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The Campus Activities Board (CAB) is a volunteer student organization. CAB plans and coordinates many student activities on campus. We strive to be a unified board that promotes a healthy, productive atmosphere. For the students, we seek to provide a variety of activities for them to take part in during the school year. We hope to be:

  • Approachable
  • Understanding
  • Flexible
  • Dedicated
  • Friendly
  • Informed
  • Diverse in views, and
  • Respectful.

How does CAB function?
CAB consists of 22 board members at most, led by the Chair and the Controller. CAB meets once a week where upcoming events are discussed and/or planned out. CAB is comprised completely of students. Students decide the programs to create and are the primary staff for putting on those events.

How is CAB funded?

Most of CAB’s budget comes from a percent of the student activity fee. A portion also comes from the concessions income.

What is the difference between Campus Activities Board and Campus Life?

Campus Life is a campus department. It offers activities, facilities and services to enhance the quality of campus life for all member of the college community. CAB is a student organization that works closely with Campus Life.

How do I become a CAB member or learn more about volunteering for events?

Call, email, or stop by the CAB office. The office resides next to the Pinnacle/Chimes office in Alumni for more information. New members are selected each semester from an application (.docx) and interview process.

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