Worship at Berea College

Worship at Berea College

In order to aid the College in fulfilling its mission and to support its commitment to Christian heritage, the Campus Christian Center (CCC) plans and offers diverse experiences of Christian worship for the community of Berea College.  Because Christians at the College come from many different Christian communities and traditions, the Center offers many different kinds or patterns of Christian worship.  Additionally, the CCC supports and encourages students from other religious traditions to participate in their own forms of worship.  Because Berea College does not require students to hold membership in a Christian church or any other religious community, nor does the College require students to attend worship.  Religious practice of any kind remains voluntary at Berea College.

Group gathered in Danforth Chapel

Chapel Service:  Worship in Danforth Chapel

On a weekly basis during the academic year, the CCC leads a worship service on Tuesday’s at noon.  The Center plans and offers diverse services of Christian worship within an ecumenical Christian atmosphere.  Worshipers can also share a light midday meal together in the Fireside Room, immediately following worship at 12:30 p.m.  The Center regards both the time in the worship of God and the time of fellowship with colleagues and friends as essential to nurture community.