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Student Mission/Volunteer Grants for Christian Ministry & Service

Group 4The Campus Christian Center (CCC) offers several special grants in various forms for Christian ministry or service. The support for these grants comes from other established CCC accounts that donors have designated for specific kinds of programs or activities. In each case, these grants receive their names from the donors of these funds.

The CCC staff will consider each proposed Student Mission/Volunteer project on the basis of its own merit. Should the staff agree to support a proposed project, the Center will award the amount of funds on the basis of the proposal’s merit and the availability of resources in the Center’s accounts. In most cases, however, the Center cannot support the entire cost for a project. Students who seek support from the Center for projects in Christian ministry or service should not expect the Center to provide all funds, but should also raise support for their project from other sources as well.

Requirements & Qualifications

(read carefully before filling out application)

A. Eligibility
Eligibility for grants from the CCC includes two considerations, one with reference to the student and the other with reference to the nature of the project itself.

  1. Although the CCC will consider applications from students who will graduate or not return to Berea College for other reasons, the Center will provide the majority of its support to proposals from students who will return to Berea College after completion of the project. Therefore, all students at Berea College, including students in their final year of study, are eligible to submit proposals for Mission/Volunteer Grants to the CCC.
  2. The CCC supports projects only for Christian ministry and service. The proposed area of service must qualify as a Christian ministry or work, which may also include work with other religious communities or inter-religious / inter-faith service or ministry.
  3. Mission/service projects should be at least one month in length to receive funding.
  4. If your destination is on the State Department’s warning list, the CCC will not provide funding.
  5. In order to apply for a Student Mission/Volunteer Grant, students must have attained at least a 2.5 Grade Point Average at Berea College. (Students must be willing to produce an official statement to this effect from the office of the Director of Student Academic Records and Accounts, if requested.)
  6. Students cannot apply for these grants if currently under any form of probation at Berea College. (Students must be willing to produce an official statement to this effect from the office of the Director of Student Academic Records and Accounts, if requested.)
  7. NOTEF-1 students are only eligible for grant money under very specific circumstances.  F-1 students must meet with Ms. Shai Anderson before applying.


B. Formal ApplicationLabor
Each student must complete the CCC Grants in Ministry Service Application when applying for a Student Mission/Volunteer Grant in Christian ministry or service. Students should return an electronic copy of the completed application to the CCC.  While the form is generally due mid/late February, the submission deadline changes annually.  Please contact Rev. Dr. Loretta Reynolds to confirm all dates. The application contains three major parts: (1) basic information about the student and the mission/volunteer project; (2) a budget; (3) agreement to attend a mandatory orientation later in the spring, if awarded the grant.

Note:  The description of the proposed project or program must provide a rationale for the ways in which this particular proposal contributes to the student’s vocation and spirituality.

C. Local Contact Person / Supervisor
Each student must secure and provide information for a supervisor or contact at Berea College, when applying for a Student Mission/Volunteer Grant in Christian ministry or service.  (You must secure permission from the person before listing them as a local supervisor.)

D. Supervisor on Location
Each student must secure and provide information for a designated field supervisor – a supervisor in ministry on the location of the student’s proposed project – when applying for a Student Mission/Volunteer Grant in Christian ministry or service.


E. Pre-Experience Orientation
Important Travel Abroad Information: Students planning to do mission/service work abroad must follow all Center for International Education (CIE) requirements for travel abroad. Please contact Rev. Dr. Loretta Reynolds to confirm when the CIE approval paperwork must be completed.

Note: this deadline is before the CCC deadline. If these forms are not complete by the deadline, the student will not be eligible for a CCC Mission/Volunteer Grant.

All students traveling abroad must attend the CIE orientation for non-BIST (Berea International Summer Team) students on the scheduled date.  Approval of grants depends on attendance at both required orientation sessions (CCC and CIE) and the completion of all CIE travel abroad requirements.

During Spring Term, all recipients of Mission/Volunteer Grants from the CCC will attend a short, required Orientation session with the CCC. The date/time will be announced once all grant recipients have been named.

F. Written Reports
A narrative report of the student’s activities in ministry and service during the project should include theological reflection on the meaning of this work and experience both for those whom the student will serve and for the student’s own personal spiritual growth. One report is due at the mid-point of the student’s service; the second is due within one month of the completion of the project.

G. Oral Presentation
In addition, each Student Mission/Volunteer Grant recipient in ministry should prepare an oral presentation after the mission has concluded for the Campus Christian Center. This oral presentation will occur during a special service of worship in Danforth Chapel in the Fall Semester. Student Mission/Volunteer Grant recipients must attend and participate in this program. Recipients will receive details about this service of worship upon return to campus in the fall.

H. Application Confirmation100_7387
You will receive confirmation via email within 2 days from the CCC that we have received your application. If you do not receive confirmation, it is your responsibility to follow up with the Center. If your application is not complete, it will not be considered. If you have questions, it is your responsibility to ask before the application is due.

For more information about this program contact Rev. Dr. Loretta Reynolds, D. Theol., College Chaplain and Assistant Professor of General Studies.

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