Celebrating Ida B. Wells-Barnett

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I hope this message finds you well!  It is July 2020!  We have officially entered the second half of the year.  I love July because it’s my birthday month.  I happen to share a birthday with one of the most phenomenal women to ever walk the earth, Ida B. Wells-Barnett.  We were both born on July 16th, which I think is really special.

So this month’s blog is dedicated to Ida B. Wells, a Proverbs 31 woman extraordinaire!  Ida was a business owner, journalist, activist, teacher, sister, friend, wife and mother.  All of these roles and many more reflected her humanity, womanhood and multifaceted brilliance.

Ida B. Wells-Barnett

Born in Mississippi four years after the close of the Civil War, Ida was no stranger to traumatic experiences.  Her parents and a sibling died from yellow fever when she was just a young girl.  Racial violence and injustice were a part of her daily existence.  All of these experiences, impacted the voice of this phenomenal woman!

Her journalistic contributions were second to none.  Ida B. Wells-Barnett co-founded the Black Lives Matter movement of her day.  She was a co-founder of the NAACP and the leading journalistic voice to the world in exposing the prevalence of lynching following the abolition of slavery in the United States.  Her anti-lynching writings garnered death threats in an attempt to silence her truth-telling.  Yet, she continued to speak truth to power; uncovering structural racism that protected lynch mobs and perpetuated continued violence against African-Americans.

Ida B. Wells-Barnett used her voice and profession to greatly impact the world for good.  So much so, that almost ninety years after her death, she was posthumously awarded a Pulitzer Prize in Journalism in May 2020.

As a woman of faith, Ida B. Wells-Barnett inspires us to use our voices, platforms and professions to nurture our families and communities, addressing the injustices that exist in our world.

We all have a role to play in the earth!  How does your faith guide your actions?  How are you using your voice, platforms and professions to pursue justice and promote God’s peace?

Please join me in prayer:
Loving, Just and Holy God, we ask your direction, courage and wisdom as we contemplate the purpose and plan you have for our lives.  Help us to be inspired by your character as evidenced through the life of Ida B. Wells-Barnett.  Thank you for using her life to your glory.  Please do the same for us.  In Christ’s Name, Amen.

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  1. I’d love to have the courage of Ida B. Wells-Barnett. God must have placed a Hand on her. I can only hope that if called i can do the same. May her well lived life not be in vain, and may I make a difference like her.
    Thank-you for sharing, LeSette

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