Service Learning Stories

During Fall 2010, students in Elizabeth Walker’sservice-learning-2 HLT/WST 236 Women and Health service-learning class partnered with the Kentucky Environmental Foundation (KEF) to research the intersections of environmental toxicities and women’s reproductive health. The students then created digital stories conveying the results of their research. The stories included personal narratives, recent research and information about how to contact legislators regarding toxic chemicals and chemical reform.

On Monday, December 13, members of the class met with Kentucky State Representative Ben Chandler on the campus of Berea College to have a conversation with him about chemical reform. The students shared the results of their research, showed some of their digital stories and asked Representative Chandler to discuss his views on the issue of chemical reform.

In addition to being displayed at the Fall 2010 service-learning-3CELTS Service-Learning Course Expo, the students’ digital stories will be used by KEF and other organizations to share information about toxic chemicals, their relationship to women’s health and chemical reform legislation.

Elizabeth Crowe, the Executive Director of KEF, said, “We were very pleased with the students’ presentations and leadership in discussion, and feel they represented the material — and Berea College — very well! Our office will continue working with Professor Walker after the class is finished, to circulate the best digital stories and students’ perspectives through the class, with our environmental health and justice partners all over the country … and to new audiences here in Kentucky.”