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At Berea College since 1990


Donna Morgan has been with Brushy Fork Institute since 1990 and currently serves as Director. She oversees Brushy Fork’s program planning, fundraising, and administration. Through her work at Brushy Fork, she explores ways for the organization to be a conduit for a combination of innovation, inspiration and skills development to create more prosperous communities in Appalachia.

Over the years at Brushy Fork, Donna has worked with leaders and community groups through the Brushy Fork Annual Institute and the Appalachian Regional Commission Flex-E-Grant Program. Through the Leading Edge contractservices program, she has consulted with a variety of organizations from college departments and community agencies to national foundations, providing facilitation, planning and training services on a wide variety of projects.

In the past, she managed a web-based training and communications effort for Communities by Choice, a national network of communities committed to practicing sustainable development. Donna is a graduate of Berea College. Her volunteer activities have included work with the Estill County AcademicBoosters Club and other school activities. She has served as the chair of the board of the Estill Development Alliance and has participated in community clean-up efforts. She writes fiction and poetry and is an avid practitioner of Shaolin Kung Fu and Tai Chi Chuan, volunteering as a teacher for individuals with limited mobility. Donna lives on a 145-acre woodland farm in Estill County, Kentucky.



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