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Student Chaplains

2015 – 2016 Student Chaplains at Training

The Campus Christian Center (CCC) supervises the Student Chaplain Program, which is a  primary labor position in the Labor Program of the College. Student Chaplains serve as spiritual resources to students in residence halls and throughout the campus, providing opportunities for dialogue about issues of faith, spirituality, academics, relationships and general life questions.



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Student Chaplains minister with the resources at their disposal through the CCC and refer students to the professional College Chaplains, College Counselors or other College resources when extra support is needed. Student Chaplains provide leadership through service, example and Christian and religious programming. They help develop environments which promote spiritual, moral, social and intellectual growth in the lives of students. As representatives of the CCC and the College, Student Chaplains demonstrate the inclusive hospitality that Berea College practices toward people of many different religious traditions or of no religious tradition.


Green Dot Training 2

Several of our Student Chaplains at Green Dot Training

Through this program, the CCC also provides Student Chaplains with opportunities for growth in areas of religious and spiritual leadership, such as learning and developing skills in peer counseling, programming, leadership and religious education.


Student Chaplains are expected to possess the following qualifications and fulfill their responsibilities in the following ways:


  • Represent Christian traditions and communities positively and honestly,
  • Exhibit authenticity, credibility and trustworthiness,
  • Maintain personal integrity and consistent character,
  • Maintain good academic standing,
  • Seek help, guidance, education and training relevant to the Student Chaplain position,
  • Practice a compassionate presence and an inclusive hospitality to students of all races, religions and backgrounds,
  • Listen attentively to and empathize with others,
  • Possess the capacity for meaningful dialogue,
  • Have the ability to organize and lead groups,
  • Assist the CCC with programs and worship services, and
  • Serve as liaisons between the CCC, students and Residential Life staff through personal example, encouragement and information about religious life on campus.

Student Chaplain labor positions can be applied for in February of each year.  If any questions, please contact Rev. Dr. Loretta Reynolds.

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