Center for Excellence in Learning Through Service (CELTS)

How to Partner with CELTS

How can your organization partner with Berea College students through CELTS?


Students who work with your organization through service-learning:

  • Are usually doing their service-learning work in connection with an academic course.
  • Will usually first require contact with the students’ professor before you have contact with them. You and the professor will develop the service-learning project together first. Then, the student will embark on fulfilling the project.
  • Will be working with your organizations on service-learning projects that usually last no longer than one term (or semester).
  • Often (but not always) work in groups to complete service-learning projects.

Contact Ashley Cochrane for more information about how to get involved with service-learning.

Labor Program

Students who work with your organization through the labor program:

  • Usually have a labor position with your organization.
  • Are required to work around 10 hours, weekly. This rule applies to all Berea College students who must have a paid labor position. Most of these labor positions are on campus at Berea College. Some are hosted by community organizations.
  • Will require you to have contact with the Labor Department or with the CELTS staff person who coordinates Bonner Scholars’ labor positions with community partners.
  • Normally stay in the same labor position for one full academic year.

Contact Heather Schill in CELTS or the Berea College Labor Program for more information on how to get involved.

Community Service Program

Students who work with your organization through a community service program:

  • Are not required to take part, but are doing so outside of their regular academic coursework and labor position.
  • May volunteer for a one-day service event, or may become long-term, regular volunteers with your organization.
  • May volunteer with your organization through a student-led service program (example: People Who Care), through their residence hall or through another on-campus organization (example: Black Cultural Center).

Contact Heather Schill for more information about how to get involved with the CELTS Community Service Programs.

It is important to know whether the students you are working with are service-learning students, labor students or volunteers. What is required of the students and the community partner organization will vary for each of these categories. If you are not sure, you can ask each student or ask the Berea College faculty or staff person with whom you’ve been in contact.

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