Flex-E-Grant Recipients and Projects | June 2009

Following are the Flex-E-Grant projects awarded funding in June 2009 for projects that ran July 2009 through December 2009.

Breaking the Cycle of Abuse Through Financial Empowerment
Grantee:  AppalRed Legal Aid
County:  Floyd

Description: The primary goal of this project is to reduce financial illiteracy and fears that impact a victim’s ability to leave an abusive situation. Legal professionals will conduct trainings for abuse victims in AppalReD’s service area, which includes a 28-county distressed region. Participants, primarily women, will enhance their financial skills, improve their ability to budget and save money, allowing them to overcome a major hurdle in becoming independent of an abuser.
Budget: $12,500          FEG Request: $10,000

City of Whitesburg & Letcher County Emergency Response Network
Grantee:  Appalshop
County:  Letcher

Description: This project will result in a fully designed emergency response network, constructed over three stakeholder meetings with supporting documents; list of stakeholders, existing resources, procedural flow chart, call tree and a list of governmental/emergency agencies and media outlets. The emergency response network will meet the need to reach out to isolated areas of Letcher County in the event of an emergency.
Budget: $12,800          FEG Request: $10,000

Connecting Leadership to Career Dreams 
Grantee:  Bell County School District
County:  Bell

Description: This project will train school staff so they can run a youth leadership program that will provide 240 students learn and apply skills for becoming positive leaders in school and their community. Students will experience postsecondary and college opportunities needed to create successful careers and future leadership roles. They will create an Individual Learning Plan, identify a career of choice, and apply leadership skills in selecting a pathway to become successful. Fifteencommunity partners will assist in leadership training, roles of leadership and support for 240 students serving as guest speakers, business role models removing apathy among students and the community.
Budget: $12,500          FEG Request: $10,000

Asset-Based Strategies by a Faith-Based Network to Build Capacity in Low-Income African-American communities in three distressed KY Counties
Grantee: London District Baptist Missionary & Educational Association
County:  Bell

Description: This project consists of a series of asset mapping workshops to identify the skills, talents, knowledge base and experiences of low-income people in the African-American communities in the three counties of Bell, Harlan and Cumberland counties. The group plans to hold four meetings (1) mapping workshop (2) community gardening workshop and (3) civic engagement workshop.
Budget:  $15,835         FEG Request: $9,935

Summer Camp for the Blind and Visually-Impaired Adults and Students
Grantee:  Appalachian Visionaries, Inc.
County: Breathitt

Description: This Summer Camp will serve 10 adults and 10 school age children. Participants will join a round table discussion about potential careers and employment opportunities. Activities will expose the blind and visually impaired to career options, cane activities, and a guide dog program.
Budget: $15,300         FEG Request: $10,000

Pumpkin Field Day
Grantee:  Breathitt County Extension Service
County:  Breathitt

Description: This project will focus on a Pumpkin Field Day with more 700 students and 300 adults participating with 20 stations set up to focus on natural food sources.  Health related stations emphasizing dental and physical health will also be set-up.  The local hospital will offer booths for parents with free blood pressure checks and free health services. Teachers will use the classroom setting to help students learn about food production and health.
Budget: $11,183          FEG Request: $4,913

Inez Implementation Plan
Grantee:  City of Inez
County:  Martin

Description: This project consists of implementing a Literacy Program to provide increased basic skill sets to students in need of improvement. The city has will alos continue its relationship with New Cities Institute to assist the community in identifying social networking speakers and work with citizen volunteers to create project teams and begin planning the next phase of work.
Budget: $4,375            FEG Request: $3,500

Lee County Disaster Action Team Training and Preparation 
Grantee: Daniel Boone Chapter of the American Red Cross
County:  Lee

Description: This project will result in a trained disaster management team for Lee County. The project will involve four recruitment sessions, meetings with 10 churches or other private organizations to ascertain interest in serving as a Disaster Shelter, and meetings with County Government and school officials to ascertain interest in providing facilities to serve as a Disaster Shelter. The project will provide training for community volunteers to are interested in becoming part of the disaster action team.
Budget: $3,125            FEG Request: $2,500

Climbing Mountains and Crossing Rivers to Tourism in Estill County
Grantee:  Estill Arts Council
County: Estill

Description: This project will involve a series of workshops on visioning, hospitality, marketing, e-commerce/web design and leadership/board training, facilitated by Michelle Spencer, Southern and Eastern KY Tourism Development Association, Gwenda Adkins, UK Cooperative Extension Agent, Nancy Atcher, retired KY Arts Council Craft Marketing Program staff, two people from the KY Arts Council Peer Advisory Network. Conference workshop in October. The group will also complete a quilt trail website and link with related websites to bring tourists to Estill County.
Budget: $12,515          FEG Request: $10,000

ENSURE (Ending Negative Stereotypes Undermining Real Employment)
Grantee:  Big Sandy Community and Technical College
County: Floyd

Description: The goal of this project is to provide employment opportunities and services to persons with disabilities. The activities consist of a series of community meetings, trainings and events with the outcome of placing ten persons with disabilities in positions in the community.
Budget: $11,532          FEG Request: $6,441

My Career Path
Grantee:  Forward in the Fifth
County: Rockcastle

Description: This project proposes to align students with career goals and direct them in their educational path. The activities include a series of writing activities, job shadowing and a career day event that will allow students to adjust their Individual Graduation Plans to meet their career goals.
Budget: $12,400          FEG Request: $7,400

Downtown Facelift
Grantee:  City of Harlan
County: Harlan

Description: This project will involve community members and business owners in downtown renovation projects, including lighting, street signage, greenery, cleanup, façade decorating, etc.
Budget: $12,500          FEG Request: $10,000

EMT Training for Eastern Kentucky Citizens
Grantee:  Lee County Fiscal Court
County: Lee (and surrounding counties)

Description: This project will involve recruiting trainees and hold training classes for an EMT-Basic Training course for citizens of 10 distressed counties. The outcomes will be to provide certification for students that will be able to fill vacant EMT positions in this counties and meet this critical health need.
Budget: $16,700          FEG Request: $10,000

People Encouraging People
Grantee:  City of Beattyille
County: Lee

Description: This project brings together artists and business owners for training in e-commerce and undertakes the development of a web site. The web page would highlight Lee County artists, its recreational opportunities and its rich history.
Budget: $6,700            FEG Request: $4,600

Developing a Creative & Tourism Economy for Letcher County
Grantee: Letcher County Convention and Tourism Center
County: Letcher

Description: This project will consist of six community meetings to look at existing assets and interest of the community, led by Robert Donnan. Work groups will be formed from each meeting to work on their agendas. The group will also visit model communities such as Elliott County, Kentucky, and Watauga County, Siler City, Saxapahaw and Glencoe, NC. As a result, the community will develop and sustain a written strategic framework and plan for tourism.
Budget: $12,500          FEG Request: $10,000

Grantee: Magoffin County Health Department
County: Magoffin

Description: This project will consist of community meetings for MAPP Magoffin Advisory Council members to meet with the community at six geographic locations of the county to educate, empower, and develop planning for their locations and for the county Development Authority.  The group will also plan a web site for the community, tourism and economic development.
Budget: $13,000          FEG Request: $10,000

Recruiting and Training Volunteers
Grantee: Project Worth and Outreach
County: Menifee

Description: This project will train 25 prospective volunteers to do service in the community at the library, food bank, literacy program, schools, etc. The outcomes will be placement of these skilled volunteers at agencies where they can gain experience while helping their community.
Budget: $7,750            FEG Request: $6,200

Entrepreneurial Leadership for the Future
Grantee: Monroe County School District Community Foundation
County: Monroe

Description: The grantee will implement a seven-week Junior League program in the high school and conduct six monthly workshops for adults to promote entrepreneurship skills. The outcomes will be for students to graduate and begin post-secondary education or training with a business/entrepreneurial focus. Two of the adult participants will develop and proceed with a business.
Budget: $17,075          FEG Request: $10,000

Ridgeland Farmers Alliance Project
Grantee: Elliott County Board of Education
County: Elliott

Description: This project will map agricultural assets in the community and expose farmers to alternative crops for a strong farm economy. Farmers will attend trainings and will tour agriculturally successful communities. These farm families will begin to grow alternative crops and participate in a local market that will be established.
Budget: $12,500          FEG Request: $10,000

United for Letcher County Youth
Grantee: United for Substance Abuse Prevention
County: Letcher

Description: This project develops the assets that youth offer for positive community engagement. The young people develop projects through partnerships developed through the youth program funded by this grant. Partnering agencies will offer youth more input regarding improvements and participation in programs. The program will also provide access to a foundation data base to help agencies gain much needed resources.
Budget: $13,100          FEG Request: $10,000