Hispanic Outreach Project

The Hispanic Outreach Project (HOP) is a service-learning effort, bringing together CELTS, several community organizations and the Department of Foreign Languages to build bridges among the Spanish-speaking and English-speaking residents of Madison County. Berea College students offer translation services, Spanish classes at local elementary schools and English as a Second Language (ESL) tutoring for adults.

“Through working with HOP, my language skills have improved through speaking Spanish as I learn it. Working with HOP and the Hispanic community has changed me as a person and set the course of my career.” – Jessica E. Brown, ‘12

As more and more speakers of Spanish have moved to the area, schools, agencies and public institutions have been challenged to meet the needs of the community. Students with Spanish-language skills or those who want to develop their Spanish language skills are encouraged to volunteer.

Contact Us

For more information, call the HOP staff at 859-985-3978. Or, like our page on Facebook.