Episcopal Canterbury Fellowship

The Episcopal Canterbury Fellowship welcomes all students to its meetings.  The Episcopal Church, U.S.A., a part of the global Anglican Communion, serves as the Christian denominational home of the Episcopal Canterbury Fellowship of Berea College.  College ministry represents an integral part of the work of the Episcopal Church.  The Episcopal Church of Our Savior in Richmond, Kentucky serves as the local sponsor of the Episcopal Canterbury Fellowship at Berea College.  The Episcopal Canterbury Fellowship also participates in the Campus Christian Council of Berea College.

Worship and fellowship constitute two basic elements of the Episcopal Canterbury Fellowship.  The group expresses its worship through celebration of the Holy Eucharist (or communion) and/or evening prayer.  The group extends its fellowship through study of Christian scripture, sharing meals together, or simply gathering for conversation.  The Episcopal Canterbury Fellowship welcomes people of all perspectives who seek a deeper knowledge of and relationship with Jesus Christ.

The Episcopal Canterbury Fellowship works to engender a friendly and informal environment in which to ask questions and seek answers freely and comfortably.  The Episcopal Canterbury Fellowship does not aim to bring people into the Episcopal Church, but rather to make Christians with the help of God.

According to Rev. James R. McLean (On Being an Episcopalian) many people have chosen the Episcopal Church on the basis of some or all of the following factors:

  1. Worship that involves people, rather than restricting them to the sidelines;
  2. Theology that demands human intelligence, rather than ignoring it;
  3. Willingness not only to tolerate differences, but also to celebrate them;
  4. Heritage that takes the Bible very seriously, but is not bound by literalism;
  5. Strong sense of community, with consensus in Christ, not in conformity of opinion;
  6. Devotion to the biblical sacraments, as instituted by Jesus, which evoke awe and mystery rather than factual explanation;
  7. Understanding of ministry as obligation and privilege of every Christian;
  8. Insistence on morality (that which is good and loving) and avoidance of moralism (salvation by code, not by Christ);
  9. Heritage of apostolic faith in the Gospel of Jesus Christ and in the apostolic order that Jesus gave to the Church.

The Episcopal Canterbury Fellowship meets the first & third Thursdays from 6:00 to 6:30 p.m., in Danforth Chapel in the Draper Building.  Following the service, the Fellowship members move to a local restaurant for dinner and conversation.   For more information, please contact the faculty sponsor of the Episcopal Canterbury Fellowship at Berea College, Professor Megan Hoffman.