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HEAL Program

HEAL is a student-led sustainable community development organization housed in the Center for Excellence in Learning through Service (CELTS). This program works toward creating a shared learning experience where community members play a vital role in sharing values and implementing practices regarding preservation and restoration of the environment. By building more sustainable food, energy, and economic systems, HEAL hopes to reduce dependency on practices that are a heavy burden on the environment and society, which in turn creates self-sufficient communities. In part, HEAL accomplishes this by partnering with community members and organizations that work toward similar goals.

As part of CELTS, HEAL consists of at least four team members and many volunteers who work to create healthier, more resilient communities. Staying true to our motto “Healing Communities by Healing the Planet,” HEAL encourages community members and volunteers to challenge the local, national, and global systems that encourage excessive consumerism, degrade the environment, and violate human rights, through advocacy and direct action. The above goal is accomplished through small projects like roadside and creek clean-ups and tree plantings, as well as campaigns to promote more sustainable systems within our community. To help ensure healthy and local food security, HEAL encourages work through education and promotion of organic local food production and sale. HEAL strives for efficient energy use by partnering with local organizations in order to promote alternative and reduced energy practices in consumers’ homes and daily habits.

As part of HEAL’s work, the program also works to create a resilient local economy through encouraging local businesses to source locally, waste minimally, and adopt more ecologically sound practices. These changes are meant to promote social justice and environmental sustainability within our community by reducing the use of fossil fuels, pesticides, chemical cleaning agents, and other harmful products and practices. By addressing everyday habits in relation to our treatment of our surroundings, HEAL hopes to address universal environmental concerns at a local level.


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For more information, please contact us at 859-985-3613. Or, like our page on Facebook.

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