Danforth Residence Hall

Danforth Residence Hall was built in 1971. It introduced the small grouping, family-like living concepts. Danforth is an upper-class men’s residence hall. It is located right next door to the Jekyl Theatre Building. (It is almost identical to the female Kettering Hall).

  • Date Built: 1971
  • Square Feet: 37,522
Front view of Danforth Residential Hall


  • 144 Residents
  • Residential Floors – There are two suite towers on each side of the building, each consisting of 6 suites.
  • Suite Style Rooms – There are six rooms in each suite
  • Air Conditioned
  • Carpeted floors
  • Kitchen – There is a large common kitchen in the lower lobby and a kitchenette in each suite
  • Laundry – There is a common laundry facility in each suite tower
  • Restrooms – There is a common restroom for each suite
  • Lounges – There is a lower lobby used for recreation (pool table and a foosball table), an upper lobby that is used mostly for conversing, and the back deck equipped with wooden picnic tables.
  • Hall Staff – There are ten student staff members (R.A. Staff) that live in the hall in addition to a live-in professional (Residential Life Collegium Member).

List of amenities common to all residence halls and rooms