Carter G. Woodson Center for Interracial Education

Rare Books Collections

 bk10 Book:   American Churches and the Negro

Author: W. D. Weatherford ,Ph.D.

 1 Book: American Slave Code 

Author: William Goodell

 BK5 Book: Black God of the Metropolis,Vol.III

Author: Arthur Huff Fauset

 2 Author: Home to Harlem

Author: Claude McKay

 lin Book: Lincoln – The President

Author: J. G. Randall

 f Book: Philosophy and Opinion of Marcus Garvey or Africa for the Africans
Author: Marcus Garvey

 bk18 Book: The Negro Faces America

Author: Herbert J. Seligmann

 BK 1 Book:  Like a Weaving: Reference & Resources on Black Appalachians

Complied by: Edwards J Cabbell

 BK3 Book: Rural Negro Health 

Author: Michael J. Bent, M.D and Ellen F. Greene,M.A. 

 bk12 Book: The Power of Non-Violence

 Author: Richard B. Gregg

 bk8 Book:     What the Negro Thinks

Author: Robert Russa Moton

 bk7 Book: Working with the Hands
Author:   Booker T. Washington
 BK2 Book: The Anti-Slavery Crusade.
Author:  Jesse Macy

Other Books

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