Chemistry Labor Program

The chemistry labor program is essential to the education program in our department. We normally hire nine students on 10-12 hour and six students on 15 hour primary contracts and another five are hired for secondary 0-5 hour contracts. Each year we select one worker as our student manager who helps coordinate duties and generally organize the other workers. Required duties include doing chemical preparation for the various general, organic, and analytical laboratories. Grading homework, quizzes, and laboratory notebooks for these same classes. Our teaching assistants also are instrumental in our tutoring program that runs on Sunday afternoon from 4-6 and Tuesday-Thursday evenings from 7-9.

Chemistry Laboratory Checklist

Selena Ledesma –

Classroom TA for CHM221B @ MWF 920-1030
Laboratory TA for CHM221B @ M 240-450
Laboratory TA for CHM131A @ W 240-450

Kyaw Hpone Myint

Classroom TA for CHM222 @ MWF 1200-110
General Cleaning @ MW 920-1030
Preparation TA @ T 200-400

Seth Reasoner

Classroom TA for CHM311 @ MWF 120-230
Laboratory TA for CHM311 @ R 800-1150
Preparation TA for CHM311 @ T 300-400