2021 Leadership Summit Workshop Tracks


Each workshop track will take place over two days and will include six hours of instruction. You may register for up to three workshop tracks. If you register for more than one workshop track, you must select each track from a different block.


One Workshop Track: $150

Two Workshop Tracks: $200

Three Workshop Tracks: $250

Track Descriptions

Block One Tracks

Harnessing the Power in Not Knowing | Caroline Carpenter

This track will provide tools and techniques for executive leaders of nonprofit organizations for forwardthinking conversations and planning that support resilience during challenging times. Attendees will learn to bring forward questions as tools to create an adaptive organization in which executive leaders, board members, staff, and clients serve as a learning team. 

Equity in Context: Reflecting on Who We Are, Acting on Where We Want to Be | Kierra Clark & Micah Anderson

This workshop track will help attendees examine their organization’s mindsets, structures and programming with an equity lens, and develop concrete action steps that they can bring back to their organization’s board and staff to put into action. Attendees will also hear from relevant perspectives on impactful ways to communicate about how their organization is centering equity in their work.

Strengths-Based Leadership | Mark Nigro

This track will help emerging leaders discover and explore their unique capabilities, while experienced leaders will be able to sharpen their existing leadership practices. Attendees will not only gain knowledge to develop their innate and distinctive leadership potential, but they will also identify specific practices to sustain a positive motivational environment. 

Block Two Tracks

Adaptive Programming | Heather Schill

In this session, attendees will be introduced to the concept of a continuous improvement cycle and the many practical ways in which continuous improvement tools can make organizations more effective and efficient while saving both time and money.  

Sharing Power and Co-Designing for Equitable Results  | Maddy Day & Julie Winegard

In this two-day interactive workshop session, co-designed and delivered with young people, participants will deepen their understanding of how professionals can effectively partner with young people to bring lived experience into the design and decision-making process.

Block Three Tracks

Strategies for Private and Public Funding Development | Dr. Melissa Newman

In this workshop track, attendees will examine the trends in rural funding and create a development plan that considers the landscape of rural philanthropy. 

Moving from Talk to Action: Using Results-Based Accountability to Accomplish Your Mission | Andy Beichler & Thomas Johnson

In this track, attendees will explore how Results-Based Accountability, a relatively simple process for identifying and using data to track the difference your organization is creating, can help you improve and support a culture of continuous improvement. 

Building a Local Leadership Table for Collaborative Impact | Katie Basham & Dr. Shanda Crowder

A cross-sector leadership table is a key piece of civic infrastructure needed to support a community’s collective impact efforts for improving community outcomes.  Whether your community already has a leadership table in place or is in the early stages of thinking about forming a leadership table, this session will help participants unlock the potential of leadership tables to accelerate community results.

For more information about this year’s tracks and track leaders, click here to view the 2021 Brushy Fork Leadership Summit Brochure.

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