Labor Opportunities

Each year, CELTS is allocated a certain number of labor positions for our student staff. CELTS looks for students who are serious about hard work and making a difference in our community, region and world.  As a part of CELTS, you will:

  • take part in a challenging community,
  • gain leadership experience and
  • perhaps even rediscover what it means to grow.

You apply classroom knowledge, learn about group dynamics and make a difference in someone’s life.  You get involved.

Responsibilities of Student Staff


Habitat for HumanityFrom the start, everyone in CELTS plays a key role. Student staff members make up teams that run programs and make decisions together. Everyone attends weekly staff meetings, team meetings and participates in retreats and trainings. We serve people who need help of one kind or another. We work with 150 wonderful volunteers who need to be matched up, trained and supported — with real attention to detail. You need both people and paper skills to make it here, and the ability to work well with others is essential.

CELTS members work hard because they understand the importance of the work. Self-management, accountability and responsibility are essential requirements.  We support each other — a lot, in fact — but if you are not self-motivated and self-directed, you don’t belong in CELTS. This is a program for students who want to be treated like adults and young professionals.

CELTS Core Shared Values

Our shared values are about tolerance, hard work, self-direction, leadership, responsibility and fun.

  • Respect and sensitivity for those we serveHOP Pic
  • Student empowerment and leadership
  • A strong diverse community among ourselves
  • Dedication to reflection and service learning
  • A safe place for personal growth and development
  • High trust and high expectation
  • Self-management and accountability