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Worship at Berea College

In order to aid the College in fulfilling its mission and to support its commitment to Christian heritage, the Campus Christian Center (CCC) plans and offers diverse experiences of Christian worship for the community of Berea College.  Because Christians at the College come from many different Christian communities and traditions, the Center offers many different kinds or patterns of Christian worship.  Additionally, the CCC supports and encourages students from other religious traditions to participate in their own forms of worship.  Because Berea College does not require students to hold membership in a Christian church or any other religious community, the College does not require students to attend worship.  Religious practice of any kind remains voluntary at Berea College.

Chapel Service:  Worship in Danforth Chapel

On a weekly basis during the academic year, the CCC leads a worship service on Tuesdays at noon in the Chapel.  The Center plans and offers diverse services of Christian worship within an ecumenical Christian atmosphere.  The worshipers can also share a midday meal together in the Fireside Room, immediately following worship at 12:30 p.m.  The Center regards both the time in the worship of God and the time of fellowship with colleagues and friends as essential to nurture community.  Click here to watch video or read message manuscripts from past services.

All Peoples Prayer Chapel
The All Peoples Prayer Chapel, located in the Alumni Memorial Building can be used by  students, staff and faculty of any religious faith, tradition, or community.  HoAll Peoples Door Redowever, it was especially created for members of the College community from non-Christian religious traditions or communities, for the purpose of prayer and contemplation. The name for this chapel comAll Peoples Chapel Interiores from the Christian biblical text that serves as the College motto:  “God has made of one blood all peoples of the earth” (Acts 17:26).  Located at the crossroads of the campus, the All Peoples Prayer Chapel reflects and enhances the commitment that informs the mission, values, commitments, and identity of Berea College.  The Chapel is in room 211 and is open from 7:00 AM – 11:00 PM.

Major Events of Worship on Campus

The CCC plans or co-sponsors with other campus departments several large worship experiences each year:


All Peoples of the Earth Service


In Phelps Stokes Chapel:
• Ceremony of Dedication at the beginning of the academic year,
• All Peoples of the Earth Worship Service, co-sponsored with the Office of Academic Services at the beginning of the academic year, and
• Baccalaureate Worship Service, co-sponsored with the Office of the President, which occurs in May each year.

In Partnership with and at Church of Christ, Union in Berea:
• the Celebration of Christmas, also in partnership with our Department of Music, occurs as a service of Christmas music and attracts approximately 1,000 people each year in early December.

The CCC, often in partnership with other departments on campus, also holds other special services of Christian worship during the year as needed/desired. 

Additional Support for Student Worship

The CCC provides much support to help students find the appropriate styles and forms of worship for themselves during their collegiate experience.   Much worship at Berea College occurs in the residence halls.  The CCC, in partnership with the Department of Residential Life Collegium, provides the Student Chaplain Program to support and encourage the spiritual growth of students.  Student Chaplains, who serve as spiritual leaders and Resident Assistants, live and minister in the residence halls.  Some of their duties include planning worship experiences for the interested residents in their respective halls.

Additionally, the CCC occasionally works with students to help them with transportation to various locations of worship in the surrounding area.

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