Student Staff

Ifeanyi Kenneth
Name: Ifeanyi Kenneth
Labor Position: Web Publisher
Hometown: Lagos, Nigeria
Major: Nursing
Year: Senior
Christine Gilbert-Crawford
Name: Christine Gilbert-Crawford
Labor Position: Diversity Peer Education Team (DPET) Team Leader
Hometown: Louisville, KY
Major: Sociology and Asian Studies
Year: Senior
Nana Boateng
Name: Nana Boateng
Labor Position: DPET Team Member
Hometown: Lakeside Park, KY
Major: English with concentration in Writing
Year: Sophomore
Cody Brandy
Name: Cody Bandy
Labor Position: Center’s Operations Assistant
Hometown: Red Jacket. WV
Major: Business with concentration in Management
Year: Sophomore
Marissa Morales
Name: Marissa Morales
Labor Position: Center’s Operations Assistant
Hometown: Bowling Green, OH
Major: Nursing
Year: Freshman