Charles M. LukehartProfessor of ChemistryVanderbilt University "Preparation of Metal Alloy Nanocrystals for Single-Source Molecular Pre cursors: Catalysts for PEM or Direct Methanol Fuel Cells"1999-November-9organic
Bernard A. OlsenSenior Research ScientistAnalytical Development - Lilly Research Laboratories - Lafayette IN "Chemical Process Development"1997-April-25organic
Phil GrandinettiAssociate ProfessorThe Ohio State University "Structure of Silicate Glasses with NMR"1996-February-20analytical
Michael WempePost-doctoral FellowUniversity of Rochester Medical College "New Approaches in Organic Chemistry"1996-June-1organic
Pete SpielmannProfessorUniversity of Kentucky "Biochemistry of DNA and NMR"1995-October-19biological
Dave WesleyResearch ScientistAshland Oil "NIR Gasoline Analysis"1995-January-19organic
Mark McMillsAssociate ProfessorOhio University "Organic Synthesis"1995-March-1organic
Celestia PryorAssistant ProfessorUniversity of the Pacific "Bio-Organic Research"1995-March-22organic
Roald HoffmanFrank H. T. Rhodes Professor of Humane LettersCornell University "Chemical Beauty"1994-October-13physical
Bill HeinemanDistinguished Research ProfessorUniversity of Cincinnati "Bioanalytical Chemistry"1994-October-28analytical
Kelsey CookProfessor of ChemistryUniversity of Tennessee "Mass Spectrometry"1994-December-1analytical
Joe ZwanzigerAssistant Professor of ChemistryIndiana University "Application of NMR to Borate Glasses"1994-March-16physical
David WattProfessor of ChemistryUniversity of Kentucky "An Organic Chemists View of Geochemistry. How Organic Chemistry Can Contribute to Petroleum Exploration"1994-March-30organic
Jim LaneAssistant ProfessorUniversity of Wisconsin - Superior "Catalytic Antibodies"1994-May-5organic
Judith ShellingTechnical SupportSchmeiser, Olsen and Watts "Protein Structure and Characterization"1993-November-5biological
Brian McKeeverSenior ResearcherMerck & Company "Carbonic Anhydrase and Rational Drug Design"1992-October-23organic
David GillumSenior ResearcherArmco Research & Technology - Middletown OH "Analytical Chemistry at ARMCO"1992-December-1physical
M. Cecilia YappertProfessor of ChemistryUniversity of Louisville "Optical Spectroscopy Applied to Biological Studies"1992-March-5physical
Dave FeltenProfessor of Neurobiology & AnatomyUniversity of Rochester "Is there a Biological Basis for Mind-Body Interaction?"1992-March-13biological
David FraleyProfessor of ChemistryGeorgetown College "Chemistry of Soaps and Detergents: How to do Laundry and Wash Dishes"1991-September-24analytical
Lee RoeckerProfessor of ChemistryBerea College "Synthesis and Base Hydrolysis of Cobalt Sulfur Complexes"1991-October-4inorganic
Professor Richard ElderProfessor of ChemistryUniversity of Cincinnati "Curious Occurrences in the Metabolism of Gold-Based Antiarthritis Drugs"1991-November-1biological
Professor Gideon FraenkelProfessor of ChemistryThe Ohio State University "Structure and Dynamic Behavior of Organolithium Compounds"1991-November-8organic
Michael W. VernonProfessor of OB/GynUniversity of Kentucky "New Advances in Assisted Reproduction in Humans"1991-November-26
Suman K. AgarwalSenior EditorChemical Abstracts Service "Cold Fusion"1990-September-24
Dan McPhersonSenior ResearcherOak Ridge National Laboratory "Chemistry and Nuclear Medicine - Visiting Industrial Scientist Program"1990-April-11physical
David JohnsonProfessor of ChemistryUniversity of Kentucky while on sabbatical from Ferrum College "Water Quality Monitoring and Research on Smith Mountain Lake"1990-May-14analytical
Jim HollerProfessor of ChemistryUniversity of Kentucky "A Microdroplet Mixing Technique for Studying Rapid Reactions"1989-November-13analytical
Mark LovellGraduate studentgraduate "Research with LAMA and Graduate School Experiences"1989-December-4biological
Jerry SarquisProfessor of ChemistryMiami University of Ohio "Wonders of Chemistry - Chemical demonstrations"1989-January-25analytical
Dennis ClouthierProfessor of ChemistryUniversity of Kentucky "Hearing Aid Spectroscopy: Listening to the Screams of Molecules Tortured with Laser Beams"1988-September-26physical
John R GrunwellProfessor of ChemistryMiami University of Ohio "Synthesis of Antitumor Antibiotics"1988-November-14biological
Karen EichstadtProfessor of ChemistryOhio University "Exploring Summer Undergraduate Research Opportunities in Chemistry"1988-December-5organic
Derek DavenportProfessor of ChemistryPurdue University "As the Sparks Fly Upward; 200 Years of Manned Flight"1988-April-7physical
Matthew StolteBerea College graduateMerrill-Dow "Direction and Expectation After Berea"1988-April-13
John MeisenheimerProfessor of ChemistryEastern Kentucky University "Tylenol - Its History and its toxic effects"1987-October-21analytical
Rex LeuzeSenior ResearcherOak Ridge National Laboratory "Chemistry in the Nuclear Fuel Cycle"1983-January-26
William DeanLab ManagerHamilton County Coroner's Laboratory "Chemists, Crooks and Killers: The Role of the Scientist in the Criminal Justice System"1980-February-27analytical
Dorthy GibsonProfessor of ChemistryUniversity of Louisville "Coal Conversion: A Source of Methane and Methanol"1979-November-15organic