Flex-E-Grant Awards


History of Funds

Brushy Fork has administered a portion of the KY ARC Flex-E-Grant program since 2008. Working in collaboration with ARC and the Kentucky Department for Local Government, Brushy Fork has administered more than $1.5 million in program funds across 34 of Kentucky’s distressed Appalachian counties. By the end of 2014, this investment will total nearly $1.7 million.

From 2008-2014 the average grant award was $7,300. To date, 232 community projects have received funding through this program.

The table below identifies the 38 community capacity building projects approved for 2014 Flex-E-Grant funding. These projects represent $262,868 in total grant awards.

Funding Cycle


County / Area of Focus

Project Title

Project Summary

Jan – June 2014

Jim Blair Community Recreation Center

Adair / Health

Community Park Improvement

Improve and promote usage of an existing park through adding benches and landscaping to create a space for families and seniors to participate in programmed activities

Jan – June 2014

Discover Downtown Middlesboro

Bell / Business Recruitment and Incubation

Middlesboro Makers Market

Establish a Makers Market to promote the creation of small cultural businesses that can revitalize the downtown area

Jan – June 2014

Grayson Area Chamber of Commerce

Carter / Tourism, Including Arts and Heritage

The Traipsin’ Woman

Support the creation and staging of a dramatic play that will showcase local heritage and promote area tourism

Jan – June 2014

Healthy Clay

Clay / Health

Improvements and Additions to the Downtown Manchester Riverwalk Trai

Continue implementation of a trail development plan to improve trail infrastructure along a local riverwalk

Jan – June 2014

Stay in Clay

Clay / Tourism, Including Arts and Heritage

Worth Our Salt Planter Project

Improve downtown by involving community groups in the decoration and installation of 10 planters in the shape of salt kettles

Jan – June 2014

Clay County Fiscal Court

Clay / Tourism, Including Natural Resources, Arts, and Heritage

Pioneer Village Community Stage

Involves community volunteers in constructing a primitive community stage as part of ongoing development of a historic pioneer village

Jan – June 2014

Spread the Health Appalachia

Multi-County Effort: Clay, Jackson, Knox / Health

Establishing or Growing Your Community Coalition

Establish a mentoring program to guide regional communities in establishing a health coalition and in training new coalition leaders

Jan – June 2014

Elliott County Heritage Team

Elliott / Tourism, Including Arts and Heritage

Using Story and Song for Cultural Heritage Tourism

Support the collection of oral histories in story, song, and photographs along rural highways undergoing major renovations

Jan – June 2014

Tri-Cities Heritage Development Corporation

Harlan / Regional Collaboration and Identity

Sustainable Harlan County

Support creation of a museum exhibit documenting multiple communities within Harlan County to foster community dialogue regarding the creation of a sustainable future for the county and its residents beyond coal

Jan – June 2014

Jackson Energy

Jackson / Education and Retraining

Technical Training and Summer Camp

Provide a week-long, non-residential STEM and technical education summer camp for 20 high school students within a four county area

Jan – June 2014

Jackson County Ministries

Jackson / Leadership and Youth Engagement

Annville Institute Artist Mentoring Project

Develop artistic skill and leadership qualities among youth as part of a summer arts program that enlists teens as student mentors

Jan – June 2014

Jackson Tourism and Vision Board

Jackson / Tourism, Including Natural Resources, Arts, and Heritage

McKee Trail Town Project

Provide support for trail town development activities among members of local tourism and vision boards, including a community mural

Jan – June 2014

Paintsville Tourism Commission

Johnson / Tourism, Including Natural Resources, Arts, and Heritage

Paintsville Trail Town Initiative

Support initial planning phase of trail town development activities including asset identification, collaborative planning, and the installation of trail signage

Jan – June 2014

Johnson County District Board

Johnson / Tourism, Including Arts and Heritage

Johnson County Cultural Preservation

Support the preservation and celebration of local culture and heritage through the creation of a community-based play developed from collected oral histories

Jan – June 2014

Knox County Health Coalition

Knox / Health

Sandy Bottoms Gets a Lift

Improve usability of a hike and bike nature trail through installing directional signage and making structural improvements to low-lying areas susceptible to flooding

Jan – June 2014

Knox Arts, Crafts and Humanities Council

Knox / Education and Retraining

Richland Institute

Support a summer arts camp to serve at-risk and economically disadvantaged youth and develop the skills of local artists and teachers through mentorship

Jan – June 2014

Lewis County CARES

Lewis / Leadership and Youth Engagement

Promising Futures for Lewis County Youth

Establish a children’s theatre guild, provide multi-discipline art workshops for youth, and create a children’s theatre production

Jan – June 2014

Project Worth Outreach

Menifee / Education and Retraining

Grandparent and Child Reading Project

Provide literacy courses for families that consist of grandparents raising their grandchildren and also for other low literacy adults in the community

Jan – June 2014

Menifee Community Theatre Group

Menifee / Tourism, Including Arts and Heritage

The Story of Us In Black and White

Hire a storytelling consultant to assist community members in gathering oral histories, developing a showcase of photographs, and creating a public art display to document local history and coincide with a local festival

Jan – June 2014

Monroe County Board of Education

Monroe / Leadership Development and Youth Engagement

Arts on Main

Improve downtown areas by enlisting youth in the cleanup and repurposing of empty storefronts as spaces to host visual and dramatic arts workshops for youth

Jan – June 2014

Foundation for Appalachian Kentucky

Perry / Strategic Planning

InVision Hazard

Hire an independent economic and community development consultant to assist with downtown revitalization planning efforts

Jan – June 2014

Kentucky Music Hall of Fame

Rockcastle / Tourism, Including Natural Resources, Arts, and Heritage

Blazing Trails to a Healthier Community

Establish a public trailhead and roadway bike trails that will connect multiple communities within the county and serve as a central recreation area for the community

Jan – June 2014

Downtown Campton Renaissance Alliance

Wolfe / Tourism, Including Arts and Heritage

Downtown Quilted Wall Project

Provide painting workshops that will help community members create a backdrop for a downtown park wall as part of ongoing revitalization efforts

Jan – June 2014

Hazel Green Community

Wolfe / Health

Hazel Green Park – Phase 2

Support the development of a multi-use recreational area to serve as a place for the community to host public events

July 2014 – Jan 2015

City of Grayson

Carter / Implementation of Strategic Plan

Community Activity Shelter

Establish a community activity shelter to provide a space for community events and programming as part of downtown development efforts outlined in the county’s strategic plan

July 2014 – Jan 2015

Heart & Soul Life Center

Clay / Tourism, Including Arts and Heritage

Muddy Gap Storytelling Festival

Provide support for establishing a storytelling festival with hopes of becoming an annual event that will support cultural heritage initiatives outlined in the county’s tourism plan

July 2014 – Jan 2015

City of Horse Cave

Hart / Business Recruitment and Incubation

Retail Market Study Update

Hire an independent consultant to engage the community in updating a retail market study and action plan to be used as a tool for strengthening the local economy

July 2014 – Jan 2015

Lee County Fiscal Court

Lee / Tourism, Including Arts and Heritage

Musical Heritage Center Feasibility Study

Hire an independent consultant to complete a feasibility study regarding the repurposing of a regional business park as a multi-use area designed to promote tourism

July 2014 – Jan 2015

Hyden Leslie Chamber of Commerce

Leslie / Tourism, Including Arts and Heritage

Hyden Mural Project

Support downtown revitalization efforts via the creation of two public murals that will acknowledge the culture and heritage of Hyden and Leslie County

July 2014 – Jan 2015

Lincoln County Public Library

Lincoln / Strategic Planning

Lincoln County Strategic Planning

Develop a comprehensive, county-wide strategic plan via a community-based planning process

July 2014 – Jan 2015

Appalachia – Science in the Public Interest

Rockcastle / Education and Retraining

Expanding Non-Traditional Educational Opportunities

Support the creation of non-traditional learning environments within the areas of science and technology to provide hands-on experiences for students, families, and schools via field trips, public events, and professional development opportunities

July 2014 – Jan 2015

Bell County School District for Lone Jack School Center

Bell / Education and Retraining

Building Bridges to a Literacy Community

Provide literacy learning opportunities for parents, students, and community members and help establish a community literacy coalition

July 2014 – Jan 2015

Breathitt County Health Planning Council

Breathitt / Health

Faithful Families Eating Smart and Moving More

Provide support for implementing a faith-based health education curriculum via the church community, wherein faith leaders will be trained to assist families in improving eating habits and encouraging physical activity

July 2014 – Jan 2015

Jackson County Development Association

Jackson / Strategic Planning

Community Housing Needs Assessment

Hire an independent consultant to conduct a housing needs assessment for Jackson County to be used as a framework for improving housing conditions and increasing affordable local housing options for individuals unable to obtain a home mortgage

July 2014 – Jan 2015

Knox County School District

Knox / Leadership Development and Youth Engagement

Learning Linked to Service

Support development of a service program that incorporates learning and service opportunities for at-risk students and addresses unmet community needs

July 2014 – Jan 2015

Cowan Community Action Group

Letcher / Tourism, Including Arts and Heritage

Cowan Community Theater Project

Support the preservation and celebration of local culture and heritage through writing and staging a community-based play developed from collected oral histories

July 2014 – Jan 2015

Foundation for Appalachian Kentucky

Perry / Education and Retraining

Vicco Community Fund: Investing in Our Future

Hire an independent consultant to provide training in the areas of project management, fundraising, and establishing endowments for the Vicco Community Fund Board

July 2014 – Jan 2015

Village of Buckhorn

Perry / Strategic Planning

Mapping Our Future

Support the completion of a community mapping assessment and the creation of a comprehensive strategic plan for cooperation, shared use, availability, and intention in relation to tourism and community development for the Village of Buckhorn

These 38 community capacity building projects were approved for 2014 Flex-E-Grant funding. These projects represent $262,868 in total grant awards.