The Willis D. Weatherford, Jr. Campus Christian Center

Spiritual Seekers: An Interfaith Program

As one facet of its work to fulfill its commission to develop interfaith dialogue and education on campus, the Campus Christian Center (CCC) offers an interfaith program known as Spiritual Seekers.  In this program, the Center focuses on three key features of the Center’s mission and vision:

•  to develop and nurture an ecumenical Christian atmosphere on campus,
•  to engender interfaith education, conversation and engagement on campus, and
•  to provide a prophetic voice for the unique vision of Berea College.

Seekers occurs on Thursdays at noon most weeks during the regular terms of the academic year.  The program produces lively discussion and attracts a diverse group of students, staff and faculty each week. The seekers gather to discuss presentations by visiting scholars or speakers, students or members of the College faculty or staff on various religious topics, issues or themes of contemporary interest or concern.

The Center welcomes persons of all perspectives from any or no religious tradition or community. Ms. Katie Basham, Coordinator of Interfaith Programs, in partnership with the participants, work together to develop the schedule of topics and speakers each week. The CCC provides lunch for those who participate in this program.

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