Flex-E-Grant Recipients and Projects | December 2009

Flex-E-Grants Awarded December 2009 for Projects During the Period January 2010 through July 2010.

Leadership Academy
Grantee:  London District Baptist Missionary & Educational Association
County:  Bell

This project is a leadership academy to develop a trained grassroots leadership base to guide community work in the areas of focused meeting management, civic responsibility; youth development; personal development.
Budget: $6,686                      Grant Amount: $5,336.45

Building a Better Breathitt: Civic Capacity and Leadership 
Grantee: Breathitt County Action Team
County: Breathitt

This project will involve a Civic Capacity and Leadership Development Summit with Dr. Vaughn Grisham. The project will also use asset mapping and community collaboration to create and sustain a community web site with focus on building capacity and leadership development. The web site will serve as a portal for community information and an avenue to encourage civic engagement. The group will also print a resource directory brochure that mirrors resources on the web site.
Budget: $12,500                     Grant Amount: $10,000

Breathitt County Future Leaders
Grantee: Breathitt County Board of Education
County: Breathitt

This project is a leadership program for students grades 5-12 to teach them leadership and lifestyle skills. The program includes trips to college campuses, reality programs, workshops on study skills, time management, listening skills, community service, meeting skills, financial management, manners and etiquette, and other topics.
Budget: $14,660                     Grant Amount: $10,000

Feasibility Study for Bert T. Combs Lake and Recreational Area
Grantee: City of Manchester
County: Clay 

This project conducts a feasibility study for the Beech Creek Lake Recreational Area for a road to access the recreational area, to make appropriate improvements, including community people in the planning process for the recreational area.
Budget: $12,500                     Grant Amount: $10,000

Implementation of Long-Range Plan (County Beautification)
Grantee: Gateway RC&D Area
County: Elliott

This project is designed to make Sandy Hook a more welcoming town by doing downtain beautification. The work will include signs, murals, landscaping and tree plantings to beautify the city. This work will be done by local volunteers and will build civic pride and capacity.
Budget:  $18,000                    Grant Amount: $10,000

Ridgelands Farmers Alliance Project
Grantee: Elliott County Board of Education
County: Elliott

This project consists of a series of meetings to assist the community in evaluating the potential for a major shift in agricultural production and processing. The group will also implement a Buy Local Foods campaign. The programs will result in the diversification and sustainability of local family farms.
Budget: $13,000                     Grant Amount: $10,000

Empowering Estill County
Grantee: Estill Development Alliance
County: Estill 

This project will create a leadership development program for emerging young leaders in the county. The leaders will be placed on the boards of local organizations and agencies and their learning will be coupled with community service/projects.
Budget: $12,838                     Grant Amount: $10,000

Strategic Plan Development for Mountain Mushroom Festival
Grantee: Estill Arts Council
County: Estill

This project will involve doing a strategic plan to expand the local Mountain Mushroom Festival to include an arts and heritage segment. The new activities will feature local artists and craftspeople. The project is designed to increase the number of local people involved in the festival and to grow the festival sustainably.
Budget: $12,510                     Grant Amount: $10,000

The Trail of Storytelling through Art
Grantee: Cumberland Tourism Commission
County: Harlan 

Through a series of community meetings, the commission will gather stories, artifacts and art to create a trail of displays among the three communities of Cumberland, Benham and Lynch, as a celebration of history and heritage.
Budget: $13,500                     Grant Amount: $10,000

BOAZ-Bonnieville Opportunity and Advancement Zone
Grantee: City of Bonnieville
County: Hart 

This project involves strategic planning efforts to assist with the orderly development of projects and the ability to recruit volunteers for projects. The New Cities Institute will facilitate this planning effort.
Budget: $12,500                     Grant Amount: $10,000

Enlightening, Encouraging and Enabling Beattyville to the Reva M. Crabtree Initiative
Grantee: City of Beattyville
County: Lee

This project will educate 300 students and 100 adults about recycling and encourage recycling at schools and the community. Activities include recyclable art classes in the schools and through adult education, recycling events and kick-offs and the installation of recycling receptacles in the schools and the community.
Budget: $14,700                     Grant Amount: $10,000

One Generation to Another “Cultural Arts Explosion”
Grantee: Cowan Community Center
County: Letcher

This project includes lessons in traditional music, dance and other arts and extends arts programming to the community. The programs are designed for a variety of ages and will result in youth and adults gaining skills and education in culture and heritage around them. The program will expand offerings to more community centers and schools in Letcher County.
Budget: $18,892                     Grant Amount: $10,000

Letcher County Leaders
Grantee: Letcher County Schools
County: Letcher 

This project creates a six-month leadership program to involve both youth and adults to widen the circle of local leadership engaged with implementing the goals of an ongoing creative and tourism economy project. Program participants will complete nine projects over the six months.
Budget: $13,184                     Grant Amount: $10,000

Magoffin County ACTION for Leadership
Grantee: Magoffin County Health Department
County: Magoffin

This project involves two summits: a leadership summit for local leaders, featuring Dr. Vaughn Grisham, and a Substance Abuse-Free Environment (SAFE) Summit to increase collaboration of service providers for child abuse/neglect issues. Following these summits, participants will work on at least four collaborative projects to address community issues.
Budget: $18,902                     Grant Amount: $10,000

A Family Stay-cation: Fund for All Ages
Grantee: Monroe Economic Development Commission
County: Monroe 

This project is designed to revitalize the city park for community use by offering community campouts with educational events. Through a woodworking class, 20 participants will build picnic tables for the park. Other events will include star-gazing, turkey hunting how-to, fishing, canoeing, and other activities. All events will be publicized on a web site to be developed as part of the project.
Budget: $14,250                     Grant Amount: $10,000

Downtown Revitalization
Grantee: Monroe County Health Department
County: Monroe

This project involves the creation of a park on Main Street in downtown Tompkinsville, involving local high school students to design murals for a wall adjoining the park. The program will involve more than 100 participants in contest and design processes. In the long-term the park will encourage community pride in the downtown area.
Budget: $17,405                     Grant Amount: $10,000

Beautification of Booneville
Grantee: Owsley County Action Team
County: Owsley

This project will result in the clean-up of Booneville, design and creation of a mural on a downtown building to increase involvement of youth, awareness of tourist attractions, and renovation of businesses.
Budget: $14,750                     Grant Amount: $10,000

Community Arts Center
Grantee: Community Foundation of Hazard and Perry County
County: Perry

This project will result in a feasibility study and work plan for implementation of a community arts center in downtown Hazard. The center may include a small theatre, a dance studio and artist nooks. The plan will explore maintenance and operation of the facility as well as initial development.
Budget: $12,510                     Grant Amount: $10,000

City of Livingston Strategic Master Plan
Grantee: Rockcastle Development Board
County: Rockcastle

The project involves the preparation of a City Strategic Master Plan for immediate and future projects/growth, addressing long-term projects such as the revitalization of the closed school building and development of tourism.
Budget: $13,000                     Grant Amount: $10,000