Empty Bowls Project

Various bowls made through the programEach year 200 people stand in line to get into Woods-Penniman for the Annual Empty Bowls Event sponsored by the Ceramics Pottery Apprenticeship Program and CELTS. Students, faculty, staff and community members each pay $10 for a beautiful bowl, soup and the privilege of helping those in need in our community.

Many people are involved in making the event a success. In addition to students from the Ceramics Apprenticeship Program and CELTS, there are many other volunteers from both campus and the community. Local potters donate bowls, students perform music during the event, others donate soup and some even enter the annual soup competition.

The event begins with participants choosing Bowls and pots on displaytheir very own bowl. Hands pass over the beautiful bowls until the perfect one is found by each individual. Attendees then choose a soup for supper and find a seat beside old friends and new acquaintances. Participants also have the opportunity to donate more money by entering a raffle to win additional pottery pieces. All proceeds from the event benefit local food pantries.

The 2020 Empty Bowls Fundraiser last spring was cancelled due to the campus closing to on campus instruction and activities. This spring, we will be planning an alternative Empty Bowls event in April. More information to come.