2007–2008 Energy and Empowerment Community-Based Research Grants


In year one, two E&E Grants were utilized and one other project was initiated.

Erin Finsel, Phil Hawn, and HomeGrown HideAways E&E Grant

Berea College students Erin Finsel and Phil Hawn worked with HomeGrown HideAways to construct the first code-approved Earthbag home in Kentucky and a code-approved Strawbale/Cob art studio during the summer of 2008. Dr. Richard Olson was the faculty sponsor of this project.

Beth Bissmeyer and KFTC E&E Grant

Another project took place during the same time period. Berea student Beth Bissmeyer conducted an energy survey in partnership with Kentuckians for the Commonwealth (KFTC), sponsored by faculty member Dr. Meta Mendel-Reyes.

Nathan Hall and MACED E&E Grant

A third project supported by CELTS was Berea student Nathan Hall and MACED’s work on community biodiesel research. As a part of Campus Sustainability Week (October 20 – 24, 2008) students and community partners presented the work from their Summer 2008 projects at a luncheon.

For more information, contact Ashley Cochrane or Megan Naseman.