James Residence Hall

James Hall, finished in 1918, was constructed to allow beautiful views of the mountains to the east. In the early years, men’s and women’s dorms were built on opposite ends of the campus. However, in fall of 2000 it was converted to a women’s dorm in the College Campus Integration plan.

  • Date Built: 1918
  • Square Feet: 27,144
James Residential Hall


  • 99 Residents
  • Five residential floors
  • Rooms – Set up in a suite style centered around a common bathroom area (there are two rooms in each suite)
  • Air Conditioned
  • Carpeted hallways and rooms and tiled bathrooms
  • Kitchen – There are two kitchenettes on each floor, and a full sized kitchen in the basement
  • Laundry – There is at least one laundry facility on each floor (the larger floors have two facilities)
  • Restrooms – Each suite shares a bathroom
  • Lounges – There are two main lounges, on the first floor and in the basement. There are smaller lounge areas outside of each suite. All lounges have cable TV.
  • Hall Staff – There are seven student staff members (R.A. Staff) that live in the hall to help meet the needs of the residents as well as to promote and participate in the residence hall community.
  • Handicap Accessible – James not only has a handicap entrance but also handicap accessible/functional rooms