Writing a Press Release

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May 30, 1997
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Zella Truthtella, We Are the News
(789) 987-4321


Zella Truthtella, Head Newsmaker at We Are the News, will offer pointers on writing press releases during a seminar at the Community Conference Center on June 14, 2010. “With this training, organizations will be able to send their messages to thousands of people,” Truthtella stated.

Truthtella will provide a checklist of elements of a good press release, including the following:

  • Follow the newspaper’s preferred format: double-spaced, typed, fax/no fax, e-mail—whatever they want.
  • Write the press release the way you want them to print it—make it an article that can be readily used.
  • Give them an exciting headline—even if they don’t use it.
  • Use clear short sentences—avoid technical jargon or acronyms.
  • Keep it short—preferably one page.
  • Use quotes—”Using short, effective quotes from experts lends credence to your topic,” noted Truthtella.
  • Look professional—print the release on your letterhead. Check, double-check and triple-check for typos, name spellings, and dates.
  • Develop a relationship with reporters and editors—be a good source to them and they will provide coverage for you.

We Are the News is a non-profit organization that for the last fourteen years has helped community organizations plan for their media future.

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