Chemistry Alumni

Berea College has had a chemistry major since the early days of the college. Many of our majors have gone on to become doctors and teachers with advanced degrees. John Fenn even won the Nobel Prize. These lists are presented to give you an idea of who has passed through our college and where they ended up.

NameMajorClass YearAdv DegreeYearSchoolOther
Hira KarimChemistry & Biology2024
Aaliyah PainterChemistry2024
Aimee NinahazaChemistry2023
Cora WrightChemistry2023
Cullen MartinChemistry2023
Dongsoo LeeChemistry2023
Erika ArvizuChemistry2023
Valeria Bellido CamposNeuroscience & French2023
Zachary J. ScottChemistry2022
Blake DayACS Chemistry2022
Chipo KambaramiChemistry2022
Evelyn SchroederChemistry2022
Joshua AmesBiochemistry2022
Ke'Shay SampsonChemistry2022
Lauren BraswellACS Chemistry2022
Marlene MichelChemistry2022
Stephanie ItumbaChemistry2022
Yogesh BudhathokiBiochemistry & Biology2022
Zach D. ScottIndependent (geosciences)2022
Adam KinyuaBiochemistry2021PhD2027University of Louisville
Clara ReasonerChemistry2021PhD/DVM2048Colorado State University
Imaru AgholorBiochemistry2021
Matthew Garret CombsChemistry2021
Sarah ShaikhBiochemistry2021PharmD2024UK Pharmacy College
Valeria RochaChemistry & Physics2021PhD2027UC Berkeley, Physics
Yeong Ha OhBiochemistry2021MD2030Vanderbilt University Medical College
Yessica Lopez ValdezBiochemistry2021PhD2027University of Louisville
Adan MartinezChemistry2020
Amber EarlywineBiochemistry2020JD2022 (expected)University of Louisville, Louis D. Brandeis School of Law
Areli Medina HernandezBiochemistry2020
Austin WeberChemistry2020
Edgar OrtizBiochemistry2020
Helina AsratBiochemistry2020
Jacob DownsChemistry2020
Jordan PollardChemistry2020
Kamila NurmakovaBiochemistry2020PhD2025 (expected)Yale University
Kemo JammehChemistry/Physics2020PhD2028University of Louisville
Nyasha GombamiBiochemistry2020
NameMajorClass YearAdv DegreeYearSchoolOther
Abigail WhitakerChemistry2019Pharmacy Doctorate (PharmD)2025 (expected)Larkin UniversityLives with one dog (Elly) and one clown (Giggles)
Beau SchweitzerChemistry2019Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry (PhD)2025 (expected)University of WisconsinWall of Capsacin Member
Chris JamesChemistry2019
Courtany BrownChemistry2019
Daisy SullivanChemistry2019
Dorothy CoeChemistry2019
Emily BrownChemistry2019
Issac DomenechChemistry2019Doctor of Medicine (MD)2023 (expected)University of Kentucky Medical School
Kateryna NabukhotnaChemistry2019Doctor of Philosophy in Biosciences (PhD)2025 (expected)Vanderbilt University
Luis Gonzalez AnguiarChemistry2019Doctor of Medicine (MD), Clown Specialization2024 (expected)University of Miami
Luis Salazar GuzmanChemistry2019
Mario ChavarriaChemistry2019Applying to chemistry graduate school now
Ominica CrockettChemistry2019
Pedro Herrera-CastroChemistry2019
Sean GilletteChemistry2019
Sergio Perez CruzChemistry2019Shrewd penny stock trader
Zackary BootheChemistry2019Applying to chemistry graduate school now
Aubree ZimmerChemistry2018Doctor of Philosophy in Integrated Biosciences (PhD - IBS)2025 (expected)The Ohio State University
Benjamin QuesadaChemistry2018
Chann Makara HanChemistry2018
Garrison WagnerPharmacy2018Pharmacy Doctorate (PharmD)2021 (expected)University of Kentucky Pharmacy CollegeDid early admission to UK Pharmacy School during his junior year to go directly for PharmD and skip the BA from Berea but still an honorary member of the 2018 class
Levi BlevinsChemistry2018
Marco SantosChemistry2018
Michael JamesBiochemistry2018
Priscila GarciaChemistry2018
Sara GarnerChemistry2018
Seth ReasonerChemistry2018Doctor of Medicine/Doctory of Philosophy (MD/PhD)2052 (expected)Vanderbilt University
Tomas FloresChemistry2018
Tyler HutsellChemistry2018Master of Library Science (MLS)2023 (expected)University of Kentucky
Boubacar (Bo) CherifChemistry2017Pharmacy Doctorate (PharmD)2021 (expected)University of Washington College of Pharmacy
Brenna MacMillanChemistry2017Qquality chemist at a healthcare lab in Nashville (Aegis Sciences Corporation) full-time since graduating. Brenna continues to play in a band with her brother Theo
Carlos Berejnoi BejaranoChemistry/Computer Science2017Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry (PhD)2021 (expected)University of ArizonaMarried to Phyo Phyo Zin
Cheyenne HaynesChemistry2017
Christinia PatelChemistry2017Doctor of Medicine (MD)2022 (expected)University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Jonah RectorChemistry2017
Kodey BlankenshipChemistry2017Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT)2022 (expected)Marshall University
Kyaw Hpone MyintChemistry/Physics2017Doctor of Philosophy in Physical Chemistry (PhD)2022 (expected)Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Laura AbelquistPre-Engineering/Chemistry2017Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering (BS)2019North Carolina State UniversityDid the three/two program to complete an engineering degree
Maria (Selena) Ledesma AlonsoChemistry2017
Million BeshahChemistry2017
Rhea SharmaChemistry2017Doctor of Medicine (MD)2023 (expected)Indiana University
Samuel EffoeChemistry2017Pharmacy Doctorate (PharmD)2021 (expected)University of Kentucky Pharmacy College
Savannah OsborneChemistry2017Working at the Blue Grass Army Depot on chemical weapon disposal
Tatiana MikhailovaChemistry/Physics2017
Tyller CulverChemistry2017
Alaina FoxChemistry2016Master of Education (MEd)2019Eastern Kentucky UniversityMoving to Florida to teach high school
Andrew NorrisChemistry2016Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry (PhD)2022 (expected)The Ohio State University
Anthony BoatengChemistry2016Doctor of Medicine (MD)2021 (expected)Indiana University
Bishnu KafleyChemistry2016
Kaamilah WilsonChemistry2016Doctor of Medicine (MD)2021 (expected)University of Cincinnati
Phyo Phyo ZinChemistry2016Doctor of Philosophy in Computational Chemistry (PhD)2020North Carolina State University
Solomon TesfamichaelChemistry2016
Christina KolstoChemistry2015
Cory PaytonChemistry2015Manages chemical weaopns disposal at the Blue Grass Army Depot
Courtney HowardChemistry2015Master of Education (MEd)2017University of CumberlandsTeaching high school chemistry
De'Angela Townsend-BrooksChemistry2015
Garrett CairoChemistry2015Doctor of Philosophy in Organic Chemistry (PhD)2021 (expected)University of ColoradoMarried to Rachel Ware
Lyndsey BarkerChemistry2015
Michael McCannChemistry2015
Mikiyas Kurabachew AssefaChemistry/Physics2015Doctor of Philosophy in Inorganic Chemistry (PhD)2019University of California at Santa BarbaraCurrently a post-doctoral fellow and preparing to find a permanent job
Nchong EbaiChemistry2015
Pyae PhyoChemistry2015Doctor of Philosophy in Physical Chemistry (PhD)2020Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyWorks at Merck in their NMR/Analytical Chemistry group
Travis ClayChemistry2015Master of Science in Chemistry (MS)2017University of California at RiversideTeaching high school chemistry
Anna (Gettinger) TribbleChemistry2014Quality Control Chemist at Murty Pharmaceuticals and Quality Control Analyst at Ampio Pharmaceuticals
Daniel PardueChemistry2014Pharmacy Doctorate (PharmD)2018University of Kentucky Pharmacy College
Dipendra Sharma ChapagainChemistry2014Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (DO)2018Lincoln Memorial Institute, TNResidency at Grandview Medical Center in Dayton OH
Franceska MehmetiChemistry/Biology2014Doctor of Medicine (MD)2021 (expected)University of Kentucky Medical School
Ivan Leonardo Suarez DiazChemistry2014Taught in South Korea
Marceline AengwanamaChemistry2014Pharmacy Doctorate (PharmD)2019Sullivan University
Michelle (Bloom) MullinsChemistry2014Master of Education (MEd) & Master of Science in Chemistry (MS)2017 & 2015University of Cumberlands & Johns Hopkins UniversityTeaching High school chemistry
Titay AyanoChemistry2014
Alexandria SmithChemistry2013Working in Nashville as a chemistry technician
Amanuel TesfamichaelChemistry2013Pharmacy Doctorate (PharmD)2017University of ArkansasWorking in California now to be a Pharmacist
Chelsey (Lloyd) LlaytonChemistry2013Pharmacy Doctorate (PharmD)2018Virginia Commonwealth UniversityMarried to Trena Llayton and now Assistant Professor of Pharmacy Practice at University of Charleston, WV
Chyna JohnsonChemistry2013
Dallas CookChemistry2013Co-founder/owner of a microbrewery in Florida and test engineer for the US Air Force
Diego Andres MoyaChemistry2013Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry (PhD)2023 (expected)Brigham Young University
Elijah WhitakerChemistry2013Pharmacy Doctorate (PharmD)2017University of Kentucky Pharmacy College
Georgia Dahlquist Chemistry2013Master of Science in Geoscience (MS)2018Montana Technological UniversityWorking at the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control as chemist in the inorganic environmental division.
Grace ParChemistry2013Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (DO)2020Lincoln Memorial Institute, TN
Horton (Haotian) LiChemistry2013Docotor of Medical Dentistry (DMD)2017University of Kentucky Dental School
Ivan Titaley Chemistry2013Doctor of Philosophy in Analytical Chemistry (PhD)2017Oregon State Universitypost-doc at Orebro University in Sweden
Julianna (Dolan) YorkChemistry2013
Marienette NgambouChemistry2013Passed away in 2014 after a prolonged illness, she will be missed.
Sarah (Elrod) RamsayChemistry2013Kentucky Transportation Cabinet as a chemist in the Materials Testing Division
Trena (Payton) LlaytonChemistry2013Pharmacy Doctorate (PharmD)2018Virginia Commonwealth UniversityMarried to Chelsey Llayton
Chido HambiraChemistry2012Doctor of Philosophy in Medicinal Chemistry (PhD)2018The Ohio State UniversityCurrently a post-doc at the University of British Columbia (Vancouver)
Imelda HotChemistry2012Doctor of Philosophy in Organic Chemistry (PhD)2019University of Illinois at Chicago
Kelly Njine MouapiChemistry2012Doctor of Philosophy in Biochemistry (PhD)2018University of LouisvilleCurrently post-doc at Cedars-Sinai in Los Angeles
Melanie BurtChemistry2012
Premila SamuelsChemistry2012Doctor of Philosophy in Biochemistry (PhD)2018Rice UniversityPost-doctoral study at UCLA
Alexcia MooreChemistry2011
Dominic SumaChemistry2011Doctor of Medicine (MD)2017University of Kentucky Medical SchoolSurgical Resident in Georgia, married to Kayla Kinker (biology 2011)
Efua WilmotChemistry2011
James McCartyChemistry2011Pharmacy Doctorate (PharmD)2021 (expected)Appalachian College of Pharmacy
Jose VictoriaChemistry2011
Parker ShulerChemistry2011
Theint TheintChemistry2011Doctor of Philosophy in Biochemistry (PhD)2017The Ohio State UniversityWorking at Intel in Portland OR as instrumentation specialist
Violet KatiyoChemistry2011
Zelalem MekonnenChemistry2011
Amanda (Rood) McCumberChemistry2010
Clarin EllardChemistry2010
Donia ArthurChemistry2010Master of Pharmaceutical Science (MS)2013University of Kentucky Pharmacy CollegeHealthTech Solutions in Frankfort.
Josh SchmelingChemistry2010Master of Education (MEd)2015University of Tennessee, Knoxvilleteaching high school chemistry
Kabindra KafleChemistry/Biology2010Doctor of Philosophy in Biochemistry (PhD)2016Pennsylvania State UniversityWorking at Intel in Portland OR as instrumentation specialist
Lauren LaneChemistry2010
Oliver T. V. MunyaradziChemistry2010Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry (PhD)2022 (expected)The Ohio State University
Sam RosolinaChemistry2010Doctor of Philosophy in Analytical Chemistry (PhD)2016University of Tennessee, Knoxville
NameMajorClass YearAdv DegreeYearSchoolOther
Justin BaldwinChemistry2009
Stephen LarrimoreChemistry2009
Din Obadele "Oba" MandleyChemistry2009
Matthew MeterChemistry2009
Anthony Dean ReynoldsChemistry2009Doctor of Philosophy in Analytical Chemistry (PhD)2016University of Washington
Etagegn Bekele TaddesseChemistry2009
Katie ClarkChemistry2008Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (DO)2012Lincoln Memorial Institute, TN
Tamira CousettChemistry2008
Laxman GurungChemistry2008Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry (PhD)2015University of Southern CaliforniaWorked with the George Olah group at USC
Kayla MeadowsChemistry2008Master of Education (MEd)2014Eastern Kentucky University
Thabiso MusapeloChemistry2008Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry (PhD)2014Louisiana State University
Say Lee TheChemistry2008Master of Science in Chemistry (MS)2011University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Kofi DiggsChemistry2007
Jessica FaganChemistry2007Master of Education (MEd)2012New York University
Jaqueline GreenwaldtChemistry2007
Kristina KeckChemistry2007
Sarah KimChemistry2007Master of Public Health (MPH)2015University of KentuckyWorks in Holland, Michigan
Hlaing Zayar MinChemistry2007
Virginia SenkomagoChemistry2007Master of Public Health (MPH)2009Yale UniversityWorks for the CDC
Brian "Boaz" SuttonChemistry2007
Alicia (Bellamy) HammChemistry2006Works at Piramal in Lexington, KY
Emily (Kim) RounsavilleChemistry2006Master of Science in Exercise Physiology (MS) and Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN)2014University of Kentucky
Melissa BradleyChemistry2006Doctor of Philosophy in Biochemistry (PhD)2013University of KentuckyWorked in the Butterfield lab
Wendy Brotherton.Chemistry2006Doctor of Philosophy in Organic Chemistry (PhD)2011Florida State University
Tara EvattChemistry2006Pharmacy Doctorate (PharmD)2010University of Kentucky
Martin GroenewegenChemistry2006Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering (BS)2009Washington University in St. Louis
Scott HayesChemistry2006Pharmacy Doctorate (PharmD)2010University of Kentucky Pharmacy College
David J. LinkChemistry2006Doctor of Philosophy in Biochemistry (PhD)2009University of Kentucky
Ardian MaliqiChemistry2006Master of Business Administration (MBA)2014University of Kentucky
Justin PoagChemistry2006
Jessica PriceChemistry2006Doctor of Philosophy in Organic Chemistry (PhD)2010Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State UniversityWorks for Dow Chemical doing fluorchemistry
Rachel SchneiderChemistry2006
Liza ShresthaChemistry2006Doctor of Philosophy in Medicinal Chemistry (PhD)2012Purdue University
Stella SomiariChemistry2006
Ravi KCChemistry2005Doctor of Philosophy in Analytical Chemistry (PhD)2011Purdue University
Rosemary NdoloChemistry2005Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry (PhD)2009University of Kansas
Jamie RogersChemistry2005
Dana RowlandChemistry2005December 2004 graduate
Nyima TenzinChemistry2005
Michael WoodallChemistry2005
Andrew HallChemistry2004
Mehreteab HeleboChemistry2004
Vickie HendersonChemistry2004
Megan HughesChemistry2004
Jason HurstChemistry2004Doctorate of Education (EdD) & Master of Secondary Education (MA)2020Vanderbilt University
Pa JattaChemistry2004Pharmacy Doctorate (PharmD)2009University of Kentucky
Anisa LeftaChemistry2004Pharmacy Doctorate (PharmD)2008University of Kentucky
Josh OwenChemistry2004Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry (PhD)2010University of Kentucky
Anjan PandeyChemistry2004Doctor of Philosophy in Analytical Chemistry (PhD)2008Purdue University
Ravin RaleighChemistry2004Taught high school chemistry until passing from diabetes complications
Jessica ReynoldsChemistry2004
Royce SparksChemistry2004Doctor of Philosophy in Analytical Chemistry (PhD)2010University of Tennessee, KnoxvilleAssociate Professor at University of North Georgia (
Erica SummeyChemistry2004
Sam WadeChemistry2004
Miranda (Gibson) BeamChemistry2003Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry (PhD)2008University of KentuckyProfessor at Cambellsville University
Fred BoggsChemistry2003
Kekeli Ekoue KoviChemistry2003Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry (PhD)2008Georgetown University
Alladin El-HabididChemistry2003
Anne (Hooi Ling) KeeChemistry2003Doctor of Philosophy in Physical Chemistry (PhD)2008Washington University in St. Louis
Donald Mulwee.Chemistry2003
Nicholas NoinajChemistry2003Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry (PhD)2008University of Kentucky
Rebecca ReidelbachNeuroscience2003
Ramesh SharmaChemistry2003Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry (PhD)2009Arizona State University
Joe ThorpeChemistry2003
Jessica (Cooper) BroylesNeuroscience2002Pharmacy Doctorate (PharmD)2007Campbell University
Tracey (Owensby) CarbajalNeuroscience2002Doctor of Medicine (MD)2006Virginia Commonwealth UniversityOb/Gyn Specialist in Lexington KY married to former chemistry student Junior Carbajal
Dan CombestChemistry2002Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering (BS)2005Washington University in St. Louis
Paul KiptooChemistry2002Pharmacy Doctorate (PharmD)2006University of Kentucky
Jessica McCreeryChemistry2002
Fred OdagoChemistry2002Doctor of Medicine (MD)2016University of KentuckyNeurology resident
E. Dinesh PillaiChemistry2002Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry (PhD)2006University of Georgia
Kassandra RumseyChemistry2002Works for Thermo-Fisher Scientific as field service engineer
Stacy SalyersNeuroscience2002
Berhane TemelsoChemistry/Physics2002Doctor of Philosophy in Computational Chemistry (PhD)2007Georgia Institute of Technology
Jean AlexisChemistry2001
Alison AndersonChemistry2001
Yolinda BaltazarChemistry2001
Emilia BoiadgievaChemistry2001Doctor of Philosophy in Molecular Biology (PhD)2007Washington University in St. Louis
Jason BornChemistry2001
Ayse BoswellNeuroscience2001
Yilkal EnkuhawariatChemistry2001Pharmacy Doctorate (PharmD)2008Howard University
Sanjeewa GoonesekeraChemistry2001Doctor of Philosophy in Pharmacology (PhD)2006
Nicholas NdiegeChemistry2001Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry (PhD)2005University of Illinois at Urbana-Champagne
Kripa Tuladhar (Environmental)Chemistry2001
Samuel AsemChemistry2000
Junior CarbajalChemistry2000Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA)2016Texas Wesleyan UniversityMarried to Tracy Owensby and living in Lexington KY
Cawas EngineerChemistry/Biology2000Doctor of Philosophy in Molecular Biology (PhD)2005Washington University in St. Louis
Elizabeth Pearl KinneyChemistry2000Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry (PhD)2004University of Illinois at Chicago
Scott MooreChemistry2000
Joe SmithChemistry2000
Andi TravisChemistry2000
Janet WhitsonChemistry2000

The musician Prince would have especially liked the class of 1999

NameMajorClass YearAdv DegreeYearSchoolOther
Sara (Veinbergs) HetleChemistry1999Master of Education (MEd)2014Ferris State University
Andrea CarterChemistry1999Works at CTI in Lexington KY
Tamilyn IngramChemistry1999Master of Education (MEd)2008Eastern Kentucky University
Charles KaizaChemistry1999
Christina LikirdopulosChemistry1999Master of Public Health (MPH)2003University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Lavanya WijeratneChemistry1999Pharmacy Doctorate (PharmD)2010University of Kentucky
Jacob AdamsChemistry1998Doctor of Medicine (MD)2002University of Washington
Alison AkersChemistry1998
Addis AlemayehuChemistry1998Pharmacy Doctorate (PharmD)2003Mercer University
Denis AlikerChemistry1998Doctor of Medicine (MD)2003University of Kentucky
Thomas BentleyChemistry1998
Adria BentleyChemistry1998
Irina GaguaChemistry1998Doctor of Medicine (MD)2004
Tim JonesChemistry1998Master of Divinity (MDiv)2002Baptist Theological Seminary, Richmond VAMarried and attended seminary in Richmond, VA.
Hershel JudeChemistry1998Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry (PhD)2004University of Cincinnati
Joni NorrisChemistry1998
Mohammed Khaled SarkerChemistry1998Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry (PhD)2007North Carolina State University
Myron VanceChemistry1998
Pornippa VichchuladaChemistry1998
Jun XuChemistry1998
Janet AkandeChemistry1997Doctor of Philosophy in Pharmacology (PhD)2003Long Island University
Anastasia CootsChemistry1997
Jeff EllingtonChemistry/Biology1997Doctor of Medicine (MD)2002University of Kentucky
Kim FraleyChemistry1997Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering (BS)1999University of Kentucky
Christy HensleyChemistry1997Pharmacy Doctorate (PharmD)2003University of Kentucky
Jason HicksChemistry1997
Anne KintonChemistry1997
Alicia Lane PowersChemistry1997
Denny MarshallChemistry1997
Terecia MeadeChemistry1997
Misty (Meek) BarkerChemistry1997
Steve RobertsChemistry1997
Mat SimonChemistry1997Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (DO)2004Kentucky College of Osteopathic Medicine
Joe BogaleChemistry1996
Mike ClarkChemistry1996Doctor of Philosophy in Pharmacology (PhD)2001University of Kentucky
Nelson ElamChemistry1996Doctor of Medicine (MD)2000University of Kentucky
Sisay Gebrekidan.Chemistry1996Doctor of Philosophy in Pharmacology (PhD)2001University of Kentucky
Liwen LiuChemistry1996Master of Science in Chemistry (MS)1999North Carolina State University
Pele OkulloChemistry1996
Miranda PrewittChemistry1996Physician Assistant (PA)2000University of Kentucky
Selina StambaughChemistry1996
Tianpei XinChemistry1996Master of Science in Chemistry (MS)2005Mayo Clinic Graduate School
Laura BertramChemistry1995
Jeff JohnsonChemistry1995
Robbie LittleChemistry1995
Li Jing SunChemistry1995Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry (PhD)1999Harvard University
Jason SwangoChemistry1995Masters Degree in Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences (MS) & Masters Degree in Secondary Education (MS)1997 & 1999University of KentuckyStarted teaching at Paul Laurence Dunbar High School in Fayette County the 1999-2000 school year to present.
Ellie Barton DunbarChemistry1994Pharmacy Doctorate (PharmD)1999University of Kentucky
Etta Boss-ColeChemistry1994Doctor of Medicine (MD)1999University of Kentucky
Greg DyeChemistry1994Doctor of Medicine (MD)1998University of Kentucky
Paul HarderChemistry1994
Regina HicksChemistry1994
Monte HillChemistry1994Doctor of Medicine (MD)1999University of Kentucky
Brian NapierChemistry1994
Mark ParmonChemistry1994
Peter WillisChemistry1994Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry (PhD)2001
Barry BrockChemistry1993
Melanie FranklinChemistry1993
Billy HeltonChemistry1993
Jamie HornChemistry/Mathematics1993Doctor of Philosophy in Pharmacology (PhD)2000University of Kentucky
Kim HudsonChemistry1993
Dale JeffersonChemistry1993Master of Science in Chemistry (MS)1996Princeton University
Lyndon SalinsChemistry1993Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry (PhD)1999University of Kentucky
Lee Ann SmithChemistry1993
John StrussChemistry1993Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry (PhD)2002Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Randy BledsoeChemistry1992Master of Science in Chemistry (MS)1996Wake Forest University
Brevin BrownChemistry1992
Keith BurberryChemistry/Mathematics1992Doctor of Medicine (MD)2000University of Kentucky
Amy Ellis HammondChemistry1992
Paul LawChemistry1992Doctor of Medicine (MD)1997Johns Hopkins University
Thane MorganChemistry1992
David OlakerChemistry1992Pharmacy Doctorate (PharmD)1996
Greg ReederChemistry1992Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry (PhD)1999University of Cincinnati
Matthew SaderholmChemistry1992Doctor of Philosophy in Biochemistry (PhD)1996University of North Carolina, Chapel HillDean of the College at Berea College
Angie FultzChemistry1991Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry (PhD)1997University of Kentucky
Dwina MartinChemistry/Biology1991
Alisa PerkinsChemistry1991Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry (PhD)1999University of Louisville
Craig ThmopsonChemistry1991Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry (PhD)1999University of Virginia
Tia WorstellChemistry1991
Colin CombsChemistry1991Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry (PhD)1997University of Rochester
Hoang Kim DoChemistry1991
Anna Noble LawsonChemistry1991
Rakesh Kant MishraChemistry1991
Hao Phu NguyenChemistry1991
Robert David ReynoldsChemistry1991
Praveena SalinsChemistry1991Doctor of Medicine (MD)1996University of Kentucky
Michelle Savage ShinnChemistry1991Master of Science in Chemistry (MS)1995University of Kentucky
Kimberly Ann Cromer SingletonChemistry1991
Terrence ToddChemistry1991Master of Science in Chemistry (MS)1994Eastern Kentucky UniversityPassed from heart complications in 1998

George Orwell got the class of 1984 particularly wrong it seems

NameMajorClass YearAdv DegreeYearSchool
Lola Lowry AllenChemistry1989
Ndofunsu BadikaChemistry1989
Mark Anthony BeardChemistry1989
Teresa Mooney KrugChemistry1989
Jennifer Clare LewisChemistry1989
Dr Leslie Boyd LongChemistry1989
Don ParkerChemistry1989
Molly Ann Sandfoss-MooreChemistry1989
David Bryan SheheeChemistry1989
Ping ChenChemistry1988
Beshakeh Stephen FonkengChemistry1988
Heather Poe GilliamChemistry1988
Steven Edward HobbsChemistry1988
Dr Leslie HusbandChemistry1988
Dee Franklin JarrellChemistry1988
Rebecca J Hobson LawsonChemistry1988
Leslie Husband MadsonChemistry1988
Sherri Webb McKinneyChemistry1988
Rajesh Kant MishraChemistry1988
Ruth Ellen Baldridge PiedotChemistry1988
Brian Gunest RamdwarChemistry1988
Keith Eric ReitzelChemistry1988
Michael Vernon SkidmoreChemistry1988
Jennifer Snedden TurnerChemistry1988
Deborah Lynne Morris AveryChemistry1987
Zhalet BaharestanChemistry1987
Dr Denette Olivia CookeChemistry1987
Isabelle M DeFaysChemistry1987
Dr Clary Spielberger HagglundChemistry1987
Cindy Lao HuaChemistry1987
Robert Geoffrey LayneChemistry1987
Dr Mark Anthony LovellChemistry1987
Dr Douglas Wayne McMillenChemistry1987
Ervin Franklin OBryan JrChemistry1987
Dr Daniel James SelskiChemistry1987
Jennifer Webb SmallChemistry1987
Matthew Henry StolteChemistry1987
David Ernest BurgioChemistry1986
Benjamin Lee CreechChemistry1986
Robert Vaughn HaneyChemistry1986
Dr Paul L HesterChemistry1986
Jeffrey Blake LipscombChemistry1986
Robert Anderson NoeChemistry1986
Glenn E PowellChemistry1986
Andrew Lebron WootenChemistry1986
Dr Michael Alan BoydChemistry1985
Kenneth Wayne CoogleChemistry1985
Nancy CraigChemistry1985
Fook Weng NgChemistry1985
Judy Lynn RatliffChemistry1985
Donald Joseph ScottChemistry1985
Robert Hunter Trego IIChemistry1985
John Andrew WeemsChemistry1985
Dr Rick L AdkinsChemistry1984
Anthony Irvin BelcherChemistry1984
Anton Stuart CallowayChemistry1984
Rebecca ChampneyChemistry1984
Karen Jenkins WhiteChemistry1984
Dr Daniel LeeChemistry1984
Michael Wayne WebbChemistry1984
Jeffrey Wayne DickersonChemistry1983
Paul S HiiChemistry1983
Pwo Sen HiiChemistry1983
David MatikkeChemistry1983
Dr Vicki Morgan MorrisChemistry1983
Joe Jr SledgeChemistry1983
Willis D Weatherford IIIChemistry1983
Dr Steven W YatesChemistry1983
Sharon Annette BowmanChemistry1982
Dr Patricia Reinking BurkeChemistry1982
Andrew Kochtitzky MerrittChemistry1982
Dr Kevin Delos ParrisChemistry1982
Dr Larry Joe RussellChemistry1982
Bernard Baffour SencheryChemistry1982
Dr G Jude ShaddayChemistry1982
Allen FullerChemistry1981
David HallChemistry1981
Dr David Lee HallChemistry1981
Lorena Rideout WallhausserChemistry1981
Larry G WrightChemistry1981
Dr Alex GerassimidesChemistry1980
Barry Alan McKenzieChemistry1980
Michael David MillerChemistry1980
Eric Maxwell MobleyChemistry1980
Loren Mark RamsayChemistry1980
William L TodtChemistry1980
Dr Richard WanninkhofChemistry1980
NameMajorClass YearAdv DegreeYearSchool
Vicki Haynes AudiaChemistry1979
Dr Michael A BanksChemistry1979
Karen Solesbee BollChemistry1979
E Guy HollanderChemistry1979
Chi-Ming LinChemistry1979
Tessie Brown McNeelyChemistry1979
Gerald Lamar MetzlerChemistry1979
Michael Philip SprattChemistry1979
Man Sung CoChemistry1978
Christopher Charles CrumChemistry1978
Vaughan HallChemistry1978
Michael Leon HughesChemistry1978
Rodney A LiebhartChemistry1978
Dr Dayna Cheesman MohammadioneChemistry1978
James Edward NewtonChemistry1978
Thi Hong NguyenChemistry1978
Gary Robin PhilipsChemistry1978
Dr William Philip PowersChemistry1978
James TuanChemistry1978
Colins UbbaonuChemistry1978
Eddie K Au-YeungChemistry1977
David ChanChemistry1977
Dr Susan Price DoddChemistry1977
Anna Lee LeavellChemistry1977
Che Keung LiuChemistry1977
Paraskevi Kontoyiannido OstremChemistry1977
James F Pilkin JrChemistry1977
Dr Sape Kwesi QuashieChemistry1977
Martin RamsayChemistry1977
William Charles Smith JrChemistry1977
Asgar TaymooriChemistry1977
Dr Jonathon BaldwinChemistry1976
Kimberlea Adams CombsChemistry1976
John J KilamaChemistry1976
Linus K NwankwoChemistry1976
N Helen OvuworieChemistry1976
George L QuinlanChemistry1976
Dr Glen E TateChemistry1976
Rocky Lorne ClineChemistry1975
Elaine DaughertyChemistry1975
Dr Allan Duane HalbertChemistry1975
Louis LeungChemistry1975
Michael Wayne RidenourChemistry1975
Dr Howard Martin StricklerChemistry1975
Donald Edward TaylorChemistry1975
Beverly Anne BarnesChemistry1974
Keith A BenderChemistry1974
Se-Yeun ChoiChemistry1974
William David DarwinChemistry1974
Joe Lee HowellChemistry1974
Dr William H JohnstoneChemistry1974
Dr Robert Darrell MillerChemistry1974
Brenda Wong-UrataniChemistry1974
Wilton E DingusChemistry1973
Dr Jerry Walter FroelichChemistry1973
Alex Lap LinChemistry1973
Dr Chi-Chung LinChemistry1973
Dianne Clark StahlChemistry1973
Robert TindwaChemistry1973
David Hull TompkinsChemistry1973
Dr Tu Ahn TranChemistry1973
Nancy Wilson GreenChemistry1972
Jake T HollenChemistry1972
Philip M JustusChemistry1972
Lawerence W KingChemistry1972
Dr Peter C KwokChemistry1972
Paul R PowellChemistry1972
Mary Adkins RomanChemistry1972
Dr Rocky Sung-Chi TuanChemistry1972
Thomas Howard ZipfelChemistry1972
William S Bowles IIChemistry1971
Charles E ColsonChemistry1971
Mitchael G EstridgeChemistry1971
James Ray RhotonChemistry1971
Roger L RoehmChemistry1971
Robert E SchaefferChemistry1971
Dr John Moser JohnstoneChemistry1970
Dr Deborah McIntyre-RoarkChemistry1970
Dr Sandra Dotson MossChemistry1970
Hudson Guy MotleyChemistry1970
Gary L PicklesimerChemistry1970
Dr Donnie R SpencerChemistry1970
Dr James W WolfeChemistry1970
Arthur D WuChemistry1970
NameMajorClass YearAdv DegreeYearSchoolOther
Dr Larry C BreedingChemistry1969
Donna DeanChemistry1969Deputy Director, National Director of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering, NIH, Bethesda MD
Mary Cribbs HeckChemistry1969
Dr Fred M HowardChemistry1969
John K JohnsonChemistry1969
Michael H MallicoatChemistry1969
Dr George Wilson Moore IIIChemistry1969
Ronald Kyle SpenceChemistry1969
Byron W WesleyChemistry1969
Dr Larry Allen WidnerChemistry1969
Thomas L WimmerChemistry1969
Necla BenChemistry1968
Dr R James BoulwareChemistry1968
H Kenneth FullerChemistry1968
Saundra HillmanChemistry1968
Yeong Chih LinChemistry1968
Ed Montgomery - Professor of Chemistry and Physics, Centre College, Danville, KY Captain, United States Navy (Retired)Chemistry1968
Homer L TackettChemistry1968
Kunihiko YanagiharaChemistry1968
Dr Brenton S AdamsChemistry1967
Dr Charles Glyndon ClickChemistry1967
Dr Charles E CraseChemistry1967
Laura McIntosh DeckChemistry1967
Sami V EliasChemistry1967
Dr James F GregoryChemistry1967
Terry L HamrickChemistry1967
Dr Flora Hsu JohnsonChemistry1967
John F KeslerChemistry1967
Dr David P WesleyChemistry1967
Helen J WinklerChemistry1967
Donald Gene YoungChemistry1967
Larry BlairChemistry1966
Albert B CombsChemistry1966
Dr James DeanChemistry1966
Mihem Kamal FarhatChemistry1966
Bobby L LottsChemistry1966
Dr Charles V OliverChemistry1966
Billy Wayne PeaceChemistry1966
John F PindarChemistry1966
Peggy Johnson RiceChemistry1966
Robert Eugene RiceChemistry1966
Frank W Spencer JrChemistry1966
Wanda TimpsonChemistry1966
Dr Stanley S TsengChemistry1966
Mickey CastleChemistry1965Retired in 2007 after 31 years as professor of pharmacology at Eastern Virginia Medical School in Norfolk, VA.
Dr Glenn Ray DelpChemistry1965
Arnold FrazierChemistry1965Associate Chairman, Department of Internal Medicine, Carolinas Medical Center, Charlotte, NC
Steve Gordon HaleChemistry1965
Dr B Glenn HicksChemistry1965
Samuel W LeckyChemistry1965
James R ShawChemistry1965
Dr Jimmy W ViersChemistry1965
William E Druell JrChemistry1964
Larry Edward EllisChemistry1964
Dr Bobby A HowellChemistry1964
Shirley Becker JonesChemistry1964
Penelope Hale MathewsChemistry1964
Dr Thomas NabihChemistry1964
Dr David Lee NickelChemistry1964
Lt Samuel Garrett OgleChemistry1964
Ralph J SloneChemistry1964
Donald Roger SmithChemistry1964
Mary Hood VeltenChemistry1964
William E WhitlockChemistry1964
Vera Lucretia DanielsChemistry1963
Joel C DetchonChemistry1963
Mary Jo Burns FyfeChemistry1963
Sue Sitt HeraldChemistry1963
Dr William R KidwellChemistry1963
Brenda Joyce Ross OlingerChemistry1963
Terrance Joseph VeltenChemistry1963
Edna Campbell WhiteChemistry1963
Richard J BrewerChemistry1962
Edward Arnold CliftonChemistry1962
Dr Faramarz Ismail-BeigiChemistry1962
Hassan KhatamiChemistry1962
Dr James Michael RiemannChemistry1962
Gerald Dean RobertsChemistry1962
Earl S TrentChemistry1962
Dr Vascue O BrownChemistry1961
Dr Keith H ByrdChemistry1961
Shao-an ChienChemistry1961
Dr Lowell D HatfieldChemistry1961
Ambrose C McDowChemistry1961
Roger G OwensChemistry1961
Dr Joe Wesley RhudyChemistry1961
Delmar WardChemistry1961
Dr S Manuchehr AlaviChemistry1960
Dr H Glenn BuchananChemistry1960
W Ben CulbertsonChemistry1960
Sheldon P DicksonChemistry1960
Dr Farhad Ismail-BeigiChemistry1960
Dr Dale Kamerer MyersChemistry1960
Wi ToChemistry1960
Walter Ward JrChemistry1960
Vernon B YorkChemistry1960

Many of the biographical entries in these years come from records found that once were kept by Professors Levey and Kapps, former faculty in the chemistry program.

NameMajorClass YearAdv DegreeYearSchoolOther
Jack Algon AllenChemistry1959
Philip R CaudilChemistry1959
Dr David R GrahamChemistry1959
Dr J Ray IsraelChemistry1959
Dr Theodore Clark WhitsonChemistry1959
Dr Frances Gabbard BairdChemistry1958
Dr Wallace BairdChemistry1958
Marguerite Dyer BertramChemistry1958
James D BowlingChemistry1958
Dr James S BurtonChemistry1958
Dr George G EllisChemistry1958
Dr John W Forbes IIIChemistry1958
Devon W MeekChemistry1958
Edward Lee MorganChemistry1958
Dr Harold L MosesChemistry1958
Dr Kelly Gene MossChemistry1958
Shirley Johnson RainesChemistry1958
Sammy Ray BryantChemistry1957
B Zane EganChemistry1957
Rolfe R EldridgeChemistry1957
Dr David C HardwickChemistry1957
Dr Astor HerrellChemistry1957
Dean T JonesChemistry1957
George W MillerChemistry1957
Billy D BruceChemistry1956
Forrest C BurnsChemistry1956
Dr Constantine CappasChemistry1956
Tommy L ClarkChemistry1956
Dr Allen T CorbinChemistry1956
JoAnn Overton DawsonChemistry1956
Dr Thomas L DawsonChemistry1956
C Gordon JonesChemistry1956
Dr Kak-Choong KimChemistry1956
Dr Harry Donald NashChemistry1956
Bernice B PressleyChemistry1956
Benjamin C. SturgillChemistry1956Professor of Pathology, Associate Dean for Admissions, University of Virginia
Dr Jesse Leroy BobbittChemistry1955
Dr Betty M BurchettChemistry1955
Joe CableChemistry1955
Dr Julian H Capps IIChemistry1955
Dr Ying-Nan ChiuChemistry1955
Roy W ClineChemistry1955
Dr Wyatt E CollinsChemistry1955
Robert D FryeChemistry1955
Dr Fred H GreenbergChemistry1955
Rev Delmas E HareChemistry1955
Bill S MastersChemistry1955
Dr Kenneth W MossChemistry1955
Larry S SaylorChemistry1955
Dorothy Coffey WierwilleChemistry1955
Ade AderonmuChemistry1954
John Mitchell BaneChemistry1954
Lt Conner F ChaneyChemistry1954
C Ronald DingessChemistry1954
Gerald G LeslieChemistry1954
Dr George Ronald LesterChemistry1954
Gunars PotapousChemistry1954
Elizabeth McSween WelchChemistry1954
Dr Charles E BakerChemistry1953
Maye Hansen BarnardChemistry1953
Anna Hall HelmsChemistry1953
Dr Witold Alexander HojaChemistry1953
Dr Walter Riley WrightChemistry1953
Dr Starling K Alley JrChemistry1952
Dr David L BunburyChemistry1952
Reynard Conley ShrewsberryChemistry1952
R Eugene BowlingChemistry1951
Dr. Everett S ColemanChemistry1951
Lt. Col Don H HallChemistry1951
Olin H HowardChemistry1951
Robert Reed RogersChemistry1951
Maurice ShammaChemistry1951
Dr. Ernest G StraussChemistry1951
John R WhitakerChemistry1951
Joseph Curtis CraftChemistry1950
Curtis W HaverlyChemistry1950
Dr. Wilfred B Howsmon Jr.Chemistry1950
Robert Alexander ManningChemistry1950
Donald D MentzerChemistry1950
Myrtle Caroline Ann Robinson (Ronne)Chemistry1950
Winfred SalyerChemistry1950
John Elliot WelshChemistry1950

Many of the biographical entries in these years come from records found that once were kept by Professors Levey and Kapps, former faculty in the chemistry program.

NameMajorClass YearAdv DegreeYearSchoolOther
Mary Ruth BarnesChemistry1949
Virginia Hylton CalmesChemistry1949
Mary Katherine FryeChemistry1949
James Maxwell HesselgesserChemistry1949
Charles H. HibbittsChemistry1949
Robert R. LangChemistry1949
Lou Cornelia LovenChemistry1949
Wade C. MoyersChemistry1949
Lewellyn Gray PicklesimerChemistry1949
Robert "Bob" E. Robinson Chemistry1949PhD1953Purdue Universitymarried to Myrtle from class of 1950
John M. Ross Jr.Chemistry1949
William H. RoushChemistry1949
James I. Salter Jr.Chemistry1949
John R. StoutChemistry1949
Lawrence R. ViaChemistry1949
Robert WilliamsChemistry1949
Burgin H. WoodChemistry1949
Nancy Elizabeth BrooksChemistry1948
Dora Louise CampbellChemistry1948
Joseph Boggs CornelisonChemistry1948
Charles C. ElliottChemistry1948
Mary Frances FrenchChemistry1948
Mildred Anne HayesChemistry1948
Hilda Margareta KarlssonChemistry1948
Harry Wendell KilbourneChemistry1948
William M. NelsonChemistry1948
Harold ReynoldsChemistry1948
Peter StelosChemistry1948
Clay Westerfield WhitakerChemistry1948
Hollis Brandon CopelandChemistry1947
Robert Lee FowlkesChemistry1947
Oliver Raymond HuntChemistry1947
Robert R. RickardChemistry1947Professor of Pathology, Associate Dean for Admissions, University of Virginia
Sarah Elizabeth TalbotChemistry1947
Brigitte AuerbachChemistry1946From New York, N.Y. Employed as research worker by Merck, Rahway, N.J.
Ovaline BeckChemistry1946From Pineville, Ky. Employed by Tennessee Eastman, Oak Ridge, TN.
Cora Ovaline BeckChemistry1946
Jan Rose CottonChemistry1946From Jeffersontown, Ky. In 1946, she was employed by Tennessee Eastman, Oak Ridge, TN.
Glenn CrosswhiteChemistry1946
Helen Muriel DavisChemistry1946
Amanda EsteppChemistry1946
Michael FuhrmannChemistry1946
Wilma Jean HarrisChemistry1946
Mary Elizabeth JonesChemistry1946From Kenova, West Virginia. Employed by Tennessee Eastman, Oak Ridge, Tennessee.
Thomas Charles RunionChemistry1946From Erwin, Tennessee. Employed by Charleston Finance Co., Charleston, W.Va. while waiting for draft in 1942. took night classin chemistry. Returned to Berea to finish work in 1945. Graduated. Employed by Monsanto, Oak Ridge, Tennessee in 1946.
Barbara Schulze Chemistry1946Graduate work in Chemistry
Forrest Vaughn WilliamsChemistry1946From Paintsville, Ky. Employed by Carbon & Carbide Co., OakRidge, Tennessee.
Mary Margaret CallisonChemistry1945From East Rainelle, W.Va. Married James Merrill Rupert on June 29. Lived in S. Charleston W.Va. where here her husband is a salesman for a truit company. Employed by Carbide & Carbon, Charleston, W.Va.
Jane Poage EversoleChemistry1945From London, Ky. Married George Murray in Atlanta Georgia on June 20, 1946. Employed by DuPont (Grasselli) in Chicago, Indiana. Moved to New haven, Connecticut. Attended Yale for electrical engineering.
Betty Jean KingChemistry1945Married William I. Proffitt on February 23, 1946 at Dayton, Georgia. Employed by Tennessee Eastman, Oak Ridge, Tennessee. Employed in research by Tennessee Eastman, Kingsport. Enrolled in graduate work at University of Tennessee. Taught 4 recitation grougs in general chemistry. Prepared for medical school at Memphis in 1946.
Hazel SewellChemistry1945From Jamestown, tennessee. Employed by Carbide & Carbon, Charleston, W.Va.
Muriel Vae ShuttChemistry1945From Berea, Ky. Took nursing training at Western Reserve in 1946. Taught math and physics in H.S. in Jenkins. Taught science, math, and geography in Eubauk H.S., Pulaski Co., Ky.
Audrey Lowe SingeltonChemistry1945From Emmalena, Ky. Taught in H.S. at Jenkins, Ky in 1945.
Karen TaylorChemistry1945From Knoxville, Tennessee. Married Clay Whitaker in June of 1945. Enrolled in summer School of Art, Western Reserve. Returned to Berea in February 1946.
William Lloyd DaughertyChemistry1944
John H. DenhamChemistry1944From Hazard,Ky. Inducted into army. Stationed at Camp Hood, Texas.
Betty Josephine KnottsChemistry1944Married Glenn L. Bonsett on December 14, 1944. Employed by General Chemiscal Co., Cauden, N.J. Employed as chemist for Nesbitt Fruit Prod., Los Angeles, California.
Delmas PenningtonChemistry1944From Ashland, Ky. Employed as Jr. chemist by Ashland Oil and refining Co., Ashland, Ky in 1944. Married Kathering Leatherwood in Berea November 22, 1944. Philip Michael born September 20, 1946 in Waynesville, N.C.
Elwood F. ReberChemistry1944From Westlawn, Pa. Married alta Mae Davis, Class of 1944. Lived in Westlawn while awaiting draft. Lived in Norwood, Ohio, where he worked as chemical food inspector for Kroger's in Cincinnati. Inducted into army June 20, 1945. assigned to camp November 1946, Big Flats, N.Y. Employedin psychiatric ward at the Duke Hospital C.P.S. unit, Durham, N.C.
Edward Anderson ColemanChemistry1943
Ellen Frances DawsonChemistry1943From Peach Creek, W.Va. Married Frank Fife. Moved to Muskoyee, Okla, after marriage. Frank stationed there at Camp Gruber. Employed as computer by Glema L. Martin Airplane Co., Baltimore, Md.
Velma RameyChemistry1943From McVeigh, Ky. Employed by Seagram's, Louisville, Ky. Taught math and science in Belfry, Ky high school. Employed by Monsanto, Norfolk, Va.
Victor Bruce WhitfieldChemistry1943From Clintwood, Va. Employed by U.S. rubber Co., in Detroit in 1943. worked toward master's degree at Wayne University.
Ruby AllenChemistry1942From Langley, KY. Married to Claude Bayes in 1942.
Aubrey Harold BaileyChemistry1942From Baileyton, TN. Joined Naval Reserve. Attended midshipmen's school, annapolis, MA.
Claud Miller BaysChemistry1942From Gauge, Ky. Married Ruby Allen in Berea on June 19, 1942. Left for Baltimore to enter John Hopkins Medical School. Completed internship at U.S. Naval Hospitalin Oakland, Ca. Specialixed in obstetrics. Discharged in August from Naval Reserve.
Robert H. BlakerChemistry1942From Blue Sulfur Springs W. Va. Took graduate work at M.I.T. Returned to Berea to teach Physics, math and physical chemistry.
Horace Edward ClarkChemistry1942From Wichita, Kansas. Married Oliva Gayhart. Joined Naval reserve. Worked at Blue grass Ordinance during summer. Graduated from midshipmen's school, Columbia in in 1943. Employed as engineer for National Synthetic Rubber Co., Louisville.
Roger W. CloydChemistry1942From Corbin, Ky. Married Pauline Elliott on February 17, 1943. Entered Naval Reserve (V-7) at New York. Was sent to Notre Dame. On duty on sub-chaser in Florida. Discharged in 1945. Enrolled in graduate school, University of Michigan in 1946.
Edward ColemanChemistry1942From Richmond, W.Va. Employed by Chesapeake & Potomac Tel. Co., at Richmond, W.Va. Graduated from Midshipmen's School at Notre Dame.
Arthur Carl CollinsChemistry1942MD1948Long Island UniversityFrom Woodville, Alabama. Studied medicine at Long Island University, Brooklyn. Continued medicine under V-12. Graduated as M.D., commissioned a It., in Naval Reserve. Served as intern at Lenox Hills Hospital, N.Y. On staff in surgery at U.S. Naval Hospital, Bainbridge, Md.
Elizabeth Ellen HoffmanChemistry1942From Teheran, Iran. Enrolled in School of Nursing at Western Reserve in 1942. Graduated in 1945 from nursing school. Employed by U.S. Marine Hospital, Cleveland, in public health service.
Tellis Alexander MartinChemistry1942From Hickory, N.C. Had internship in chemistry at University of Virginia. Withdrew a month before completion of master's requirements to work at the university in essential research. Received M.s. in Chemistry in October 1945. continued studies as part-time student. Received Ph.D in June 1947.
Margaret Louise MooreChemistry1942From Harrodsburg, Kentucky. Married Clyde A. Pentz, Jr. on September 15, 1942. Employed by Carbide & Carbon, Charleston, West Virginia in 1942. Lived in South Charleston, West Virginia.
John Brock RawlingsChemistry1942
Carter WardChemistry1942From Neva, Tennessee.
Juanita H. WheelerChemistry1942From Stevenson, Alabama. Employed by Carbde & Carbon, Charleston, W.Va. Employed in Huntington in 1946.
Charlotte AngellChemistry1941From Dundee, Ill. Worked in early 40s at St. Luke's Hospital in Chicago and Pember-Nazum Clinic in Janesville, WI.
Annabel AveryChemistry1941From Morgantown, N.C. Married Kenneth Burnham in 1941, lived at Sebasco Estates, Maine. Divorced in 1946. Employed by a research lab, Philadelphia, PA.
Emma Lee BrannonChemistry1941From Parcoal, W.Va. Married Albert W. Armstrong on December 3, 1942 in Cincinnati. Eplouyed as chemical typist, Emery Industries, Cincinnati.
Burton Francis ClarkChemistry1941From Berea, Ky. Joined army, medical corps, camp barkeley, Texas. Transferred to Air Corps, Kelly Field. Commissioned at Randolph Field, November 10, 1942. Served overseas (North Africa) awarded Soldiers Medal '42. Promoted to 1st Lt. Promoted to Captain, won D.F.C. in 1945.
Charlie Fulton HaleChemistry1941From West Prestonsburg, Ky. Employed as chemist for Carbide & Carbon Co., at Charleston, W.Va.
William A. HardimanChemistry1941From Pearisburg, Virginia. Worked in chemical fevelopment in Pearisburg, Va. in 1941. Married Dorthy Smith in 1947.
John Aurthur HowsmonChemistry1941PhD1945University of IllinoisFrom Dayton, Ohio. Had a teaching assistantship at University of Illinois (Analytical & X-Ray Division)in 1941. Received Ph.D from University of Illinois. Employed as X-Ray chemist with American Viscose Corp., Marcus Hook, Pa.
Leon Agee LackeyChemistry1941DMD1945Columbia UniversityFrom Kimball, W.Va. Married Sylvia Christine Holliday on July 3, 1944, in New Hampshire. His wife has R.N. and B.S. from Columbia, and was a public health nurse in New York City. Granted a scholarship to Columbia School of Dental and Oral Surgery. Elected vice-president of class freshman year in 1941. Assigned to Naval Air Station, Norfolk, Va. as Lt., j.q. Son Leon Jr., was born in 1945.
Laban Theodore McClureChemistry1941DMD1944The Ohio State UniversityFrom Fort Gay, West Virginia. Married LaVerna Ramsey. Entered Atlanta Southern Dental College in 1941. Transferred to Ohio State University in 1942. Graduated in 1944. Commissioned Lt. , j.q. in U.S.N.R. Assigned to assistant dental surgeon at Great Lakes, Illinois.
William Jasper McCrearyChemistry1941From Corbin, Kentucky. Tried for meteorology in Army air Corps in 1941. Graduated from Midshipmen's School at Notre Dame as Ensign in 1943.
Theodore Roosevelt RiceChemistry1941PhD1946HarvardFrom Paintsville, Ky. Married Franki Mantooth in 9141. Did graduate work at the University of Kentucky. Stationed at Huntsville Arsenal, Ala, as Lt. in chemical warfare service. Promoted to Capt., adjutent and administrative officer. SonTheodore Roger was born in Huntsville in 1946. after release, he did worktoward Ph.D degree in biology at Harvard in 1946.
Harold D. RosenbaumChemistry1941From Fairplay, Ky. Married Louise Poole, S.N,'43, in 1944. Graduated from Harvard Medical School. Captain of Army Medical Corps in 1946. Resident in medicine, Colorado arsenal department.
Harold S. WaltersChemistry1941From Davis, W.Va. Married Thelma Scott, c/o '41. Entered Navigation School at Albany, Ga. Commissioned and taught navigation school at Turner Field in 1941. Promoted to Captain at Selman Field, La. as assistant sgn. navigator. Stationed at Saipan. Had two children, Harriet and Harold Jr. in 1945. assigned Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute to study plastics while still in the air corps in 1947.
Fred W. BrownChemistry1940From Black Mountain, N.C. In 1941, he joined the army, 120th Inf., Ft. jackson, S.C.
Harry Lee ButlerChemistry1940From Tazewell, Va. Married christine Walker. Employed by Commercial Testing Co, Charleston.
Kenneth G. ChristianChemistry1940MD1945University of AlabamaFrom Cullman, Alabama. Enrolled in Medical School at the University of Alabama.
James Jefferson DavisChemistry1940From Connelly Springs, N.C. Married Susan Atchley C'40 in 1943. Enrolled in the Universoty of Richmond Medical School. Began internship at Philadelphia General Hospital. Son James, Jr., born July 9, 1944.
Bill Joe GrayChemistry1940From Stone, Ky. Married Amanda Melvin in October 1946. Lived in Stone, Ky. Received wings from Marta, Texas, advanced flying school. Commissioned and assigned to Roswell, New Mexico. Employed by Eastern Coal Salea Co., Stone.
Helton HaleChemistry1940From Cripple Creek, Va. Married Zadi Gannaway on November 1, 1941 in Danforth. Moved to Shreveport, La. Daughter Ruth penelope born June 18, 1943. Lived in Wytheville, Va. Operated a store in partnership with his brother. Daughter Holly Lynn was born on December 25, 1946.
Mary Ruth JonesChemistry1940From East Lynn, W.Va. Married William H. Pearlman. Studied medical technology at Worcesta, Mass. in 1940. Worked as a fellow of National Research Council in organic chemistry at Clark University in 1941. Accepted position as research assistant in the Biology Department at Princeton. Worked with a problem of pellayra prevention in the South.
Jack StevensChemistry1940From Candler, N.C. Married Miriam Rowe in 1944. Employed by Carbide & carbon Co., Charleston, W.Va. Did graduate work at University of North Carolina.

Many of the biographical entries in these years come from records found that once were kept by Professors Levey and Kapps, former faculty in the chemistry program.

NameMajorClass YearAdv DegreeYearSchoolOther
Joseph W. CanidaChemistry1939From Berea, Ky. Married Opal Dunaway C'42 on October 7, 1944 in Lexington. Stationed in Army at Camp Lee, Va. Served 31 mos. in S.W. Pacific area. took graduate work at U.K. in seccondary education. Member of fraternity.
Harlan W. HirschyChemistry1939From Evans City, Pa. Married Berdine Rigdan in June 1939. Had assistantship at Syracuse University. Received M.A. in Chemistry in 1941. Did research work for Kimberly-Clark Corp., Neenan, Wisconsin.
William R. LayChemistry1939From Barbourville, Kentucky. Studied biology medicine at Vanderbilt University.
Charles E. MatheneyChemistry1939From Allegheny, Virginia. Worked in Carbide & Carbon at Charleston, West Virginia.
Walter A. PayneChemistry1939From Corbin, Kentucky. Studied two years on medicine at University of Alabama. transferred to Jefferson Medical College at Philadelphia.
Glenna Lucille ShawChemistry1939From Cracker, Mo. Taught 3rd and 4th grade at Cracker, Mo. in 1940
Melvin SheinChemistry1939From Williamson, W.Va. Studied Medicine at University of W.Va. in 1939. As Lt., graduated from army school of military neuropsychiatry, Brentwood, N.Y. In Korea as captain with Cusal Personnel Section of medical corps in 1946.
John T. StricklandChemistry1939From albertville, Alabama. Married Vivian Havlditch in 1942. Taugh high school science at Ensley, Alabama. Taught science in Birmingham. Entered Alabama's Medical School. Graduated with M.D. from U. of Pa. Interned at Hillman Jefferson Hospital in Birmingham
Thomas Martin CableChemistry1938From Fincastle, Ky. Enrolled in Western Reserve Medical School. Initiated into Sigma Rho. Graduated as M.D. June 5. Served internship at Fairview Park Hospital, Cleveland.
William Stuart CalwellChemistry1938
Stuart CalwellChemistry1938From Hinton, W.Va. Married Margaret L. Walters '37. Employed by McKesson & Robbins, Inc. as sales representative near Logan, W.Va. In 1943, he entered mid shipman's school, Notre Dame. On February 22, 1944, his son was born. Commissioned ensign, stationed at washington navy Yard. Lived in Arlington, Va.
Robert Elwood CassellChemistry1938From Amonate, Virginia. married Hazel cawood. Lived in Harlem Co. as a representative of Conn. Mutuaal Life Ins. Co. teacher and assistant coach of Cumberland high school. Employed by War asst. line inspector at Wolf Creek Ordance Plant, Milan, TN. Lived in Jackson. In 1943, his son Robert, Jr., was born.
William Allen DonaldsonChemistry1938
George Kelley KeithChemistry1938From Manchester, Ky. Married Marjorie Reader in 1940. Graduated from Wayne Medical School in 1942. Interned at Highland Park General Hospital. Daughter Judy Alice born in 1943. Held rank of captain in 1945. Became surgical resident at Highland Park Hospital.
Frederic Thompson MannChemistry1938From Renick, West virginia. taught high school math at Smoot, West Virginia. Continued work on master's degree at University of West Virginia in 1938. Taught math and chemistry in Renick, W.Va. employed as inspector for U.S. Engineers at Huntington, W.Va. Enlisted in army in 1942, and stationed at Camp Bowie, texas, with chemical warfare service. Entered Officers Training School, Camp Davis, N.C. In France, promoted to master sergeant in 1945.
James T. MotternChemistry1938From Baileytown, Tenn. Married Besa Ledford. Graduated from Chemical Warfare School at Edgewoord Arsenal, Md. Commissioned Lt., stationed at Camp Sibert, Atlabama. He was commanding officer of 108th chemical processing company which won a meritorious service plaque at Guadal Canal. Moved to Oak ridge on discharge in 1946.
William Walter RobertsChemistry1938From Burnside, Ky. Did graduate work at Northwestern with an assistantship in chemistry. Chemist for U.S gypsum Co. at E. Chicago, Ind. in 1940. Took graduate work at M.I.T.
Roy R. RoseChemistry1938From Hulen, Ky. Stationed at Albrook Field, Canal Zone with 15th air Base Sgn.
Xury Rivoli SettleChemistry1938Married Alice Elswick c/o '39. Worked in Monterverde, Florida as instructor in woodwork and mechanical drawing and as a supervisor of student labor. Employed by aetna Oil Co., Louisville. Private in Army with chemical warfare at Camp Sibert, Alabama in 1943. Became sqt. with air engineering. Discharged in October 1945
Sam B. SmithChemistry1938From Bow, Kentucky. Etna Oil Co.-Chemistry Control Lab. Army-Chemical Warfare, Alabama. October 8, 1945 married Marion Button. February 14, 1947, daughter Shelia was born.
Eugene Baxter SmithChemistry1938From Cosby, Tennessee. Married Wilma Wilson in 1945. Did graduate work at Vandserbilt and U.T. Medical School.
Jerome TartarChemistry1938From Wintonville, Ky. Accepted as aviation cadet at San Antonio, Texas. Graduated at Kelly Field. transferred to Hamilton Field, California to take celestial navigation. In 1941, Ft. Douglas Utah in air corps.
William Glenn WinchellChemistry1938From Lanark, W.Va. Taught high school at Montcoal, in 1938. Taught chemistry and math at Beaver, W.Va in 1941.
Harvey Stuart AuvilChemistry1937Married Josephine Messer. Was Chief Chemist for Citizens Gas & Coke Utility at Indianapolis. has a daughter named Adrianne. Employed with Bureau of Mines, Pittsburgh. Transsferred to Tuscaloosa, Ala., head of Coal research Section
Edna Ruth BakerChemistry1937From Knoxville, TN. Married Elbert H. Hadley December 26, 1942. Worked in bacteriological lab at Universit of Tennessee. Enrolled at Duke for medical technology. Received degree from Duke. Employed as technician at Charlotte, N.C. Lived in Buffalo, N.Y. where Mr. Hadley is a chemist with Du Pont. Daughter Marilyn Ruth, born in 1945 in Buffalo.
James Clyde BartonChemistry1937
James C. BartonChemistry1937From Westminister, S.C. Taught the County High School at Kelly, N.C. Became principal of Landrum, H.S., Landrum S.C.
Lillian ColemanChemistry1937From Kelsa, W.Va. Married Ed Elgin. Taught in two-room rural school at Pearly, Va. Taught in high school at Hurley, Va.
Jesse James DamronChemistry1937From Esco, Ky. taught sciences in hgih school at Virgie, Pike Co., Ky. in 1937
John B. FennChemistry1937from Bereea, Ky. Married Margaret Wilson in June 1939 in Berea. Enrolled in Yale graduate school. Received Ph.D in 1940. Employed in Wyandotle, Michigan by Sharples Chem Co. Daughter Barbara born September 15, 1944. Son John Jr. born on September 9, 1945 in Berea. Moved to Richmond to do research.
Thomas L. GunnellChemistry1937From Mount Airy, N.C. Married Louise Scrwner. Lived in Portsmouth, Virginia in 1938. Employed as associated research chemist by Virginia Smelting Co., West Norfolk, Va. Daughter Pamela Kay was born on June 5, 1942. Became instructor of Chemistry and Physics, and acting headd of Dept. of Physical sciences at Union College, Barbourville.
Lillard Franklin HartChemistry1937From Green Cove, Virginia. Spent summer at camp in Pittsford, Vermont. Taught science and math at Oak Hill Baptist academy, Kindrick, Va. Entered Wake Forest Medical School in 1940.
John Aitken HendersonChemistry1937
Jack HendersonChemistry1937From Stone, Ky. Married Ruth Evelyn Maxedon in Lexington. Drove school bus and coached basketball at majestic, Ky. Received M.A. in physical education from U.K. Entered army. Returned to job with Veterans' Admin., Lexington in 1946.
Robert Henry HillChemistry1937From Fory Gay, W.Va. Married Dorothy Gilpin on December 24, 1937. Employed by Standard Ultramarine Dye Co., at Huntington, W.Va. One son, Robert Thomas.
E. Genevieve MoranChemistry1937From Red Jacket, W.Va. Married Horace Atwood, Jr. on May 31. They moved to Belleville, W, Va. Taught in Mingo Co., W.Va. Taught mathematics at Red Jacket Jr. High, W.Va. Son Alan born on March 26, 9144
Genevieve MoranChemistry1937From Red Jacket, W.Va. Married Horace Atwood, Jr on May 31. They moved to Belleville., NJ. Taught in Mingo Co., W.Va., in 1937. Taught mathematics at red jacket Jr. High, W.Va. Son Alan was born on March 26, 1944. Son Bruce was born on April 7, 1947. Known as JG throughout her adult life she was active in the League of Women Voters, Unity Church of Montclair NJ, and the Greystone Park Hospital volunteer service. She passed away November 19, 1994.
Thelma C. PowellChemistry1937From Green Forest, Arkansas. Married Thus. N. Gwaltney. Entered Western Reserve School of Nursing in 1937. Redicved degree master of nursing. employed by University Hospitals, Cleveland. Employed by Psychiatric Hospital, St. Louis, Mo. Became a lead nurse in 1942. Daughter Tommy Loo born December 15, 1942.
Marvin Omar ShraderChemistry1937PhD1942Syracuse UniversityFrom Bishop, Va. Married Lula Higgins c/o '40. Received M.A. from Syracuse in 1937. Entered doctorate work at N.Y.U. with a scholarship in 1939. Transferred to Yale in 1940. Married Lula in 1940. Received Ph.D from Yale in 1942. Son Donald born in 1946. Employed in research & Development dept. of General aniline Film Corp. Linden, N.J.
William L. SullivanChemistry1937From Decatur, Alabama. Married Wilma Wallace in 1943. In 1944, he worked at Lakeland, florida, with north American corporation. In 1946, daughter Mary was born.
William Pryor WrightChemistry1937From Bellevue, Kentucky and Boaz, Alabama. Married Opal Robbins in 1941. Taught and coached at Brodhead in 1938. Daughter Mary was born in 19943. as Lt., stationed at Edgewood, Md., in chemical warfare service in 1943.
John W. ArmstrongChemistry1936From Bennington, Vt. Was married in Berea on February 14, 1942. Had a daughter named alice Kay born in November 1943. Armstrong was also employed by Bendix Testing Department, Rochester Division, General Motors, N.Y.,
Porter BaileyChemistry1936From Baileyton, TN. Married Ethel Bettie '36. In the Late 1930's, he was employedin the shipping dept.,Mengel Body Co., Louisville. Transferred from Winchester to Corbin to do buying for repair shops od U.S. Forest Service. Employed in lab of Aetna Oil Co.,Louisville. Margaret Ellen born January 14, 1944.
Mary F. BlalockChemistry1936From Blacksburg, S.C. Took a business course in Pikeville.
Ralph M. CookeChemistry1936MD1940University of LouisvilleFrom Elkin, N.C. Had two chilfren born in 1941 & 1944. Enrolled in University of Louisville Medical School in 1936. Became assistant house surgeon at st. joseph's infrimary, Louisville. Became assistant surgeon of U.S. Public Health Service, Marine Hospital, Buffalo, N.Y. in 1943. Served in Naval medical corps, sea duty and at a hospital in New Orleans, La. Opened an office in Somerset in 1946.
Evan EdwardsChemistry1936From Pickett, Ky. Taught in high school at Breeding, Adair Co., Ky. Did graduate work at University of Louisville.
George Bleecker ElyChemistry1936
George B. ElyChemistry1936From Rice Lake, Wisconsin. Married Evelyn Ross C'36 in December in Cynthiana. Employed by T.V.A. as assistant in health dept. at Pickwick Dam. Enrolled in medical school at the University of Alabama. trasferred to University of Virginia. Received M.D degree in 1943. Daughter Marylyn born. Served internship at University of Iowa in oto larynology. He entered the army in 1945.
Walter Alfred GunklerChemistry1936From Rochester, N.Y. Married Margaret Erickson on October 10, 1042 at Coral Gables, Florida. Enrolled in Harvard Medical School in 1936. Received M.D. Served internship at Strong Mem. Hosp., Rochester, N.Y. Appointed assistant resident physician and instructor in surgery. Commissioned Lt. in medical corps. Stationed at baseHospital, langley Field, Virginia.
Coay RussellChemistry1936From Somerset, Ky. Married Willie Mae Mullenin in 1937. Employed by Mangel in Louisville. Civil service worker in internal revenue dept. in Louisville. transferred to Shepherdsville. Son Willaim Lee was born in 1938. Transferred to Cleveland, Ohio in 1941.
William Grady SelfChemistry1936MD1940New York UniversityMarried Mary Evelyn Walters, S.N. Medical student at University of Alabama. Transferred to N.Y.U. Received M.D. from N.Y.U. in 1940. Interned at Coney Island Hospital Brooklyn, N.Y. 1st Lt. in air corps, Blytheville, arkansas. transferrd to Randolph Field, Texas in 1942. Promoted to Captain Flight Surgeon. Daughter Marilyn born in 1943. Son William Jr. was born in 1944
William T. SloanChemistry1936Married Virginia Whatley in 1942. Taught science near Scottsboro, Alabama in 1936. Employed as chemical plant forman in Huntsville Arsenal, Alabama. Daughter Carol born in 1944
Robert Edward BlackChemistry1935From lancaster, O. Married Eunice Whitsett in August of 1939. Received bachelor of Science in Education at Ohio State. received M.A. from Ohio State. Taught high school in Pittsburgh. Moved to ahland, Ky. Has one daughter, Susanne.
Robin Adair ByronChemistry1935MD1939Vanderbilt UniversityFrom Owingsville, Ky. Receive M.D. from Vanderbilt. Interned at Davidson Co. T.B. Hospital in Nashville, TN. On staff at Charity Hospital, New Orleans, La.
Emma Price CairnsChemistry1935From Williamsburg, Ky. Married Frank Hodgson. Worked as studenttechnician, Kansas City. Employed at Kansas City General Hospital as medical technologist in charge of Section of Blood Chemistry. Married Dr. Hodgson.
Samuel J. CampbellChemistry1935From Berea, Ky. Married Edna Maye Bottom. employed as salesman for H.J. Heinz. Lived in aurora, Indiana. Moved to Cynthiana. daughter, Beverly Ann, was born on November 1, 1936 in Berea. Lived in Levington. Won a national sales contest of H.J. Heinz. Daughter, Judith Merle was born in 1939 in Lexington, Became special representative on Lexington Agency of Union Central Life Inc. Co. employed as salesman for John Sexton, wholesale distributors. Live in Pensacloa, Florida in 1945.
John Mark DomjancichChemistry1935From New Boston, Ohio. In 1935 he enrolled in Ohio State Dental School. Received D.D.S in June 1940 from Ohio State.
Ralph Lester HopkinsChemistry1935From Berea, Ky. Received M.S. From U.K. Lived in Lexington and did research in petroleum for State Highway Department in 1939. Employed in war work at Owensboro as a chemist in the Fleischman plant, manufactoring alcohol. Employed as chemist with U.S. government petroleum research, Bartlesville, Oklahoma in 1945.
Norman Ellsworth MooreChemistry1935From Ashland, Kentucky. Employed at Diem & Wing Paper Co., Cincinnati in charge of sample department. Employed by Proctor & Gamble as sales assistant. Moved to Toledo as All-Stae Insurance representative of Sears-Roebuck.
Oliver Wilbur MuelderChemistry1935From La Crosse, Wisconsin. Received M.A. from the University of Wisconsin. Taught Organic at Coe College, Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Worked on Doctorate at University of Iowa in 1937. He became ill and was sent to sanatorium at Willowbrook, Wisconsin in 1939. He died in April 1941 at Wales, Wisconsin.
George Delbert PryorChemistry1935From Gaffney, S.C. Married Geneva Kirby. Lived at Cowmens, S.C. Employed as assistant to piano tuning Co. in Spartanburg, S.C. Taught algebra and general science at York, S.C. Son Harold born in 1937. Workedas NYA supervisor in S.c. Became superintendent of public schools at Jefferson, S.C.
James Forrest AllenChemistry1934PhD1947The Ohio State UniversityMarried Amy Lycan (1936). Received MS from University of Kentucky, 1937. Taught at Kansas State College in Manhattan KS (1941). Daughter Elizabeth Ann born 1/21/43. Taught at Denison University 1945. PhD from Ohio State Univeristy in 1947. Research position with Westraco Chlorine Products, South Charleston, WV.
John A. BumgarnerChemistry1934From Phelps, Ky.
Herbert Braxton DewsChemistry1934
Shelton F. FowlerChemistry1934From Wedowee, Alabama. Received M.D. from Vanderbilt. Lived in Nashville as a practicing physician. Livedin Fayette, N.C. Stationed at Fy. Bragg as Captain in medical corps, army.
Emerson Randolph HatcherChemistry1934From Berea, Ky. Married Jane Louise Springer on July 24, 1940. Received M.D. from Cornell. Interned at Starling-Loving Hospital in columbus, Ohio. Supervised labs and taught pathology there, as well as the house practice in 1940. Continued as resident in the University Hospital. Son Stephen Randolph was born in 1942. Stationed as army captain at LeGarde Hospital, New Orleans. Transferred to Washington, D.C. to study tropical medicine. Stationed in Trinidad. Appointed chief of medical services in 1944. Released from army, resumed practice in Columbus in 1946.
Henry P. JohnstonChemistry1934PhD1940University of MissouriFrom Iberia, Mo. Married Ann Arvidson after graduation in 1934. M.A., chem., University of Missouri. Ph.D., chemistry, University of Missouri. Became assistant professor chemistry at the Citadel, Charleston, S.C.
Melvin Garnett PayneChemistry1934From Charles town, W.Va. Married Eileen Mason in 1937. employed in lab at Washington Building E-Lime Co. and standard Lime E-Stone, of Martinsburg, W.Va. Son Roger born in 1939. Daughter JoAnne born in 1941.
Jasper R. SutherlandChemistry1934From Clintwood, Virginia. Married Rubye Hobbs in 1941. Taught H.S. in Clintwood, Va. Joined the army as a sqt., studied in Infantry School at Ft. Benning, Georgia. Son Earl Rush was born in 1942. Stationed at camp Blanding, florida, as 2nd Lt.
Herbert DewsChemistry1933From Anstead, W.Va. Married Geneva Vogt on November 26, 1937. Taught in grad school in Anstead. Taught seventh grade an directed athletics in consolidated school at Lookout, W.Va. Became principal of school at Thurmond, W.Va. Worked as weather observer anf forecaster as sergeant in army. Stationed at Bowman Field, Louisville.
Lloyd James ElliottChemistry1933
William HallChemistry1933From Roslin, Tennessee. Married Helen Juanita Macdonald on November 23, 1938. Taught science, English, and history at Uarkrange, Tennessee. Spent a summer clearing land for a government agricultural experiment. Son George Edward born in 1939.
Isaac Newton HayesChemistry1933From dante, Virginia. Married Mabel Corley on February 15, 1936. taught at Fremont, Virginia. Studied during summer at Emory University. Taught in Jefferson, Georgia. Became Principal at Jefferson. Did research at Emory on avian malaria in 1939. Taught at Avondale High School, Atlanta. Daughter Mary Lynn born on January 18, 1940. Completed requirements for master's degree in parasitology (thesis: Methods of vaccinating Birds to Malaria) in 1941. Employed as research worker for Woodruff Malanial Fund, Emory University. Employed by public health department in Atlanta in 1942.
Leroy W. HumbleChemistry1933
Lucy HumbleChemistry1933From Rowena, Ky. taught at glenville Graded and High School , Glenville, Georgia. In 1938, she was employed as a medical technician at Butler Co. Memorial Hospital, Butler, Pa.
William Haward HuntChemistry1933From Ashland, Ky. Married Jane Elizabeth Cowan on April 14, 1937 in Decator, Georgia. Mrs. Hunt was also on staff at Children's Hospital as a dietitian. Received appointment as teacher of college Hygiene at ashland, under extension courses for an employed person in 1933. Worked in Lab Department of garfield Memorial Hospital at washington D.C. pending an opening on tech. staff in 1934. Became a student technician, to receive a year's free training, then a certificate as a registered technician in 1935. Promoted to Jr. Technician at Children's Hospital Washington. (A good salary with board earned by night work, plus time left for further training.) Promoted to first assistant to chief technician. Son Ronald Kelly was born in 1937. Son Carl Patrick was born in 1940. Worked in zoology lab of Dept. of Agri., Div. of Animal Industry, Bectsville, Md. Lived in Greenbelt, Md. Employed as analytical chemist with Food Distribution administration in 1943. Fourth son, Brian Edward, was born in 1947.
Maude Elizabeth McAllisterChemistry1933From Murphy, North Carolina.
Edward UpdykeChemistry1933From Heidelburg,Kentucky. Was the principal of high school at St. Helens in 1939.
Arch Barker BowmanChemistry1932Married Carrie Wilson in 1934. rececived M.a. from U.k. Son Lean was born. Camp educational advisor with CCC at Nigh. taught in Owsley Co. high school.
Ralph Garland CreechChemistry1932
William Dona DamronChemistry1932From Esco Ky. In 1939, was employed by NYA to be in charge of a project in Pike Co. at Esco.
George Jefferson EarpChemistry1932From Boomer, N.C. Taught at Boomer N.C.
Lloyd J. ElliottChemistry1932From Middlesburg, Ky. Married Myra Taylor. In 1935, son Rodney Gorman was born. Teacher and coach at Miiddlesburg High School. In 1939, son Wallner was born. Received M.D. from Louisville. Interned at U.S. Marine Hospital, Norfolk, Va.
Dorcas Louise FergusonChemistry1932From Iberia, Mo. Married B.B. Campbell. Lived in Iberia with her husband and two children, Lois marie and Wallace Burton.
JamesOscar GreeneChemistry1932From Sprigg, W.Va. Married Annus Smith, S.N. '33. Taught in Red jacket Jr. High School, W.Va. Daughter, Lois Ann, born in 1935. Lived in Sprigg, W.Va. Son, Michael Edward, born. Principal of Lenore High School, W.Va.
Robert Edward HarloweChemistry1932
Dorothy Beatrice LloydChemistry1932From River Park, Alabama.
Robert D. MeriwetherChemistry1932From La Center, Kentucky. Married Pauline Preston in 1937. Principal of grad school, Oscar, Ballard Co. Teacher & principal in Blandville H.S., Blandville.
Rodney White QuillenChemistry1932
Chester Howard RobertsChemistry1932From Ashland, Ky.
Estel W. WatsonChemistry1932From Tazewell. Tennessee. Taught at New Taxewell.
Everett Milton AllenChemistry1931married Ruby Dean Boleyn 11/21/40. operated a traveling library.
R. Garland CreechChemistry1931From Middleburg, Ky. Married Mabel Taylor in December 1933. In 1937, son Robert was born. In 1942, he was employed as assistant principal of Middleburg High School. Sold groceries and hardware at Liberty, Ky.
Mary Harrington DrakeChemistry1931From Rosalyn, Ky. Married Victor Skidmore on January 2, 1931. Lived in Rochester, Indiana. Second child, Judith Ann, born in 1944.
Robert E. HarloweChemistry1931From Prestomsburg, Ky. Basketball coach at Wheelwright High, Auxier, Ky. Employed as safety supervisor in rayon plant of DuPont at Kenmore, N.Y. in 1947.
Ila Mae ProppsChemistry1931From Fayetteville, W.Va. Received M.S. in physical education from West Virginia University. Taught science, P.E., and history at Fayetteville.
Drew Butler WilliamsChemistry1931From Tazewell, Tennessee. Married Alice Horton in 1930. Has four children: Daniel, Charlotte, Lesta, Margaret. Taught arithmetic and English in Sneedville, Tennessee. Elected superintendent Haucock Co. school in Tennessee in 1942.
Mildred Evolyn BurtonChemistry1930
Mildred E. BurtonChemistry1930received M.D. from Louisville. Spent several years on medical work in India. Married Fred Gabbard. Did public health work in Owsley Co., where mr. G is supt. of schools. Daughter Anna was born in 1944. Head of Health Dept. for Mercer & Washington Cos. Second daughter Bette was born in 1946.
Wilson A. EvansChemistry1930
Earl Edward GambillChemistry1930married Alleen Maupin. Enrolled in University of Pennsylvania medical school. Overwork brought on several weeks illness and necessitated rest in Trudeau. Married and graduated in 1935. Elected director of health dept. Breathitt co. son edward born in 1936. Also on teaching staff at UK on sociological aspects of medicine. Did relief work in flood at Hickman in 1937.
Charles Howard HopkinsChemistry1930
Howard HopkinsChemistry1930From Berea, Ky. Married Thelma Wolf in Cincinnati. Employed by Champion Coated Paper Co., Hamiliton, O. Son Arthur David born February 9, 1936. Lived in Louisville employed by State Highway Commission in 1941. Lived in Indianapolis employed as chemist for Citizen Gas & coke Utility in 1942. employed as chemist for Globe Refinery, Lamont, Ill. in 1943. In charge of analytical lab of Skelly Oil Co. at Pawhuska, Oklahoma in 1946.
Jesse C. JohnsonChemistry1930
Escum Lionel MooreChemistry1930From ashland, Kentucky. Married Edna Rinck. While studying medicine, contracted encephalitis. Recuperated in Berea. Graduated from Cincinnati Medical School. Worked at Cincinnati General Hospital. Practiced in Lexington, where he had interned at Good Samaritian Hospital.

Many of the biographical entries in these years come from records found that once were kept by Professors Levey and Kapps, former faculty in the chemistry program.

NameMajorClass YearAdv DegreeYearSchoolOther
J. Clinton BrosheerChemistry1929From Middlesboro, Ky. Received M.S degree in chemical engineering from Case, Cleveland, Ohio. Employed as chemical engineer, T.V.A., at Muscle Shoals, Alabama.
Eulas Erastus DavisChemistry1929Fom Fingerville, N.C. Married Margaret McDonald in Forest City, N.C. Taught in North Carolina. Did post graduate work at Duke. Taught in Spindale, N.C.
Leslie Moyers GarrettChemistry1929From booneville, Ky. Married Eleanor Steffens. Received M.D. from Vanderbilt. Interned at Vanderbilt Hospital. Received a #-year scholarship to study x-ray at Mayo Clinic. Upon completion of it, he was awarded M.S. in Radiology from the University of Minnesota. Connected with Luther Hospital, director of Roentqenology. Lived in corpus Christi, Texas.
Howard R. GoodnightChemistry1929From Boone, N.C. Married Mary Willie Whitenen in Lincolnton, N.C. Taught school. Took graduate work at University of Washington in commerce. Worked with twp brothers as wholesale dealers of produce at Gastonia, N.C.
Reuben Culpepper HinsdaleChemistry1929From Polk, Co., N.C. Did several summers graduate work at U.K. Taught at Ewing, Ky. Became Principal of school at Independence, Ky. Received M.A. from U.K. in 1937. Promoted to 1st Lt. in Army. Stationed at Ft. Benning, Georgia in Infantry School.
William A. Lafferty Jr.Chemistry1929From Canmer, Ky. Married Mary Ellen McVey. Received master's degree in Public Administration from Syracuse in 1933. Worked with Public Administration Service, Chicago. Aided in setting up W.P.A. Appointed to post of budget assistant in Finance Office at Frankfort. employed in Washington office of Civilian Defense. As a Lt. took indoctrination course at Naval Training Station in 1942. Separated from Navy as Lt. Commandor, named chief, Budget Section, Veterans Administration at Columbus, Ohio.
Lynn B. MayfieldChemistry1929From Summer Shade, Kentucky. Married Sadiie Paty in 1932. Taught at Webb School, Bellbuckle, Tennessee in 1929. Graduated fromthe University of Louisville Dental School in 1935. As captain stationed at Bolling Field. Remarried in 1945 to Katherine Wilson. `
Edgar Cordell SellChemistry1929From Albany, Ky. Taught at Jeffersonville, Ky.
Jess JohnsonChemistry1929From Rockhold, Ky. Studied for Master's Degree in Agriculture at University of Kentucky.
James A. CaudillChemistry1928From Burkeville, Va. Married Eleanore Tjornhom in 1931. Employed as physical director at Billings Poly. Inst., Billings, Montana. Received M.A. in Education from U. of Wyoming. Son Kenneth was born. Employed as supt. of Lovell City Schools, Wyoming. In 1942, his son Phillip was born. Employed as dean at Dawson Co. Junior College, Glendive, Montana.
Thomas E. FarthingChemistry1928From Watauga Falls, N.C. Married Joan Foley. In 1932, he received M.D. from Yale. Lived in san Mateo, California. Specialized in obetetrics and gynecology. Called to active duty as major in army medical corps. Located at Letterman Hospital, San Francisco. Assigned to Medical Replacement Pool. Was sent to the Alertians with Amphibian training Force. Participated in Kiska campaign. returned in April 1944 to Pine Bluff, Arkansas Arsenal. transeferred to Camp Chaffer, Arkansas for separation. Also served at Fort ord and Camp Bowie, Texas.
James D. FoleyChemistry1928from Artemus, Ky. Received M.D. from Louisville. Practiced medicine and surgery at Layall, Harlan Co.
Richard Carvin ReneauChemistry1928From Albany, Ky. Employed as Clinton Co. teacher (high school). appointed county supt. in 1933. Elected President of Middle Cumberland Educational Ass'n. His success in administering funds noted in C-S. A director of Kentucky Educations: assistant.
Domingo V. ParadisChemistry1928From San German, Porto Rico. Married Thelma Prickard. Worked with Veterans Administration Hospital, Atlanta in 1931. Son Milo born in 1932. daughter Mary born in 1938. Physics therapist at Veterans Hospital, Mountain Horne, Tennessee.
Ezra R. AustinChemistry1927From ashland, KY. Married Edna Marie Smith. Received M.D. from Louisville in 1932. Interned at New Orleans. Specialized in eyecare, nose and throat at Manhattan Hospital. Practiced several years in Circleville, OH. In 1929, he studied pathology and surgery. In 1939, he opened a clinic with twelve other doctorsin Honolulu, T.H.
John Henry BarbeChemistry1927
Ernest Arthur BarnesChemistry1927From Murl, Ky. married Agnes Langford. received M.D from Louisville. Interned at St. Joseph's in Lexington. Practiced in Albany, Ky.
Charles R. BrassfieldChemistry1927Had three children. Ruth, Betty Jo, and William. Grandchildren were; Charles, Ruth, Heidi, Sharon, and William. Two known Great grandchildren; Jonathon and James. His wife was Mary Snow.
Daniel McClellan ColletteChemistry1927
Carl Milton GambillChemistry1927From Blaine, Ky. Entered Louisville's medical school. Served as Head of Scott Co. Health Dept., Georgetown. Served as Director of county Health Work of State Health Dept. Louisville. Has two children: Ruby born in 1928 and harold born in 1934. accepted a position on staff of mayo clinic in 1941.
Gerald Peter GriswoldChemistry1927From Madison, O. In 1938, his daughter Mildred Ann was born. In 1944, son Edwards Glen was born. In 1945, daughter Harriet Louise was born. Gerald's major employment was bee-keeping in Madison, Ohio.
David Crawford LynnChemistry1927From Gainesboro, Tennessee. Married Josie Ledbetter in 1929. Taught at Glasgow, Kentucky. Daughter Mary Jo, born in 1930, but died two months later. Took summer school at Peabody, Nashville. Son David Jr. born in 1932. Taught biology in Beckley, W.Va. Daughter Barbara born in 1934.
Franklin Leslie MayChemistry1927
Bert Priest McIntoshChemistry1927From Buckhorn, Kentucky.
William T. WareChemistry1927From Morganfield, Kentucky. Married Nola rife in 1933. Lived in Memphis, Missouri. Taught science in Louisville. Had one child, Linda in 1942.
George Henley WrightChemistry1927From Boaz, Alabama. Married Thelma McClure. Taugh and was principal at Bellevue, Kentucky. Daughter Margaret was born in 1929. Second daughter Katherine was born in 1936.
Clayton Hague ShermanChemistry1927From Cleveland, Ohio.
John H. BarbeChemistry1927From Welch, W.Va. Deceased
Corbin C. FranklinChemistry1927From Crossnore, N.C. Married Rita H. Jennings. With his brother, H.B., he sold their farm in Chester Co., Pa. to the Boy Scouts of Trenton. The farm had been owned by their father. then he moved to Chattanooga, Tennessee. Daughter, Virgina Caroline, born in 1930. Daughter, anna Mae, born in 1932. runs a farm and dairy at Cochranville, Pa. The home of his wife- with 48 dairy cows. He worked as a foreman on the state highway as well as taking care of the farm and dairy. His wife, Rita, spent a long time in the hospital.
Leslie F. MayChemistry1927From Wheelersburg, Ohio. Lived in Pontiac, Michigan
Key Lee BarkelyChemistry1926From Statesville, N.C. Married Helen M. Roberts in 1927. Received M.A. and Ph.D from University of North Carolina. In 1942, he was employed as Professor of Psychology at Women's College of U. of N.C. He had three children: John, Karl and George.
Robert Orrus GlennChemistry1926From Watauga Falls, N.C. Married Beatrice Shull in 1927. Enrolled in medical school Western Reserve. Received M.A. from Princeton. Received M.D. from Va. Interned at St. Ellis' Hospital Washington, D.C. Son Robert Jr., born. Had practice at Mountain city, a mountain community with no previous medical cara.
Julia Pearl HansonChemistry1926From Berea, Ky. Married Lennox Danielson in Chicago in 1931. As M.D., with her husband, finished internship at Cook co., Hospital in Chicago. Moved to Litchfield, Minnesota in 1932. Both passed state Board Exams with an average above 90. Daughter Sally Ann was borm in 1934. Daughter Judith Fay was born in 1936.
Charles David ReeseChemistry1926From Tamaqua, Pa. Lived in Harlem, Ky.
Rose Elizabeth TaylorChemistry1926