Flex-E-Grant Recipients and Projects | June 2010

Following are the Flex-E-Grant projects awarded funding in June 2010 for projects that ran July 2010 through December 2010.

Growing Through Literacy
County:  Bell
Fiscal Agent: Bell County School District 

Total Expended: $13,628.34
Grant Expended: $8,018.34
Match Expended: $5,610 

Description: Originally, this project involved a plan for developing an area of land into a community park, expanding and existing walking trail and creating a community garden with the overall goal of the project is to improve residents’ health. Due to complications, the group was unable to accomplish this work and asked if they could revise their project. Jane met with the school district and a grant was eventually approved for program called Growing Through Literacy that provided reading tutoring for elementary school students. 104 families and community residents participated in the literacy trainings and information workshops. 1,034 families participated in the school storytelling events. The project also created two literacy centers in the community and placed more than 100 literacy bags at the Middlesboro Hospital for new mothers and babies.

Keep Breathitt Beautiful
County:  Breathitt
Fiscal Agent: Breathitt County Action Team

Total Expended: $10,625
Grant Expended: $8,500
Match Expended: $2,125

Description: Keep Breathitt Beautiful provided resources for BCAT to collaborate with schools, civic groups, and community members to market the importance of Reducing, Reusing, and Recycling. The program featured contests and programs in the schools and the community. The project had more than 30 entries in its Recycled Materials Art Contest. In November, 60 residents attended the Breathitt County Recycles Day at Douthitt Park. The grant also funded the purchase of 48 35-gallon bottle/can recycling bins and 24 assorted recycling totes that have been placed in local schools, government offices, and business offices that have committed to recycling. This represents an increased number of bins than was originally budgeted due to the level of interest in recycling from the community.

Urban Garden Project
County:  Breathitt
Fiscal Agent: Breathitt County Extension District Board

Total Expended: $6,420.57
Grant Expended: $3,500
Match Expended: $2,920.57 

Description: This project installed an urban garden project in a space behind the Breathitt County Extension Office. Twenty-three volunteers provided 101 hours of labor to assemble, plant and maintain the garden. The Extension Office held four educational meetings and hosted two school groups and a Girl Scout troop in the garden. The Extension Office will maintain the garden with volunteer labor and donations and will host planting and educational activities for youth and adults.

Implementation of Bert T. Combs Feasibility Study
County:  Clay
Fiscal Agent: City of Manchester

Total Expended: $15,724.32
Grant Expended: $10,000
Match Expended: $5,724.32

Description: The City of Manchester implemented part of a feasibility study for the Bert. T. Combs Recreational Area that was done with a previous Flex-E-Grant. The implementation was to create a walking path around the lake for hikers and fishermen. Along the path, the group placed benches and tables for people to use. The tables were built by inmates at the local prison. The lake will be used in the future by residents and visitors to the community.

Students Striving for a Healthier Community
County:  Floyd
Fiscal Agent: Highlands Health System

Total Expended: $12,947.15
Grant Expended: $8,032.15
Match Expended: $4,915

Description: In this project Highland Health System partnered with local school districts and high schools of Floyd, Johnson, Magoffin and Martin Counties in efforts to establish a program where students helped identify specific health concerns that impact the schools and communities of their individual counties and establish recommended plans of action for treatment, guidance and solutions of the identified health concerns. Forty-five students participated in the program, representing nine schools from these counties. The students attended project meetings and training sessions and then put together their projects, which were presented the Community Development Committee from Highlands Health System. Using scoring criteria, the judges gave top place to Johnson Central High School’s project that focused on skin cancer prevention through the use of sunscreen. The program built the skills of participating students to be health ambassadors in the community.

City of Benham Circle Park Project
County: Harlan
Fiscal Agent: City of Benham

Total Expended: $12,177.74
Grant Expended: $6,099.74
Match Expended: $6,078

Description: The project consisted of creating an American Flag from pea gravel and a wooden frame on the back of the Benham Circle Park, along with six black granite plaques honoring coal miners killed in accidents since the 1900s. The project was planned through two community meetings, involving 48 participants. The final meeting and ribbon cutting hosted 92 attendees. The program brought together people from all walks of life that had never worked together. The park will continue to be a venue for community gatherings and additional projects.

Lynch Community Park Project
County:  Harlan
Fiscal Agent: City of Lynch

Total Expended: $12,278.95
Grant Expended: $7,904.45
Match Expended: $4,372.50

Description: This project originally involved cleaning up an abandoned structure in the City of Lynch, landscaping the property and building a picnic shelter with tables and benches. Due to the resignation of the mayor, the project lost steam and the City requested a revision to the project goals. The project was changed to address general beautification and clean up of the City of Lynch, with the involvement of community residents. Using 12 volunteers, the project focused on painting some dilapidated downtown buildings and hanging Christmas lights and decorations. The group hopes to continue and motivate other community members to join volunteer efforts.

Trail of Storytelling Phase Two 
County:  Harlan
Fiscal Agent: Cumberland Tourism Commission

Total Expended: $15,700
Grant Expended: $10,000
Match Expended: $5,700

Description: Phase two of this project expanded the work of the story collecting process and integrated the stories into the creation of a community drama and the production of new public artworks in tile mosaic. Local artists and community members constructed steel-frame mosaic works that celebrated the contribution of African-Americans to the community of Lynch by depicting scenes and quotes from oral histories on a series of suitcases and other luggage typically carried by people migrating to the mining community from the deep South to work the mines in the early 20th century. Eight artists were trained to work on the mosaic project, while five professional artists and art administrators donated their time. Twenty oral history interviews were conducted with more than 50 people participating in the story collection process.

Following are the Flex-E-Grant projects awarded funding in June 2010 for projects that ran July 2010 through December 2010.

Web-Based Tourism Itinerary Builder & Booking Service
County:  Hart
Fiscal Agent: Hart County Tourist Commission

Total Expended: $14,500
Grant Expended: $10,000
Match Expended: $4,500

Description: This project worked with local small tourism and arts-related businesses and non-profits to create an Internet-based marketing program that will allow potential visitors to build itineraries and purchase tickets online. The group held a discover/input session attended by 11 tourism business stakeholders, a project coordinator and three consultants. The site for this project is scheduled to be launched in late February 2011 and will feature a shopping cart that allows Hart County to add a product or event and sell tickets. In the final report, the grantee spoke about lessons learned about how marketing firms must adjust their strategies to work with small, rural communities to meet their needs.

Bonnieville Image Improvement
County: Hart
Fiscal Agent: City of Boonieville

Total Expended: $13,992
Grant Expended: $10,000
Match Expended: $3,992

Description:This beautification work in Bonnieville was undertaken by volunteers who put in more than 240 hours of work. The number of volunteers at any one event ranged from three to 25. The beautification included the following: a planting project, undertaken by 12 people; a member drive, undertaken by three volunteers; the placement of welcome signs by six volunteers; painting fire hydrants done by 25 volunteers; hanging historic banners by 13 volunteers. The plantings, painting and signs have had a major visual impact on the downtown area.

County:  Knott
Fiscal Agent: Institute for Dyslexia Education in Appalachia

Total Expended: $11,699
Grant Expended: $9,141
Match Expended: $2,558

Description: The WEBWORKS Project strengthened the links between the community’s existing afterschool dyslexia tutorial programs and the local schools. The program trained four Knott Countians in how to supervise tutorial programs in the communities of Cordia and Hindman. Sixty parents and tutors also attended trainings. The work between the sites will be connected through the continued development of a web site: www.ideadyslexia.org.

Entrepreneurial Training for Adventure Tourism
County:  Knott
Fiscal Agent: Knott County Tourism Commission

Total Expended: $7,574.42
Grant Expended: $3,550.03
Match Expended: $4,024.39

Description: This project supported entrepreneurs who want to develop small businesses to provide the amenities that adventure tourism destination travelers expect. The program involved training and workshops, mentoring and peer support and assistance with accessing financial capital. Eleven people enrolled in the workshops and received training on success planning, market planning, cash flow planning and operations planning.

Knox County Healthy Communities Coalition
County:  Knox
Fiscal Agent: KCEOC Community Active Partnership

Total Expended: $20,001.56
Grant Expended: $5,824.39
Match Expended: $14,177.17

Description: The Knox County Healthy Communities Coalition was recently created to increase awareness of, and provide impetus for, health and wellness opportunities in Knox County, Kentucky. The group consists of agencies, organizations, and public and private individuals who have a desire to improve the overall health and wellness of an area that has some of the highest indices of poor health in the country. With this project, the Coalition built its capacity to improve health in the county. The group held a seminar on Coalition Building and Strategic Planning around their efforts, which was attended by 20 people. The resulting work has included developing walking clubs, improving tennis courts at the local park, installing exercise equipment on an exercise circuit that includes seven exercise stations, providing trainings on nutrition and exercise, sponsoring public forums on smoke-free policies in workplaces, completed walkability assessments of local communities and identified how communities can make walking safer, and holding a health fair at Union College, which was attended by 80 people. The coalition also held a Family Fun Fit Day at the local park, which was attended by more than 200 people. Coalition members received training in Body Recall, childhood obesity issues, air quality monitoring, and other topics.

Bright Smiles
County: Knox
Fiscal Agent: Kids First Dental Services

Total Expended: $9,640
Grant Expended: $7,000
Match Expended: $2,640

Description: Through this project, Kids First focused its services in Knox County and increased the educational component of their dental services. Twenty volunteers from the community were trained to give age-appropriate dental hygiene demonstrations to children brought on the mobile unit. This resulted in the screening of 75 preschool age children and the distribution of educational materials to 2,200 parents and children at the Knox County Readifest. The volunteers also distributed materials to 1,500 students through the county schools.

Energy Auditing Nonprofit Partnership
County:  Lee
Fiscal Agent: Beattyville Housing and Development

Total Expended: $15,719.10
Grant Expended: $9,484.10
Match Expended: $6,235

Description: The Energy Auditing Nonprofit Partnership brings together four affordable housing nonprofits, their strengths, resources and community outreach to develop and/or improvement housing rehabilitation programs in their work in energy efficiency. The group provided 22 energy audits, held three community workshops and assisted 26 families with energy audits or information on energy efficiency.

Resource Identification and Dissemination Project
County:  Leslie
Fiscal Agent: Leslie County Drug Awareness Council 

Total Expended: $3,721.55
Grant Expended: $2,796.55
Match Expended: $925

Description: This project consisted of seven meetings, attended by an average of ten persons at each, to assist the community in looking at existing assets and resources on substance abuse treatment and prevention. Based on the meetings, the group created a resource directory and a web site with information on community resources in Leslie County (www.lcdac.com). The goal was to build the regional capacity of communities to address substance abuse prevention and treatment opportunities in Leslie County. An average of ten agencies experienced increased capacity to address substance abuse in the county.

Global Banjo Museum Arts Center Feasibility Study
County: Letcher
Fiscal Agent: City of Whitesburg

Total Expended: $8,604.80
Grant Expended: $7,000
Match Expended: $1,604.80

Description: The City of Whitesburg conducted a feasibility study to consider the economic and logistical viability and sustainability of The Global Banjo Museum, holding two community meetings that involved 23 people. Following the meetings, the city settled on a preferred location for the museum and have created a logo. They know the amount of funding the project will require ($1.8 million) and estimated figures for visitors (33,000 per year.) The Global Banjo Museum has the concept of serving as an educational and tourism facility showcasing the history of the banjo from its roots in Africa and the Middle East through its development as the signature instrument in Appalachian folk music and Bluegrass. The city will continue to work with the Letcher County Tourism Commission, local musicians and educators to plan a path forward and hope to begin seeking funding for the project.

Daniel Boone Hotel Renovation Feasibility
County:  Letcher
Fiscal Agent: FAHE Consulting

Total Expended: $12,600
Grant Expended: $9,600
Match Expended: $3,000

Description: The Daniel Boone Hotel Renovation Feasibility Project involved the procurement of a market/research firm to conduct a feasibility analysis for the City of Whitesburg for the renovation of the Daniel Boone Hotel, a historic downtown structure. The firm discussed ideas with the city council and then held a public meeting to get input on design and use of the hotel. These ideas were integrated into the final feasibility study.

Positive Youth Development Initiative 
County:  Letcher
Fiscal Agent: United for Substance Abuse Prevention (USAP)

Total Expended: $2,541.22
Grant Expended: $2,176.22
Match Expended: $365

Description: The Positive Youth Development Initiative of USAP provided opportunity for youth decision-making in the public arena. The group conducted a survey and held meetings for the youth. A meeting at the extension office served 33 young people, aged 9 to 18, who divided into four groups that worked on projects in one of four areas: leadership; environment/community; healthy communities; and media. Among the specific projects young leaders undertook were placing bat houses in a community park; leadership development through 4-H activities; and a day of fitness at the local high school. Winter weather and the closing of the school system impacted the ability to complete all the projects, thus much of the grant was not spent.

HOPE (Helping Our People Excel)
County: Magoffin
Fiscal Agent: REACH

Total Expended: $2,731.86
Grant Expended: $2,185.49
Match Expended: $546.37

Description: Magoffin County H.O.P.E. offered basic life skill classes to girls in grades K – 12. The second part of this project consisted of improving living conditions of these same at-risk individuals and families (roof repairs, handicapped accessible ramps, etc). The group held three Life Skills classes and did three home repair projects. These projects were staffed by volunteers.

South Magoffin Community Activists 
County:  Magoffin
Fiscal Agent: Magoffin County Health Department

Total Expended: $12,902
Grant Expended: $6,000
Match Expended: $6,902

Description:South Magoffin Action for Development was an extension of the work of Magoffin County ACTION, which was funded by a previous Brushy Fork Institute Flex-E grant. The group approved an 8-page strategic plan and sent representatives to 80 homes in the area to share information about it. They also held 8 public meetings, with an average attendance of 30 people at each meeting. As part of the implementation of the plan, the group created an official volunteer fire department with 16 trained firefighters. The group held community activities, including a fundraiser attended by 75 residents and a community day activity with 15 participants. A separate fundraiser for the volunteer fire department involved 30 volunteers. Five volunteers from the group also erected South Magoffin signs.

Grandparents Support Group 
County:  Menifee
Fiscal Agent: Project Worth 

Total Expended: $8,372.71
Grant Expended: $5,147.71
Match Expended: $3,225.00

Description: The project provided support and training to grandparents who are raising their grandchildren on a part- or full-time basis. The support group offered services to 32 grandparents on a variety of skills, including: health care/Medicaid; anger management; bullying; ADHD; daily chores; classes on syndromes such as Tourette’s, Asperger, and autism; simple sewing; and involving children in Thanksgiving and Christmas preparations.

Heritage Quilt
County: Owsley
Fiscal Agent: Owsley County Outreach

Total Expended: $2,909.04
Grant Expended: $2,131.19
Match Expended: $777.85

Description: This project was meant to involve local residents in a cultural and heritage project that included interviews on the history of the county and the creation of a quilt with different squares depicting the heritage from the local stories, done by participants in piecing and quilting classes. The group worked with collecting the stories, but due to illness with a team member restructured the project to exclude the production of the quilt. However, the stories that were gathered were video recorded, edited and are displayed on a video monitor in the public library.

Livingston Welcome Signs
County:  Rockcastle
Fiscal Agent: City of Livingston

Total Expended: $4,152.09
Grant Expended: $2,500
Match Expended: $1,652.09

Description: Through this project, the City of Livingston implemented part of the master plan developed under a previous Flex-E-Grant. An existing granite sign was reworked by volunteers with nature-themed designs selected by the community. A second sign was created and was a composite of artwork by local children, expressing the theme: Livingston: in the heart of natural Kentucky. Ten volunteers worked on the signs and 8 children contributed artwork to the painted wooden sign for the south end of town.

Leadership East Kentucky Scholarships
County:  All Distressed Counties in Kentucky
Fiscal Agent: KCEOC Community Partnership

Total Expended: $7,550
Grant Expended: $6,050
Match Expended: $1,500

Description: Leadership East Kentucky used the Flex-E-Grant funds to provide scholarships to six individuals, five through the grant funds and one through Leadership East Kentucky. The funds served people who cannot afford to attend the program and to provide expenses (travel, food costs, child care) for their participation, increasing the number of traditionally underrepresented people in the program. One of the scholarship recipients included a college student, only the second in the program’s 12-years of operation. The program included 8 sessions. Participants went on to serve on boards, to volunteer for organizations, and to undertake community projects.