Using Flip Charts to Facilitate Community Meetings

Tried and true methods of using flip charts to organize, facilitate, and record community meetings.

The Tools

  • Tape (masking)
  • Markers–“Mr. Sketch” work best because they don’t bleed through.
  • Grid ruled flip chart pads
  • Easels (See toolbox in the Fall/Winter 1996-97 Mountain Promise on “How to build a flipchart easel”.)
    1. If there is no bar on the easel, use the pad box as a backboard.
    2. Use the pad box on a chair if you don’t have an easel.
    3. Use tape to solve any remaining problems!

The Set-Up

  • Plan where to tape your sheets so all can see them–walls, windows, etc.
  • Tear off tape pieces and stick them on the easel.
  • Make flipcharts ahead of time for presentations.
    1. Write notes in pencil on pre-made pages for presentation.
    2. Use white mailing labels to “erase” mistakes.


  • Colors–Don’t use red except to highlight.
  • Size–One inch high minimum (lower case).
  • Paraphrasing:
    1. Use key words.
    2. Use speakers’ words if you can.
    3. Negotiate for reduction to key phrases.
    4. Read it back and ask if you got it right.

Taping Up

  • Put tape on the top corners of the sheet before you tear it off.
  • The tear-off: tear one corner, then pull down and to the side.
  • Fold the sheets after taking them down–they are easier to type.
  • Roll the sheets if you plan to post them again.

Download this file to print as a handout.
(Acrobat Format)