The Willis D. Weatherford, Jr. Campus Christian Center

Accent on Christian Faith

The Campus Christian Center (CCC) offers several programs and special annual events through which it both emphasizes the distinctive Christian identity of Berea College and leads the College to accomplish this major facet of its mission.  Each year, the Center  provides opportunities both to educate about the many forms of Christian experience and to nurture as well as to develop the distinctive ecumenical Christian community of the College.  The Center has gathered these activities under one broad programmatic title: Accent on Christian Faith.

The Ruth Pister Hampel Memorial Lectureship in Religion

In the fall semester each year, the Campus Christian Center offers The Ruth Pister Hampel Memorial Lectureship in Religion.  The Center invites notable and accomplished ministers, speakers, and theologians to deliver this lecture.  The Ruth Pister Hampel Memorial Lecture occurs as a convocation.  The CCC has offered the Hampel Lecture in Religion since 1987, through the generous support of John E. and Ruth Pister Hampel.  In 1987, Mr. and Mrs. Hampel donated funds for an endowment to support this lectureship, which became the Ruth Pister Hampel Memorial Lecture in Religion.  The Hampels gave this gift with the hope and prayer that this program will effectively continue “to emphasize the College’s long term influence in the field of religion.”

Christmas Open House

In early December, prior to the end of the semester, the Center holds an Open House in the Fireside Room of the Draper Building. The Center provides refreshments, so that individuals can take time for breaks and moments of relaxation beside the fireplace as the semester winds down.

Celebration of Christmas

In early December, the CCC co-sponsors, with the Department of Music and Church of Christ, Union, an annual service of worship that emphasizes the music of the Christmas season and a reading of the account of the birth of Jesus.  The Church of Christ, Union, as the historic founding church of the College, provides its ample facilities for this Christmas celebration.  The College opens this event to the entire community; typically, approximately 1,000 people will attend this very popular and festive event.

Christmas Breakfast of Appreciation for Facilities Management & Public Safety

The CCC also provides one other event during its Christmas activities, for two very important parts of the College community: the staff of Facilities Management and Public Safety.  As a demonstration of the Center’s appreciation for their service to the entire campus, the Center prepares a breakfast of appreciation for the staff of these departments.

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