Chemistry Seminars

Normally these seminars are scheduled on Tuesday or Thursday mornings at 11 AM in MAC 455.

Chris RichardsAssociate Professor of ChemistryUniversity of KentuckyProgramming Cell derived vesicles for Therapeutic Delivery and Immune Cell Polarization2022-April-07
Geraldine RichmondUndersecretary for Science and Innovation, Department of EnergyDepartment of Energy2022 Roderick Lecture - The Magic and Mysterious Ways of Water2022-March-18
Holly PetersonAssistant Professor of ChemistryBerea CollegeWater Quality Assessment and Remediation in Mining Environments2022-February-22
Jeremy RottyProfessor of BiochemistryUniformed Services University of Health SciencesCellular sensing strategies: New dimensions and dynamic perspectives2021-October-19
Jessica PriceAssistant Professor of Environmental ScienceBerry College"Water: A Renewable and Non-Renewable Resource ", BURS Plenary Talk - 5PM2021-October-15
Viktor NemykinProfessor of ChemistryUniversity of Tennessee at KnoxvilleCreating new electron-deficient types of functional dyes that are potentially useful as electron acceptors in solar cells2021-September-28
Neil ShubinProfessor of Organismal Biology and AnatomyUniversity of Chicago"Your Inner Fish", Annual Science Convocation, Phelps-Stokes Chapel at 3PM2021-September-23
Vincent VindittoAssistant Professor of ChemistryUniversity of Kentucky, College of Pharmacy "Drug Delivery: A Liberal Arts Approach" at 11AM in MAC4552021-September-09
Mattanjah de VriesProfessor of ChemistryUniversity of California at Santa BarbaraZoom link2021-March-02
Matthew ShannonAssistant Professor of ChemistryStetson University"Characterization of the Structure, Dynamics, and Interactions of Proteins using NMR as an "Atomic Microscope""2020-January-14
Joseph StraleyProfessor of PhysicsUniversity of Kentucky"Can Renewable Energy Replace Fossil Fuells?"2020-January-16
Rashmi ShresthaAssistant Professor of ChemistryBerea College2020-January-28
Erome Daniel HankorePost-doctoral ResearcherUniversity of Kentucky, College of Pharmacy2020-January-30
Jay BaltisbergerProfessor of Physical ChemistryBerea College"New NMR Experiments on the JEOL ECZR 500"2019-September-12
Andrea KravatsAssistant Professor of ChemistryMiami University of Ohio, Oxford OH"Molecular chaperone interaction networks : Collaboration between Hsp90 and Hsp70 in protein activation"2019-September-17
Constance BaileyAssistant Professor of ChemistryUniversity of Tennessee at Knoxville"Chemical Transformations with Type I Polyketide Synthases: Investigations at the Domain, Module, and Host Levels"2019-October-17
Jessie DotsonK2 Project ScientistJet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL)"NASA's First Exoplanet Finding mission - Kepler/K2"2019-October-18
Nancy WilliamsAssociate Professor of ChemistryClaremont McKenna College"The Hunt for the White Whale: A Decade-Long Pursuit of a Pyridonate Platinum Complex and a Chance to Repay the Gift"2019-November-26
Samuel AwuahAssistant ProfessorUniversity of Kentucky "Gold Complexes in Medicine"2019-January-24
Vicki WysockiProfessor of Chemistry, Ohio Eminent ScholarOhio State University"Electrospray MS and John Fenn"2019-March-30
Lyle Roelofs and othersProfessor of ChemistryBerea College and others "John Fenn Nobel Prize Dedication Symposium"2019-March-30
Geoff CoatesProfessor of ChemistryCornell University "In Pursuit of the Perfect Plastic"2019-April-5
Christine NattrassProfessor of PhysicsUniversity of Tennessee "Melting Nuclei"2018-September-6
Jason FryResearch AssociateUVA/ORNL "Exploring the femto-scale to cosmology with cold neutrons"2018-September-13
Erendra ManandharVisiting Assistant ProfessorBerea College2018-September-27
Kristen BarnardAssistant Professor of MathematicsBerea College "Do Stable Marriages Exist?"2018-October-11
Elizabeth CottrellGeologist - Curator-in-ChargeRock and Ore Collections, Smithsonian Institution "Breathing the Earth"2018-October-19
Jacqulyn Noronha-HostlerAssistant ProfesserRutgers University "The Quest for Nature’s First and Most Perfect Liquid"2018-October-19
Faramarz Ismail-BeigiProfessor of Medicine and BiochemistryCase Western Reserve University "Insulin, Its Discovery, and Uses in Treatment of Diabetes"2018-October-23
Larry GrattonAssociate Professor of MathBerea College "Complex Analysis"2018-October-25
Pat HeistResearch ChemistWilderness Trail Distillery "Opportunities for Innovation in Fuel and Beverage Alcohol Production"2018-October-30
Shane RedmondAssociate Professor of MathEastern Kentucky University "The Mathematics of Gerrymandering"2018-November-8
Thomas JarvisProfessor of PhysicsEastern Kentucky University "The Death of Cute Ideas"2018-November-15
Suzanne BirnerGraduate StudentStanford University "The Earth is Like a Box of Chocolates: Investigations into Our Planet’s Mysterious Filling"2018-January-23
Erkan ToramanVisiting Professor of GeologySt. Lawrence University "Constraining the Timing of Formation and Collapse of Mountains in North America"2018-January-25
Alison GraettingerAssistant Professor of GeologyUniversity of Missouri - Kansas City "When magma meets water: using experiments, fieldwork, and remote sensing to unravel explosive volcanic processes"2018-January-30
Malcolm ForbesProfessor of ChemistryBowling Green State University "Not So Free Radicals"2018-February-1
George M WhitesidesProfessor of ChemistryHarvard University "Roderick Seminar 2018 - Soft Robotics"2018-March-26
George WhitesidesProfessor of ChemistryHarvard University "Reengineering Chemistry"2018-March-26
Mary Robert GarrettAssociate Professor of ChemistryBerea College "The Synthesis of Tetracenes--A Possible Route to Renewable Energy"2017-September-14
Johnathan N. BrantleyAssistant Professor of ChemistryUniversity of Tennessee at Knoxville "Unmasking Latent Reactivity though Materials and Methods"2017-September-19
Thomas FerrellResearch ProfessorUniversity of Tennessee at Knoxville2017-September-26
Peter Kekenes-HuskeyAssistant Professor of ChemistryUniversity of Kentucky "Understanding the chemistry of calcium signaling through computation: The Calcium, Calmodulin, Calcineurin signaling ‘triad’"2017-October-12
Rocky TuanProfessor and the Executive Vice Chairman for Orthopaedic ResearchSchool of Medicine at the University of Pittsburgh "Biomedical Research"2017-October-20
Bronson MesserSenior Scientist in the Scientific Computing and Theoretical Physics GroupsOak Ridge National Laboratory "Simulating Stellar Death on Supercomputers: Phenomenology and Observables"2017-November-2
Jiangjiang (Chris) ZhuAssistant Professor of ChemistryMiami University of Ohio "Mass Spectrometry Based Metabolomics: Method Development and Application in Biomedical Research"2017-November-7
Christine NattrassAssistant Professor of PhysicsUniversity of Tennessee at Knoxville "Melting Nuclei"2017-November-30
Ampofo DarkoAssistant ProfessorUniversity of Tennessee at Knoxville "Principles of Strain in Synthesis and Catalysis"2017-January-10
David ColeProfessor of GeologyThe Ohio State University "Energy-Relevant Rock-Fluid Interactions: Where Geology , Chemistry, and Physics Converge"2017-January-31
Bob HowellProfessor of ChemistryCentral Michigan University "Nontoxic Phosphorus Flame Retardants from Renewable Biosources"2017-March-2
Tammy NicholsonProcess ChemistAlltech "Brewing and Distilling Applications"2017-March-16
Robert CrabtreeProfessor of ChemistryYale University "Roderick Seminar - Catalysts for Energy Applications"2017-March-24
Michael KovashProfessor of PhysicsUniversity of Kentucky "Quantum Weirdness"2016-September-15
Paul SmithsonAssociate Professor of ChemistryBerea College "Summer research"2016-September-27
Julie RobinsonChief Scientist for ISSNASA, Johnson Space Center, Houston TX "From Astronaut Bones to High Z particles: Significant Discoveries from the International Space Station - Convocation in Phelps Stokes"2016-October-6
Tom TrolandProfessor of PhysicsUniversity of Kentucky "The Milky Way and the Andromeda Galaxy - A Tale of Two Galaxies"2016-November-3
Rick PageChair of Graduate RecruitingMiami University of Ohio "Dynamic Protein Quality Control by the CHIP/Hsp70 Complex"2016-November-15
Susan GardnerProfessor of PhysicsUniversity of Kentucky "Dark Matter & Energy"2016-November-17
Jason DeRoucheyAssistant ProfessorUniversity of Kentucky "Understanding kinetics of protein corona formation on nanoparticles"2016-January-28
Erin Thorne & Jamie HibbardForensic Lab ScientistsSoutheastern Forensic Laboratory - London KY "Forensic Science"2016-February-11
Anes KovacevicAssociate ProfessorBerea College "Exciting developments in Inorganic Chemistry"2016-February-23
Karen DowneyAssistant ProfessorSUNY Cortland2016-February-25
Kelly MouapiGraduate StudentUniversity of Louisville "The Fantastic Four in Blood Coagulation: Fibrinogen and Factor XIII"2016-March-24
Douglas NeckersFounder of Spectra Group LimitedSpectra Group Limited "3D Printing Chemistry"2016-April-12
Neil AyresAssociate ProfessorUniversity of Cincinnati "Heparin inspired polymers for blood-contacting biomaterials"2015-September-24
Bogdan DragneaProvost Professor of ChemistryIndiana University "Chemical Physics with Virus-like Nanoparticles and Sunflower Seeds"2015-September-29
Sharani RoyAssistant ProfessorUniversity of Tennessee2015-October-8
Gregory Dale SmithOtto N. Frenzel III Senior Conservation ScientistIndianapolis Museum of Art "Conservation Science in Art"2015-October-22
Roy ZentProfessor and Vice Chair of ResearchVanderbilt Univsity "BURS Plenary talk"2015-October-23
Bill BegleySenior ResearcherProctor and Gamble "Application of Mass Spectrometry in Industry: A quarter Century of Using Technology to Meet Business Needs"2015-February-12
Joshua GoldbergerAssistant ProfessorThe Ohio State University ""Stimuli-Responsive Diagnostic and Therapeutic Self-assembling Peptide Vehicles"2015-February-26
David CunninghamAssistant ProfessorEastern Kentucky University "Interface between Academics and Industry"2015-March-12
Isabelle LagadicAssociate ProfessorNorthern Kentucky University "Modified Clay Nanomaterials"2015-April-7
Nick MarshallVisiting Professor of ChemistryBerea College "Nature is Good at Sticky: Catechols for Surface Chemistry"2014-September-9
John AnthonyHubbard Professor of ChemistryUniversity of Kentucky "Materials Chemistry: We care about properties, not molecules"2014-September-30
Kathryn UhrichProfessor of ChemistryUniversity of California - Riverside "BURS Plenary Talk - PolyAspirin: Invention, Innovation, Inspiration and Inclusion"2014-October-17
Tessa R CalhounAssistant Professor of ChemistryUniversity of Tennessee at Knoxville "Advancing Optical Microscopy to Study the Interaction between Small Molecules and Cell Membranes"2014-October-30
Alvin PasleyChemistSherwin Williams Company "Process Chemistry at Sherwin Williams"2014-November-13
Tim ZwierM. G. Mellon Distinguished Professor of ChemistryPurdue University2014-January-23
Margaret NdinguriAssistant Professor of ChemistryEastern Kentucky University "Development of target specific drug delivery systems using bidentate and tridentate linkers - Inorganic Synthesis at 11AM in SC106"2014-March-11
Matthew NeeAssistant Professor of ChemistryWestern Kentucky University "A Molecular Butterfly Effect: How Tiny Changes in Molecular Structure can have Global Impacts - Physical Chemistry at 11 AM in SC106"2014-March-13
Clarissa E. TatumAdvanced Research ChemistEastman Chemical Company "Life as an Industrial Chemist"2014-April-15
Matthew GentryProfessor of ChemistryUniversity of Kentucky IBS program "From Human Neurodegenerative Disease to Biofuels"2013-September-26
Paula K ShearProfessor of Psychologoy and PsychiatryUniversity of Cincinnati "BURS Plenary Talk - Neuropsychology of Epilepsy"2013-October-18
Thomas TrolandProfessor of PhysicsUniversity of Kentucky "Radio Astronomy and Star Formation"2013-November-3
Matthew SaderholmAssociate Professor of ChemistryBerea College "Peptide Research at Berea College"2013-November-21
Shawn CampagnaProfessor of ChemistryUniversity of Tennessee at Knoxville2013-December-3
Nick MarshallVisiting Professor of ChemistryBerea College "Making Molecular Wires on Surfaces"2013-January-11
Michael SladePostdoctoral ScholarIowa State University "Current Efforts Toward the Asymmetric Synthesis of a 'Privileged Substructure' in Organic Chemistry"2013-January-18
David WattProfessor of ChemistryUniversity of Kentucky IBS program2013-February-21
Jay BaltisbergerProfessor of ChemistryBerea College "A new experiment for echo train acquisition - PIETA"2012-September-4
Rachel AllenbaughProfessor of ChemistryMurray State University "Temperature Dependent Color Change for Use in Thermosensors"2012-October-4
Ziling XueProfessor of ChemistryUniversity of Tennessee at Knoxville "Analytical seminar"2012-November-6
Jane JackmanProfessor of BiochemistryThe Ohio State University2012-November-12
Craig Vander KooiAssociate Professor of ChemistryUniversity of Kentucky IBS program "Biochemistry research"2012-January-26
Sanjeewa GoonesekeraPostdoctoral ScholarUniversity of Cincinnati "Biomolecular engineering"2012-January-27
Michael BestAssociate Professor of ChemistryUniversity of Tennessee at Knoxville "Organic Chemistry"2012-February-7
Darrin SmithProfessor of ChemistryEastern Kentucky University "Analytical chemistry"2012-March-20
Mary Robert GarrettAssociate Professor of ChemistryBerea College "Investigations Towards the Enantioselective Synthesis of beta-Ketoesters"2012-April-12
Frank Yepez CastilloPostdoctoral ScholarBerea College "Organic synthesis"2011-September-6
Steve MeyersProfessor of Toxicology and PharmacologyUniversity of Louisville School of Medicine "Toxicology and Pharmacology seminar"2011-September-22
Dehua PeiProfessor of ChemistryThe Ohio State University2011-October-18
Rajesh Potineni and Scott KellerAdvanced Research ChemistGivaudan Flavors "Chemistry of Food"2011-November-17
Jon CamdenProfessor of ChemistryUniversity of Notre Dame "Plasmonic Nanostructures: From Sensing and Non-linear Optics to Energy Conversion"2011-January-28
Jennifer OttesenAssociate Professor of ChemistryThe Ohio State University2011-February-4
Oliver ThibaultProfessor of ChemistryUniversity of Kentucky "Calcium: An ion of life and death"2011-February-15
Hairong GuanProfessor of ChemistryUniversity of Cincinnati "Nickel and Iron Complexes as Efficient and Selective Catalysts for Carbon Dioxide Reduction and Organic Synthesis"2011-February-22
Nathan TiceAssistant ProfessorEastern Kentucky University2010-September-17
Teresa Whei-Mei FanProfessorUniversity of Louisville2010-October-22
David NicewiczAssistant ProfessorUniversity of North Carolina2010-November-5
Kevin RevellAssistant ProfessorMurray State University2010-November-9
Dana BackmanScientistNASA Ames Research Center "SOFIA: NASA's New Airborne Observatory"2010-January-8
David TierneyAssistant ProfessorMiami University of Ohio "Integrated Paramagnetic Resonance of Biomimetic Co(II)"2010-March-23
Tanea ReedAssistant ProfessorEastern Kentucky University "Biochemistry opportunities at EKU"2010-April-8
Mary Robert GarrettAssistant ProfessorBerea College "Enantioselective Synthesis of beta-Ketoesters via a Ketene-Claisen Condensation"2010-April-9
Jessica Price EvansDoctoral StudentVirginia Tech "Highly Fluorinated Diels-Alder Polyphenylenes"2010-May-6
Frank ZamboriniAssistant ProfessorUniversity of Louisville "Electrochemical and Optical Properties of Metal Nanostructures as a Function of Size and Chemical Environment"2009-October-15
Kimberly NixonAssistant Pharmacy ProfessorUniversity of Kentucky "plenary lecture for the Berea Undergraduate Research Symposium at 5 PM"2009-October-23
Bob ComptonZeigler Professor of Chemistry and Professor of PhysicsUniversity of Tennessee "The Earth's Vital Signs"2009-November-20
Erin CarlsonAssistant ProfessorIndiana University "Innovative Technologies for Natural Products Discovery at 3PM SC106"2009-December-3
Marc R KnechtAssistant ProfessorMiami University of Ohio "Bio-inspired Nanomaterials"2009-February-19
Craig A. GrapperhausAssociate Professor of ChemistryUniversity of Louisville "Redox Regulated Binding of Ethylene to a Metal Thiolate"2009-March-19
Gary E. DouberlyAssistant Professor of ChemistryUniversity of Georgia "Liquid Helium Droplet Nanoreactors: Chemistry Near Absolute Zero"2009-April-9
Sam LiProfessor of ChemistryNational University of Singapore "Nanoscale analytical techniques for environmental and biomedical applications"2009-May-7
Mark D. WatsonAssociate Professor of ChemistryUniversity of Kentucky "Organic Electronic Materials Chemistry: Structure-property studies, synthesis, and devices" 2008-October-2
Mark LovellAssociate Professor of Chemistry Analytical and Biological ChemistryUniversity of Kentucky "Plenary Talk for the Annual Berea Research Symposium"2008-October-17
Terry GullionProfessor of ChemistryWest Virginia University "Development and application of high-resolution solid-state NMR to biomolecules and polymers"2008-October-23
Michael DuncanProfessor of ChemistryUniversity of Georgia "Spectroscopy and Photochemistry of Metal-Containing Clusters"2008-November-20
Aaron AmickPost-doctoral fellowUniversity of California - Irvine "Methodology Development for Use in the Synthesis of Non-Natural and Natural Products"2008-December-2
Mary Robert GarrettAssistant Professor of ChemistryCentenary College "Organic synthesis"2008-December-4
Jonathan ScheererPost-doctoral fellowJohns Hopkins University "Organic synthesis in room"2008-December-9
Christopher KulpProfessor of PhysicsEastern Kentucky University "Using Information Theory to Identify Relationships between Physical Systems"2008-March-7
Venkat GopalanProfessor of BiochemistryThe Ohio State University2008-April-10
Hasan PalandokenAssistant Professor of ChemistryCalifornia Polytechnic State University at San Luis Obispo "Organic Molecular Drug Targets for Brain Cancer Research"2008-April-24
William KennerlyPost-doctoral fellowChemical Physics "Computational Chemical Physics"2008-April-25
Miranda BeamOrganic Chemistry CandidateUniversity of Kentucky "Pharmaceutical Sciences at UK"2008-May-15
Jens MeilerAssistant ProfessorVanderbilt University "Redesign Proteins into Novel Antibiotics"2007-September-20
Sheila DavidProfessorUniversity of California - Davis "Dare to Repair: From Chemistry to Cancer - Time TBA, part of Berea College Undergraduate Research Symposium"2007-October-19
Kenneth KolbEmeritus Professor of ChemistryBradley University (ACS National Tour Speaker) "Glass It's Many Facets "2007-October-25
Folami T. LadipoAssociate Professor of ChemistryUniversity of Kentucky "The design of catalysts for ethylene trimerization and olefin polymerization - 1:30 PM"2007-November-15
Christopher AubinPost-doctoral fellowColumbia University "How the Origin of Life Can Come From a Computer"2007-February-8
John HopkinsonPhysics candidateUniversity of Toronto "Magnetic Frustration"2007-February-15
D.W. EversonToxicologistKentucky Crime Lab "General Services of the Crime Lab and Toxicology Work2007-February-22
Martin VeilletteAssistant Professor of PhysicsBerea College "Bose-Einstein Condensate Research and Theory"2007-February-26
Phillip S. StevensProfessor of ChemistryIndiana University "Oh where oh where is OH? Measuring the elusive hydroxyl radical in the atmosphere"2007-April-19
Heather A. RypkemaProfessor of ChemistryUniversity of Louisville "Kasha Violations in Fluorescent Molecules: evaluating relaxation pathways from higher excited states"2007-May-3
David SmithrudProfessor of ChemistryUniversity of Cincinnati "Host-Rotaxanes as Cellular Delivery Agents"2006-September-21
Gang CaoProfessor of PhysicsUniversity of Kentucky "4d and 5d Transition Metal Oxides: A New Frontier of Materials Research"2006-September-29
Jurgen RohrProfessor of ChemistryUniversity of Kentucky "Combinatorial Biosynthesis and Studies on Biosynthetic Key Enzymes - Perspectives for Drug Discovery"2006-October-19
Timothy P. HanusaProfessor of ChemistryVanderbilt University "The Allyl Group Grows Up: Chemical Consequences of a Sterically Enhanced Ligand"2006-November-16
Anes KovacevicVisiting Assistant Professor of ChemistryCentre College "Abnormal Carbene Ligands"2006-January-18
Melissa GoldenDreyfus Postdoctoral Teaching/Research AssistantUniversity of North Carolina - Charlotte "Fabrication of a Chemically Modified Electrode using a Chiral Ruthenium Bis(oxazoline) Complex"2006-February-6
Douglas MulfordAssistant Professor of ChemistryPepperdine University "Fabrication of a Chemically Modified Electrode Using a Chiral Ruthenium Bis(oxazoline) Complex"2006-February-9
Stephen TestaAssistant Professor of ChemistryUniversity of Kentucky2006-February-16
Jacquelynne MilingoVisiting Assistant Professor of Physics and AstronomyFranklin & Marshall College "Planetary Nebulae: Swiss Army Knives of the Galaxy"2006-February-23
Tracy HodgeAssociate Professor of PhysicsSalem State College "Anatomy of a Starburst. Infrared Observations of the M33 HII Regions"2006-February-27
Matthew FleenorGraduate Student in AstrophysicsUniversity of North Carolina - Chapel Hill "The Landscape of Cosmological Structures: from Prism Light to Galaxy Superclusters"2006-March-2
Paul DeckAssociate Professor of ChemistryVirginia Institute of Technology "Organometallic Ligand Research"2005-October-6
P. Andrew EvanProfessor of ChemistryQueen's University - Kingston - Ontario CA "New Organometallic Cross-Coupling Reactions for Target Directed Synthesis"2005-October-27
Gang CaoAssistant Professor of PhysicsUniversity of Kentucky "Novel Electronic Oxides: Living on the Edge"2005-December-2
Jay BaltisbergerAssociate Professor of ChemistryBerea College "Improvements to the Solid State INADEQUATE Experiment"2005-December-8
M. Samy El-ShallProfessor of ChemistryVirginia Commonwealth University "Physical Chemistry of Clusters"2005-March-4
Adam SmithNational Research Council Research AssociateAir Force Research Lab - Wright-Patterson AFB OH "Synthesis of Optoelectronic Materials for Organic Solar Cells"2005-April-4
Mark CunninghamProfessor of ChemistryAtlanta Metropolitan College "Anti-HIV Furamidine Prodrugs"2005-April-7
John ThurstonVisiting Assistant ProfessorUniversity of Iowa - Iowa City "From Molecules to Materials: Towards Single-Source Molecular Precursors For Advanced Oxides"2005-April-11
Kelsey CookProfessor of ChemistryUniversity of Tennessee "Non-Covalent Interactions and Electrospray Mass Spectrometry: Alzheimer's Fibril Glue, and Caveats"2004-October-29
Kenneth A. GoldsbyProfessor of Inorganic ChemistryFlorida State University "Inorganic Research and FSU"2004-November-4
Philip GrandinettiAssociate Professor of Analytical ChemistryThe Ohio State University "Advances in Solid State NMR"2004-November-16
David CliffelAssistant Professor of ChemistryVanderbilt University "Analytical and Electrochemistry"2004-December-2
Terry CollinsProfessor of Chemistry and Director of the Carnegie Mellon Institute for Green Oxidation ChemistryCarnegie Mellon University "Green Chemistry (Science Seminar)"2004-February-25
Terry CollinsProfessor of Chemistry and Director of the Carnegie Mellon Institute for Green Oxidation ChemistryCarnegie Mellon University "Green Chemistry"2004-February-26
David IgoStrategic Technologies Team ManagerChemical Development at GlaxoSmithKline "Crystal-Form Screening of Drug Substances"2004-March-18
Darrin SmithAssistant Professor of ChemistryEastern Kentucky University "Surface Induced Dissociation: Surface Characterization and Peptide Sequencing"2004-April-8
John FennProfessor of Chemistry and 2002 Nobel LaureateVirginia Commonwealth University "Electrospray Mass Spectrometry" (general public lecture)2003-September-30
John FennProfessor of Chemistry and 2002 Nobel LaureateVirginia Commonwealth University "Electrospray Mass Spectrometry for Scientists"2003-October-1
Harry FinkleaProfessor and Chair of ChemistryWest Virginia University "Kinetics of Proton Coupled Electron Transfer at Monolayer-coated Electrodes"2003-October-15
Mark LiptonAssociate Professor of ChemistryPurdue University "Solid Phase Synthesis of Marine Natural Products"2003-October-30
Anne-Frances MillerAssociate Professor of ChemistryUniversity of Kentucky "Biomolecular NMR Research at UK"2003-November-14
Stephen M. HolmesAssistant Professor of ChemistryUniversity of Kentucky "Inorganic coordination polymers"2003-February-18
Debra BautistaAssistant Professor of ChemistryEastern Kentucky University "Computational Organic Chemistry"2003-March-4
Lori WatsonGraduate Student in laboratory of Kenneth Caulton (IUB)Indiana University "What my hungry molecule ate for lunch: structure and reactivity of unsaturated Ru complexes"2002-October-18
Bruce S. AultProfessor of ChemistryUniversity of Cincinnati "Oxidation Reactions of high valent transition metal compounds: the interplay of experiment and theory"2002-October-30
Andre SommerDirector - Molecular Microspectroscopy Laboratory and Associate Professor of ChemistryMiami University of Ohio "Molecular Microspectroscopy for Industrial Forensics"2002-November-13
George R. LesterProfessorCenter for Catalysis and Surface Science and Northwestern University "Gasoline/Electric Hybrid Vehicles: Interim or Long-term Technology Solution?"2002-May-6
George R. LesterProfessorCenter for Catalysis and Surface Science and Northwestern University "Does Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Cause Greenhous e Warming? or Vice Versa?"2002-May-7
Ed GrantProfessor of Physical Chemistry and Chemical PhysicsPurdue University "State Resolved Photoionization Dynamics of HCO and DCO "2001-September-26
David WrightProfessor of ChemistryVanderbilt University "New Strategies for Fighting Malaria: Doing Good by Doing Well"2001-October-10
Bill HeinemanDistinguished Research ProfessorUniversity of Cincinnati "New Concepts for Chemical Sensors"2001-November-28
Frank ShawProfessor of Inorganic ChemistryEastern Kentucky University "Organo-metallic Cluster Compounds"2001-March-1
Li Jing SunPostdoctoral FellowHarvard University "DNA/Protein Binding Interactions"2001-March-16
Richard ElderProfessor of Inorganic ChemistryUniversity of Cincinnati "Rhenium-Based Palliatives for the Treatment of Metastatic Cancer of the Bone"2000-September-20
James M. TankoProfessor of Analytical ChemistryVirginia Polytechnic Institute and State University "t-Butoxyl Radical as a Model for Hy drogen Abstraction in Biological Systems"2000-October-18
Paul BummerProfessor of Pharmaceutical SciencesUniversity of Kentucky "Introduction to Pharmaceutical Sciences"2000-November-7
James P. ReillyProfessor of Physical and Analytical ChemistryIndiana University "MALDI Mass Spectrometery of Single Cells"2000-November-15
Martin GruebeleProfessor of Chemistry, Physics, and BiophysicsUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-Champagne "Femptosecond Laser Spectrosco py of Biomolecules"2000-November-29
David A. AtwoodAssociate Professor of ChemistryUniversity of Kentucky "Fundamental and Applied Aspects of Group 13 Chelate Complexes"2000-March-10
Charles M. LukehartProfessor of ChemistryVanderbilt University "Preparation of Metal Alloy Nanocrystals for Single-Source Molecular Pre cursors: Catalysts for PEM or Direct Methanol Fuel Cells"1999-November-9
Bernard A. OlsenSenior Research ScientistAnalytical Development - Lilly Research Laboratories - Lafayette IN "Chemical Process Development"1997-April-25
Phil GrandinettiAssociate ProfessorThe Ohio State University "Structure of Silicate Glasses with NMR"1996-February-20
Michael WempePost-doctoral FellowUniversity of Rochester Medical College "New Approaches in Organic Chemistry"1996-June-1
Pete SpielmannProfessorUniversity of Kentucky "Biochemistry of DNA and NMR"1995-October-19
Dave WesleyResearch ScientistAshland Oil "NIR Gasoline Analysis"1995-January-19
Mark McMillsAssociate ProfessorOhio University "Organic Synthesis"1995-March-1
Celestia PryorAssistant ProfessorUniversity of the Pacific "Bio-Organic Research"1995-March-22
Roald HoffmanFrank H. T. Rhodes Professor of Humane LettersCornell University "Chemical Beauty"1994-October-13
Bill HeinemanDistinguished Research ProfessorUniversity of Cincinnati "Bioanalytical Chemistry"1994-October-28
Kelsey CookProfessor of ChemistryUniversity of Tennessee "Mass Spectrometry"1994-December-1
Joe ZwanzigerAssistant Professor of ChemistryIndiana University "Application of NMR to Borate Glasses"1994-March-16
David WattProfessor of ChemistryUniversity of Kentucky "An Organic Chemists View of Geochemistry. How Organic Chemistry Can Contribute to Petroleum Exploration"1994-March-30
Jim LaneAssistant ProfessorUniversity of Wisconsin - Superior "Catalytic Antibodies"1994-May-5
Judith ShellingTechnical SupportSchmeiser, Olsen and Watts "Protein Structure and Characterization"1993-November-5
Brian McKeeverSenior ResearcherMerck & Company "Carbonic Anhydrase and Rational Drug Design"1992-October-23
David GillumSenior ResearcherArmco Research & Technology - Middletown OH "Analytical Chemistry at ARMCO"1992-December-1
M. Cecilia YappertProfessor of ChemistryUniversity of Louisville "Optical Spectroscopy Applied to Biological Studies"1992-March-5
Dave FeltenProfessor of Neurobiology & AnatomyUniversity of Rochester "Is there a Biological Basis for Mind-Body Interaction?"1992-March-13
David FraleyProfessor of ChemistryGeorgetown College "Chemistry of Soaps and Detergents: How to do Laundry and Wash Dishes"1991-September-24
Lee RoeckerProfessor of ChemistryBerea College "Synthesis and Base Hydrolysis of Cobalt Sulfur Complexes"1991-October-4
Professor Richard ElderProfessor of ChemistryUniversity of Cincinnati "Curious Occurrences in the Metabolism of Gold-Based Antiarthritis Drugs"1991-November-1
Professor Gideon FraenkelProfessor of ChemistryThe Ohio State University "Structure and Dynamic Behavior of Organolithium Compounds"1991-November-8
Michael W. VernonProfessor of OB/GynUniversity of Kentucky "New Advances in Assisted Reproduction in Humans"1991-November-26
Suman K. AgarwalSenior EditorChemical Abstracts Service "Cold Fusion"1990-September-24
Dan McPhersonSenior ResearcherOak Ridge National Laboratory "Chemistry and Nuclear Medicine - Visiting Industrial Scientist Program"1990-April-11
David JohnsonProfessor of ChemistryUniversity of Kentucky while on sabbatical from Ferrum College "Water Quality Monitoring and Research on Smith Mountain Lake"1990-May-14
Jim HollerProfessor of ChemistryUniversity of Kentucky "A Microdroplet Mixing Technique for Studying Rapid Reactions"1989-November-13
Mark LovellGraduate studentgraduate "Research with LAMA and Graduate School Experiences"1989-December-4
Jerry SarquisProfessor of ChemistryMiami University of Ohio "Wonders of Chemistry - Chemical demonstrations"1989-January-25
Dennis ClouthierProfessor of ChemistryUniversity of Kentucky "Hearing Aid Spectroscopy: Listening to the Screams of Molecules Tortured with Laser Beams"1988-September-26
John R GrunwellProfessor of ChemistryMiami University of Ohio "Synthesis of Antitumor Antibiotics"1988-November-14
Karen EichstadtProfessor of ChemistryOhio University "Exploring Summer Undergraduate Research Opportunities in Chemistry"1988-December-5
Derek DavenportProfessor of ChemistryPurdue University "As the Sparks Fly Upward; 200 Years of Manned Flight"1988-April-7
Matthew StolteBerea College graduateMerrill-Dow "Direction and Expectation After Berea"1988-April-13
John MeisenheimerProfessor of ChemistryEastern Kentucky University "Tylenol - Its History and its toxic effects"1987-October-21
Rex LeuzeSenior ResearcherOak Ridge National Laboratory "Chemistry in the Nuclear Fuel Cycle"1983-January-26
William DeanLab ManagerHamilton County Coroner's Laboratory "Chemists, Crooks and Killers: The Role of the Scientist in the Criminal Justice System"1980-February-27
Dorthy GibsonProfessor of ChemistryUniversity of Louisville "Coal Conversion: A Source of Methane and Methanol"1979-November-15

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