InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

InterVarsity is people, students and staff members, united together in their commitment to Jesus Christ, God’s people and Christ’s work in the world. InterVarsity seeks to bring together students from all denominations and backgrounds to serve God and share with each other. These priorities focus and guide our lives.

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship is an interdenominational non-sports related organization with chapters at over 900 campuses in the United States. The name “InterVarsity” originated in England when several Christian groups at different universities (called “varsities”) formed a confederation.

The Berea College IV chapter meets one evening a week to worship, pray, study Scripture and topics dealing with Christian living and fellowship with one another. Smaller groups also meet weekly, depending on the special interests of those in InterVarsity. These small groups share in more individualized discussion and study. We also have a prayer meeting once a week in which we share praises and concerns, seek God’s will, and lift each other up in prayer.

Possible projects include support of mission work, involvement in service groups on campus, and other service efforts. In addition, InterVarsity provides the opportunity to attend regional and national conferences.

We welcome you and encourage you to visit us and become a part of our fellowship. We look forward to an exciting year as the Lord leads us in new directions.

Meetings: Thursdays @ 8:00pm,  Danforth Chapel in Draper Bldg.
For additional information, you can contact Caleb Rigel.