Civil Rights Seminar and Tour 2017

The Carter G. Woodson Center’s 2017 Civil Rights Seminar and Tour, July 27 through August 2, included 40 Berea College faculty and staff members. This year marked the third Civil Rights Seminar and Tour. The tour and seminar are free of charge for all Berea College faculty and staff, regardless of their teaching or labor responsibilities at the College.

The seminar and tour began with a one-day, on-campus seminar that explored American racial history, material culture, diversity, politics, stereotypes, economic development, religion, and contemporary issues. Following the one-day seminar, there was a six-day road trip visiting various locations significant to the American Civil Rights movement of the 1960s. It also presented opportunities for faculty and staff to discuss a variety of topics related to race in America that are still relevant today. The idea of viewing race relations through the lens of a reparations paradigm versus a reconciliation paradigm was a consistent theme in these discussions throughout the trip.

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