Anna Smith Residence Hall

Anna Smith was built in 1950. It is currently used as a First-Year women’s residence hall. This dorm is located right next to the main Boone Tavern Square which has a variety of good restaurants and quaint shops. Anna Smith has a lovely charm about it with a beautiful front yard to enjoy.

Date Built: 1950
Square Feet: 27,946

Front view of Anna smith


  • 90 Residents
  • Three residential floors
  • Double Occupancy Rooms
  • Air Conditioned
  • Tiled floors
  • Kitchen – There are three common area kitchens. There is one located in the basement, and on the second and third floors.
  • Laundry – Common laundry facility in the basement
  • Restrooms – There is a common restroom on each floor
  • Lounges – There is a large basement as well as lounges on the first and third floors to be used as common space for the residents
  • Hall Staff – There are seven student staff members (R.A. Staff) that live in the hall in addition to a live-in professional (Residential Life Collegium Member) to help meet the needs of the residents as well as to promote and participate in the residence hall community.

List of amenities common to all residence halls and rooms