Service History

Since 1988, Brushy Fork Institute has worked to develop strong leadership in communities throughout Appalachia. As an outreach program of Berea College, the Institute offers:

  • leadership training,
  • organizational development workshops, and
  • technical assistance to communities working for a better tomorrow.

Brushy Fork offered the first Annual Institute in 2005. It based the program on seventeen years of experience operating an award-winning Leadership Development Program for Appalachian community leaders. The Annual Institute serves as a regional model for a self-sustaining, open training venue. It’s designed to build the capacity of nonprofits and community-based organizations in central Appalachia.

Brushy Fork offers a broad range of programs and services. Through this, we support leadership development initiatives. Thus, we provide individuals with the skills needed to implement effective community-based capacity building efforts throughout Appalachia.

Service Area & History: 1988-2013

The following map highlights counties throughout Appalachia with participants in Brushy Fork projects or programs since 1988. Appalachian Kentucky counties are highlighted in green.  (Select the image to enlarge.)

Brushy Fork service history map with BC logo