Berea College affiliates with the following regional and national groups engaged in service-learning.

Campus Compact

Campus Compact is a national coalition of more than 950 college and university presidents. They represent some five million students. The coalition promotes community service, civic engagement and service-learning in higher education. Berea College is a member of the national Campus Compact and Kentucky Campus Compact (KyCC).

The KyCC is a statewide membership organization of college and university presidents and their institutions. Members are committed to:

  • Integrating service learning as a valued component of effective teaching and learning
  • Meeting institutional civic responsibilities to help address the needs of the Commonwealth
  • Fostering the development of relevant collaborative partnerships between and among campuses

By creating a supportive campus environment for involvement in service, colleges and universities can best prepare their students to be active, committed, informed citizen leaders in their communities.

Just Connections

Berea College is a member of Just Connections. Just Connections is a network of rural community leaders and educators committed to working democratically to create socially just and sustainable communities. The work of Just Connections is to create linkages and partnerships between colleges and communities to develop participatory learning and action opportunities, including service-learning and participatory community-based research projects.

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